Download Fouad WhatsApp Official Version [2024]

Fouad WhatsApp APK is the king of all custom WhatsApp applications. Fouad has been developing WhatsApp since the beginning, and over the years, he has polished the modded WhatsApp application pretty well. You can get the Fouad WhatsApp latest version APK download link from the download section in this article.

There are many modded WhatsApp applications, but Fouad’s WhatsApp is on another level, where you get many unique features and modifications. The best thing about the new Fouad WhatsApp version is that it has an Anti-Ban feature built.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download

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Download Fouad WhatsApp APK

Check out the full details of Fouad’s WhatsApp APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name Fouad’s WhatsApp (com.whatsapp)
Last Updated 1 day ago
App version 9.95
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatibility Android 7.0+
App Size 56 MB
Main Task All Whatsapp features have some hidden features.
Developer Fouad

Before downloading, let us tell you that you must uninstall any WhatsApp installed on your Android smartphone. Please take a backup of your data before proceeding.


Using multiple accounts of WhatsApp on a single device a few years back was not easy. Thanks to modded WhatsApp applications that have helped users install multiple smartphone accounts. This feature is readily available for Xiaomi users, where they can create dual apps and use two WhatsApp accounts side-by-side on an Android-based smartphone.

Once you get familiar with the features of Fouad WhatsApp, you will never look back at the official version of WhatsApp found on the Google Play Store. You will like the addons like themes that increase the functionality of WhatsApp, and it also modifies the entire user interface of the application. You can set the icons to different colours, change the font, style, etc.

Fouad WhatsApp Info

Features Of Fouad WhatsApp

Theme Store

Over here, you get more than 4000 themes available to download for free. You can customize the look and feel of Fouad WhatsApp according to your choice. Different themes are available, from dark to light colours, anime themes, technology themes, etc. You can change the themes, save/restore them, and share them with friends using any different modded WhatsApp application.

Fouad WhatsApp Themes Library

Security & Privacy

Fouad WhatsApp offers an extra layer of protection through the help of a tool to lock your WhatsApp using a fingerprint, pattern, and PIN. You can also set a wallpaper password with the help of a pattern and hide it. This way, it stays very secure, and no one can breach the security you set.

As stated earlier, the Privacy and Security options are effortless in Fouad WhatsApp. You can hide your ‘view’ on other’s stories and enable an anti-delete status mod where the statuses/stories will not be deleted for you; the same goes for messages, showing blue ticks after a reply. Freeze your last seen, re-send messages without the forwarded tag, and select from a list of people who can call you.
Fouad WhatsApp Privacy Options

Send Custom Files

Gone are those days when you had to upload a zip file or an APK file; now, you can send any file to your friend, colleague, or family member using the Fouad WhatsApp custom file sender. Tap on the attachment icon and select the file you want to send. It is that simple now! This feature can be convenient for those people who often work on WhatsApp Web.

Send custom file using Fouad WhatsApp

Stories Mod

You cannot enable anything from the settings menu with the stories mod. This feature is a boon for those who want to save the memes and funny videos their friends or families share on their status. You can also set a video story beyond 30 seconds; it will automatically select the next.

Download WhatsApp Stories

Voice Changer

Send a voice note to your friend, colleague or family member on Fouad WhatsApp in a different voice tone, just like in WhatsApp Plus. You can select from a voice tone from 10 pre-selected options. This feature is fun to prank your loved ones; choose a contact, click the three dots from the top right-hand side of the chat window, and then select voice changer.

Found WhatsApp

Exotic Features of Fouad WhatsApp

  • The base has been updated to the latest version
  • Edit the chat bubble style
  • Apply custom themes
  • DND Mode
  • Ability to set an image for the home screen background
  • Heads up a notification when someone comes online
  • Send more than 30 images at once
  • Block Audio/Video Calls


How to Install Fouad WhatsApp

Step 1: Download the Fouad WhatsApp APK from the download section above.

Step 2: Select Install and follow the instructions on your mobile screen.

Step 3: The next page will ask you for your mobile number. Please enter your mobile number and verify it.

Step 4: Enter your name and tap Next after verifying your number.

Congratulations! You have installed and verified Fouad WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Fouad WhatsApp APK


Fouad WhatsApp 9.95
  • [Added Option to hide camera icon from the home top bar (FMMods > Home Screen > Header)
  • Enabled Undo deleted Message (delete for me)
  • Enabled View Contact Story from home
  • Enabled View status from the contact info page
  • Enabled Create your Avatar (Like bitmoji) for WA
  • Enabled Sending captions with documents for all
  • Fixed Hide Typing & Recording privacy not working (now merged)
  • Improved New Attach UI and some entries not opening the correct gallery
  • Fixed Blank space on the side when recording voice notes on stock entry style
  • Fixed Hide Muted/Recent/Viewed Updates status option
  • Fixed Payment icon showing incorrectly in some entries
  • Fixed Voice note-playing crash on some phones
  • Improved Hidden chats “Forward to” option
  • Fixed Conversation Cards (multi chats) option
  • Set “Copy Select” in the chat menu translation error
  • Set “Copy Caption” in chat menu translation error
  • Fixed Some users crash after restore
  • Improved Status DP ring takes the same colour as the status ring
  • I moved the Story Repost option into the download box
  • Misc – Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Misc –  Other fixes and improvements

