Latest YoWhatsApp 9.10 Download APK 2020 [Bonus]

Time goes very quickly, so do apps and games for Android; we all loved GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold from the developers of the GB Team. But as they have entirely stopped developing it, YoWhatsApp has come for the rescue for Modded WhatsApp users.

YoWhatsApp has all the features that were present on GbWhatsApp, and the developers have added a few more hidden features that we will enlist in this article below. Remember that installing modified WhatsApp is not allowed by WhatsApp officials. You can test it but do not use it for a long time as it might lead to an account ban.

YoWhatsApp APK

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WhatsApp messaging has become an integral part of our life, be it early morning when we wake up or while we go to sleep. We always open the WhatsApp messenger and check for the messages. But sometimes we struggle to fight with the privacy as things have become transparent on WhatsApp as of lately. Yo WhatsApp comes here for the rescue to save us from hiding our online activity and use WhatsApp like an anonymous person.

YoWhatsApp is entirely different from other modded WhatsApp applications. The uniqueness in this build is that the navigation is all together and you can customize the application according to your choice. You can set the chat conversation size, set privacy to individual people on your contact list, and much more.

download yowhatsapp apk

Features of YoWhatsApp 2020

If you are planning to install YoWhatsApp APK then download the latest version and use it, after that get ready to groove because this package is going to make you enjoy every bit of it.

Privacy and Security

  • Freeze Last Seen: Go to Yo Mod > Privacy & Security > Freeze Last Seen
  • Disable Forwarded Messages: This allows you to re-send the messages by someone without showing the “Forwarded tag” to the receiver.
  • Who Can Call Me: You can select for Everyone/My contacts/My contacts expect/Select particular contacts or Nobody.
  • Custom Privacy.
  • Hide View Status: Do not let others when you view their stories/status.
  • Anti-Delete Status: Deleted statuses/stories will not be deleted for you.
  • Anti Delete Messages: When other people delete messages, it will stay for you.
  • Show Blue Ticks after reply: Contact will only see the blue ticks after you reply to them.

Download YoWhatsApp

  • Contacts and Group Privacy:
    • Hide blue ticks
    • Hide second tick
    • Hide blue microphone
    • Hide typing
    • Hide recording.
  • Broadcasts Privacy:
    • Hide blue ticks
    • Hide second tick
    • Hide blue microphone
  • WhatsApp Lock: Lock the app with inbuilt Lock system through Fingerprint/Pattern/PIN

Yo Themes

YoWhatsApp APK DownloadThe regular WhatsApp does not have any option to change the user interface of the application. Even the parent company has brought a dark theme for its Facebook Messenger but not the WhatsApp, which has a large user base. Do not worry, YoWhatsApp has a database of more than 500 themes that can be downloaded and installed for free.

You can apply themes from a range of varieties from a light-colored theme to a totally dark theme that suits your attire. You can download the themes, load them from the SD card. Save and restore for later use and can even delete all of them and start fresh.



  • Colour: Change the entire user interface color using a range of Gradient color or a solid color.
  • Action Bar Color: Change the action bar text color universally on all the windows.
  • Background: You can select the background color to be white or dark.
  • Status Bar: Change the color of the status bar on every window.
  • Navigation Bar: Select from a wide range of colors for the navigation bar.


  • Font Style: You can select the font style from 30 presets.
  • Emoji Variant: Download and use a different set of emojis.
  • Launcher Icons: Change the launcher icon of YoWhatsApp
  • Notification Icons: Change the notification icon of YoWhatsApp


You can hide the media of WhatsApp from the gallery by going to Yo Mod Settings > Universal > Hide media from gallery > select for Photo/Video/gifs.

YoWhatsApp Video & Instructions

Watch this video on how to download and install YoWhatsApp along with another WhatsApp account like Fouad’s WhatsApp or OG Whatsapp on your Android smartphone. Or you can simply go above and click the YoWhatsAppp download 2020 free link and save your time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Can I install this on iPhone?

Answer: No, this is an APK package which is only meant for Android.

Question: Will my chats get erased for installing YoWhatsApp?

Answer: You must take a backup before installing the new YoWhatsApp.

Question: Is this Anti-Ban? Will I get banned?

Answer: All modded apps of WhatsApp are having the Anti-Ban feature.

Question: Can I use more than one WhatsApp on the same phone?

Answer: Yes, you can use multiple Whatsapp accounts on the same device. You need different phone numbers and the WhatsApp package.


If you want to be out of any risk of getting a ban from WhatsApp, then make sure you are not frequently installing and uninstalling modded WhatsApp applications. You may also download WhatsApp Aero with an anti-ban feature, and it also has a very user-friendly interface that can help you customize your WhatsApp according to your wish.

Modded WhatsApp Applications are not officially released in the Google Play Store platform which results in giving additional third-party access for installing them. Please turn off the third-party application installation from the security settings on your smartphone.

YoWhatsapp Download 2020

Check out the full details of YoWhatsApp APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information and application size:

App nameYoWhatsApp
Last Updated23 July 2020
App version10.20
CompatibilityAndroid 4.0+
App Size43.44 MB
Main TaskAll Whatsapp features with Some Hidden Features.

YoWhatsApp is entirely free to use and can be installed along with two more WhatsApp accounts on your Android smartphone. If you want to install YoWhatsApp beside official WhatsApp or iOS WhatsApp, then select from the other two packages.

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