All the content that is written on Technolaty has strived for excellence and providing the latest news on Android, iOS and other technology-related materials. Meet our writers who have helped us reach where we are now. Over the years our team has hand-picked and dedicated their time by writing the most relevant and informative articles.

Swati Sethi


Swati Sethi

Swati has completed her Masters of Computer Applications and works in a renowned IT company. She likes to write articles on the latest news and reviews on technology.

Veer Amrit Singh

Chief Editor

Veer Amrit Singh

The founder of Technolaty who is enthusiastic in learning new things. Blogging since 2007 and fond of Android and iOS. Relishes helping people by sharing tutorials on Android and Windows OS.

Robert Makinson



Robert is an Engineer by profession and likes to research on the latest technology trends. His hobby is to write articles on blogs and his area of speciality is iOS.


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