Fouad WhatsApp 9.30F
  • Exclusive Added Call Rejection type options
  • Exclusive Double Tap to Like a msg!
  • Enable Privacy “my contacts except…” feature
  • Enable Send any emoji as reactions. Click the “+” icon
  • Enable Listen to voice note after chat exit in the background
  • Added “No internet (stays “Calling”)” option for Call rejection type
  • I added the “Direct Contact Link” option for chats (Chat > 3-dots).
    — Allows you to share any WhatsApp contact quickly without sending your saved details
  • Added Confirm before sending Status (image/video) option (FMMods > Home Screen)
  • Added “Chat Backup” option to crash the page
  • Added more in-chat translation languages: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi”, and “Bengali.”
  • Added Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
  • Misc FMThemes and Backup/Restore settings page now show folder location
  • Misc FMThemes folder moved to /Download/FMThemes
  • Misc Now can be installed on top of other mods directly.
  • Improved Start moving to WA new folder location
  • Improved FMMods settings Translation
  • Misc Improved Anti-ban
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

Fouad WhatsApp 8.92
  • Added Save Profile Picture
  • Fixed Hide View Status not working
  • Fixed Hide Blue Mic not working
  • Fixed Hidden Chats random crash when going back
  • Fixed “Set My Name” not working in Stock UI
  • Fixed Copy Select crash
  • Fixed Hidden Chat Notifications causing crashes
  • Fixed new Archived Chats icon and text not taking colour
  • Return the old “deleted” icon
  • Fixed Bubbles issue
  • Fixed Statuses remain an unseen problem
  • Fixed set wallpaper for home crash
  • Fixed set wallpaper for Lock screen crash
  • Fixed Status Splitter crash on some phones
  • Fixed Archive Hidden Chat crash
  • Fixed the “Default” word not showing in the colour dialogue
  • Fixed Stories (Muted, Viewed, Recent) Not working
  • Fixed Read more, Not working
  • Fixed Auto Reply receiver options issue
Fouad WhatsApp 8.90
  • Base Update Updated to
  • Added Message Scheduler (One UI design)
  • Added Auto Reply (One UI design)
  • Added All dialogues now take the colour of dark/light mode
  • Redesign PIN lock Screen
  • Redesign Pattern lock screen
  • Fixed Arabic alignment issue (المحاذاة)
  • Fixed random crash on Message a num
  • Fixed random crash when saving a status
  • Fixed Delay messages on some phones
  • Fixed Media not downloading & connection issues in packages
  • Fixed Message/Caption text box colour when sending image/video in night mode
  • Fixed Calls crash in some Android 11 devices
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements
Fouad WhatsApp 8.86
  • Re-Added Ability to save Profile Picture
  • Fixed Contacts list not showing on some phones
  • Fixed Status Splitter crash on some phones
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements
Fouad WhatsApp 8.85
  • Base updated to
  • Added: New options to download story (copy caption, share, etc.)
  • Added: FMThemes Store Dark/Light mode automatically
  • I added the option to hide the privacy terms notice message (Universal > Hide Privacy message). You can hide it without accepting it.
  • Moved/Fixed “Copy caption” from long press to download options
  • Fixed shop items crash
  • Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption mention
  • Fixed themes wallpaper not applying on some phones
  • Fixed YoWA Entry not taking background colour
  • Fixed full backup not working on Android 11+
  • Added translations for Voice changer options
  • Improved other translations
  • Other fixes and improvements
Fouad WhatsApp 8.70
  • [Exclusive] I added a voice changer for voice notes (Chat > 3-dot > Voice Changer). Record voice notes and send.
  • [Exclusive] Added preview and confirm before sending sticker (FMMods > Conversation)
  • [Added] Option to delete downloaded emoji packs
  • [Added] Archived Row in home screen now takes theme colour
  • Fixed: Slow messages sent in groups
  • Other: WA extended the deadline for the new privacy policy to 15 May.
  • Misc: Many other fixes and improvements
Fouad WhatsApp 8.65
  • Fixed: Random crashes when messaging groups
  • Fixed: sending messages in groups takes a long time
  • Fixed: Blue Tick on Reply crashes
  • Fixed: Swipe Row crash
  • Added: Reset Preferences now also resets default wallpaper
  • Fixed crash using Status Splitter on some phones (not all)
  • Other fixes and improvements
Fouad WhatsApp 8.60
  • [Base Update] to
  • [Enabled] Disappearing messages option
  • [Added] Mention Mark
  • [Added] Online/Offline Dot
  • [Added] Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with an average Blue tick on Reply option)
  • [Added] Load theme from the ZIP file
  • [Added] Click on the Status caption to copy
  • [Added] archive chat
  • [Re-Added] Option to increase forward limit to 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)
  • [Added] New UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
  • [Added] Advanced Search
  • [Added] New Custom Wallpaper UI
  • [Re-Added] Hide Recent Chats Option
  • [Re-Added] Hide Other Contacts Option
  • [Re-Added] Hide Frequently Contacted Option
  • [Fixed] New menu now closes automatically
  • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
  • [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!
Fouad WhatsApp 8.51
  • [Base Update]
  • [Added] New attachment picker.
  • [Added] Option to enable/disable new attachment UI (FMMods > Conversation).
  • [Added] Animation to new attachment.
  • [Added] 5 Entries Style.
  • [Added] 16 Bubble Style.
  • [Added] 14 Ticks Style.
  • [Added] “NEW” word next to new entries/ticks/bubbles.
  • [Added] Option to Remove “Read More…” and show long messages ultimately.
  • [Added] Option to change Online Toast Location (FMMods > Home).
  • [Fixed] One UI rotate issue.
  • [Fixed] “Room” option in new attachment UI. If FB Messenger is not installed, the icon will switch to Camera.
  • [Fixed] The Status tab has a number. It was changed to dot only.
  • [Fixed] Unread counter issue (ex. calls).
  • [Fixed] Custom Wallpaper.
  • [Fixed] Location attachment crash.
  • [Fixed] Some crashes.
  • [Fixed] Other minor things.
  • [Removed] “increase forward limit to 250” option.
  • [Improved] Added a note when downloading themes to check dark/light mode.
  • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot.
  • [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself.
Fouad WhatsApp 8.50
  • The base version has been updated to
Fouad WhatsApp 8.45
  • [Added] Enable Chats/Groups separately without IG Stories.
  • [Fixed] Messages Delay.
  • [Fixed] Group tab unread counter flickering.
  • [Fixed] The broadcast icon is not showing on broadcast messages.
  • [Fixed] Hide Blue Microphone is not working.
  • [Fixed] Status Seen/Unseen colour not working on the Status page.
  • [Fixed] Hide View Status in Custom Privacy.
  • [Fixed] Crash when setting Wallpaper in Chat/Group.
  • [Fixed] One UI tab title shows when switching pages.
  • [Fixed] One UI Title is showing twice sometimes.
  • [Disabled] Swipe Row by default.
  • [Misc] Many other fixes and improvements.
  • [Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!
Fouad WhatsApp 8.40
  • [Exclusive] One UI Design.
  • [Added] New Default Theme (Light/Night).
  • [Added] New styles for IG Story.
  • [Added] New UI for adding a status from IG Story.
  • [Added] New UI design for Bottom Bar Styles.
  • [Added] New UI for activating options (aeroplane mode, light/night mode).
  • [Added] Animate the name in the header when it is too long.
  • [Added] Animate Airplane icon when turned ON to alert you.
  • [Added] Color options for IG Story elements.
  • [Added] Contact Pic not showing when sending media in groups.
  • [Added] The aeroplane and light/night mode icons are not hiding in the Groups tab.
  • [Fixed] Bottom bar styles not working RTL correctly.
  • [Updated] Translations.


