Technolaty.com was created by Amrit Singh with a vision to provide necessary information on Android devices.

We at Technolaty.com intend to share reviews, news, information, tools, and upgrades related to AndroidiOS such as:

  • Latest Android and iPhone launches.
  • Reviews of the latest gadgets.
  • Rooting of Android devices.
  • Unlocking the bootloader.
  • Installing and Flashing custom ROMs and kernels on Android devices.
  • How to root Android devices.
  • Jailbreak iOS device.

We provide information on how to update/upgrade your Android & iOS to the latest version available.

All the tools, firmware, custom ROMs, custom recoveries, etc are found on the internet which we collect and share with our users.

We also share some unique and modified applications from various developers on our blog that helps our users increase their productivity level.

If you have any queries or doubt regarding your device then you can connect to us using the contact page.

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