Download GBWhatsApp APK Gold Edition 8.0 [UPDATED]

GBWhatsapp is the new modified version of WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Gold for Android users with the option to the hide online status, the blue marks and the double tick, while you can see others that are not present in the original version of WhatsApp. You can unlock many new features that we will discuss in this article. You will find the APK link to download GBWhatsApp at the end of this article.

GBWhatsApp is one of the most impressive and valuable applications designed for Android users with attractive features and many corrections. The GBWhatsApp app is surprisingly extraordinary as it allows the user to customise the user interface of the application with over 500 free themes, changing the font style, blocking a particular conversation and hiding it to the entire user interface.

GB Whatsapp Gold

You can download the latest WhatsApp Gold APK and install it on your device using two different phone numbers alongside the official WhatsApp. After using it we have found no advertisements or other annoying pop-ups that spoil the user experience of the wonderful app. The WhatsApp Gold Edition is packed with many interesting features and mods that are even present in WhatsApp but they are not available on the official WhatsApp which is available on Google Play Store.


GBWhatsApp is the latest version of WhatsApp modified by the GB team that includes invisible changes. The 8.0 release brings Anti Ban feature which bypasses the firewall of WhatsApp and lets you hide your online activities from your office people, friends and families. Furthermore, the signature of this version is “com.gbwhatsapp”, which means you can run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Why Use WhatsApp Gold?

WhatsApp Gold is a modified version of WhatsApp that has many features combined with extreme mods. The total number of downloads observed since 2015-2017 was more than 20 million, hence it makes it one of the most popular modded android applications so far. The most interesting features include:GbWhatsApp APK Torrent

  • Disabling Call Feature
  • Send Videos Up to 30MB
  • New Emojis have been implemented
  • Use two different WhatsApp Accounts
  • Zoom in to image profile
  • Select a text on the status
  • Copy status
  • Send more than 10 pictures at once
  • Click on the links without storing number sender of the message or group owner
  • Hide archive

Features Of WhatsApp Gold APK Edition 2019

WhatsApp Gold includes features liking hiding your last seen from others but you can view others last seen, you can apply themes from the theme store for free, add toast if someone writes you, hide the call button, change the app icon, sending an image in HD quality. GbWhatsApp Golden Edition

  • Hide your online activities, such as:
    • Online Status (You can’t view others also)
    • Last Seen
  • Hide Blue Ticks for both contacts and group
  • Hide Second Tick for both individual contacts and group
  • Hide Writing status for both everyone and group
  • Hide recording on the microphone for everyone
  • Hide Blue Microphone for everyone
  • Hide View Status (You can view who has seen your story)
  • Anti Revoke (You can see deleted messages/images/video/voice recording/audio by others)
  • Share music from music player with just one click
  • Send video above 30 MB
  • Send more than 30 images at once but make sure not to send too many and it might crash your GB WhatsApp
  • Hide the name and date while copying a message

New Features Of WhatsApp GOLD 2019

The new features of GBWhatsApp APK have been re-modified for more rich experience and use. The Anti-Ban Feature is one of the unique characteristics of the application, which has saved many users from destroying their social life and protecting their online activity.GbWhatsApp Gold

  • Two WhatsApp Accounts

    Use two different numbers on the same device. Install WhatsApp GOLD and Official WhatsApp side by side.
  • Advanced Privacy

    You are totally safe from revealing yourself to your friends and colleagues by hiding your online status completely. Disable your typing/recording status and blue ticks and second tick.

  • Send Documents/Files

    Send any type of PDF, DOC, EXCEL documents, you can also send APK files.
  • Disable Calls

    You can disable Voice Calls or Video Calls so that no one disturbs you anymore.
  • Themes

    GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus enable you to download more than 500 themes to re-define your user interface experience.

Gb Whatsapp apkgbwhatsapp apk download

Download WhatsApp GOLD APK

Download WhatsApp Gold 2019 Edition with extreme mods for free directly from Google Drive. Please follow the instructions and then install them carefully. You can Download AeroWhatsApp and iOS WhatsApp along with this version and Official WhatsApp on the same device.

GDrive OR Mega


  • Download GB WhatsApp APK first
  • Then go to your Phone’s Settings > Security > allow third-party apps installation or unknown tick sources
  • Now navigate to the download folder where you have the GBWhatsApp APK downloaded and then install it
  • Verify it with your number and follow the instructions
  • Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed GBWhatsApp on your phone

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