You may find similar features of Fouad WhatsApp in FMWhatsApp, AeroWhatsApp, and OGWhatsApp, but this application offers a straightforward user interface that is easy to navigate. The privacy and security options are easy to understand, and setting them is simple. It also has all the necessary features, such as the themes library where you get over 4000+ themes for complimentary, Anti-Revoke messages, DND mode, Always Online/Offline, and much more.


  1. Is Fouad WhatsApp safe to use?
    • When downloaded from a trusted source, Fouad WhatsApp is generally safe. Ensure you’re using a reliable APK to minimize any potential risks.
  2. Can I use Fouad WhatsApp alongside the standard WhatsApp?
    • Yes, Fouad WhatsApp allows you to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device concurrently.
  3. Are there risks of account suspension when using Fouad WhatsApp?
    • While Fouad WhatsApp aims to provide additional features without the risk of suspension, staying updated and using the latest versions to minimize potential risks is essential.
  4. Can I revert to the standard WhatsApp after using Fouad WhatsApp?
    • You can uninstall Fouad WhatsApp and download the standard WhatsApp version from the official app store.
  5. Do I lose my previous chats when switching to Fouad WhatsApp?
    • You can restore your previous chats during the setup process of Fouad WhatsApp, minimizing the risk of data loss.

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  1. From last two months. I was trying to use mod whatsapp like gb, fm etc. But when ever i enter and send message to contacts same day i got banned message. Then i have to use whatsapp official. Which one is whatsapp good in which i can send more than 5 customer messages and not get temp ban

    • The Modded apps provided here are directly from the respective developers and owners. Fouad has also mentioned about the Total virus report to be false on his telegram channel.

  2. I’m using fmwhatsapp v8.35 and getting an update message, but I go to official website where I haven’t seen any updates there. I’ve searched and found this post, thank you for working hard so I can update it.

      • Im still using Fouad WA v8.86 on KitKat v4.4.4 and works great. I can install Fouad WA v9.92fix but after starting the app it crashes and goes to screen with some options. Tried every option there with no luck. I know there is version for android 5.0 also tried that and gave the same result. Guesing that Fouad WA is not supporting KitKat anymore even it states that it does support.


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