FM WhatsApp APK Download v10 Official Version (2024)

FM Whatsapp APK (FMWhatsapp) is a modified version of WhatsApp Plus. This User-Friendly program provides a user-free experience with the most comfortable specifications and features, such as the official WhatsApp. I can tell you this is the program WhatsApp offers you the best outcome. Download the latest 2024 Version of FM Whatsapp from this article below.

You may have wondered how exactly FMWhatsapp 2024 differs from the official WhatsApp. The new mod is embedded in it; FM Whatsapp APK 2024 endeavoured and was found to provide a great experience. Because everyone wants additional features, we’re supplying you with the newest and the latest FM WhatsApp. The usage of FMWhatsapp is more significant than that of the official WhatsApp. Download it and check it out yourself.

FM WhatsApp APK

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Download FMWhatsApp 2024 APK Latest Version

Check out the full details of FM WhatsApp APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name FM WhatsApp (com.FM.WhatsApp)
Last Updated 1 day ago
App version 10.6
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatibility Android 7.0+
App Size 56 MB
Main Task All Whatsapp features have some hidden features.
Developer Fouad

Note: Is FM WhatsApp safe and legal to use? Will my account get banned, or are there different policies about using the WhatsApp app? If you have any questions, you might want to check out the FAQs at the bottom of this article.


FM WhatsApp is also known as Fouad Mokdad’s WhatsApp in short. The application is similar to other modded WhatsApp applications with the ability to use its official WhatsApp messenger on the Google Play Store.

New Features Of FM WhatsApp

Well, like most of the other modified WhatsApp Versions. FM WhatsApp has much more advanced features than others because of the exciting features and quality of the bundle since it provides you with enhanced Privacy, Security, WhatsApp Web, Starred Messages, etc. You will notice a complete difference between missing the official and the modified versions. Also, you can use different types of WhatsApp stickers with FM WhatsApp.

While the developer Fouad Mokdad thrives on more specifications and features to give an excellent thermal performance at its best since the world requires the easiest of the latest features frequently, we won’t compromise, can we? Download the latest 2024 version of FM WhatsApp and enjoy the new modifications and tweaks along with FM Snapchat.

Exotic Features of FM WhatsApp

Let us discuss the fascinating features of FM WhatsApp that are present as an alternative to WhatsApp Plus. The first thing vital to using any modified APK is to check its authenticity; we have scanned the APK and found it to be free from any Viruses; you may scan it before installing it on your Android smartphone. A new security feature is there: you can set a code of 6 digits to open FM WhatsApp, which may help you stay protected from unwanted users, and end-to-end encryption offers you a security code.

You will then easily be able to enable the WhatsApp Web option from the FM WhatsApp window. You can scan the QR code on and sync it on your computer; the only drawback is that you must stay online on your mobile to send and receive messages.


FM WhatsApp Privacy

Privacy has been the top priority in FM WhatsApp, which even Official WhatsApp developers intend to follow. You get all the features and can hide your last seen but see other online activity. You can hide your activity of stories viewed on different statuses but get to know who has seen your status even if they have disabled that option.


FM WhatsApp Security

WhatsApp’s security is perfect; to add a cherry on top, FM WhatsApp uses a six-digit code to lock the application. This helps you stay protected with an extra layer of protection, keeping end-to-end encryption to avoid messages and calls from unknown people who are not on your list.

WhatsApp Web

FMWhatsApp Web

One of the beautiful features makes life much more comfortable while using WhatsApp. You can scan the QR code on your computer to use WhatsApp and use it on your computer screen without using your mobile anymore. However, this feature requires you to stay connected to the internet on your mobile as long as you use it on your computer.

Archive Messages

FmWhatsapp archive messages

You often want to hide old messages that are no longer used or keep a list of messages to be hidden. Archive messages let you hide chat messages in the archive win; you can even hide the archive window and click on a spot to which you have selected it.

Other Features

  • The app’s codename is FM WhatsApp, which means you can run official WhatsApp along with this version and use FMWhatsApp 2 along with it.
  • The size of the app is only 51 MB.
  • The developer of this modded WhatsApp is Fouad Mokdad
  • Anti-Ban has been implemented in this app.


FM WhatsApp 9.50
[Added] Direct Translate icon inside message box —> 1-Click to select language, Long-click to change the language

[Added]  More attachment options “…” to entry styles: Hangouts, Hangouts V2, WAMOD, Dribble and Dribble V2

[Added] Option to disable direct translate (FMMods > Conversation > Entry Style > Translate)

[Enabled] Message yourself (save notes) [Enabled] Forward Media with Caption

[Enabled] New Camera tab UI [Enabled] Post Voice note as status/story

[Fixed] Basic/Bubbles/iOS style camera tab glitch

[Fixed] Crash when forwarding some messages

[Fixed] Some entries shape issues

[Fixed] Some more translations Updated Anti-Ban

FM WhatsApp 9.50

Added Save Profile Picture

Fixed Hide View Status not working

Fixed Hide Blue Mic not working

Fixed Hidden Chats random crash when going back

Fixed “Set My Name” not working in Stock UI

Fixed Copy Select crash

Fixed Hidden ChNotificationsion causing crashes

Fixed new Archived Chats icon and text not taking colour

Return the  old “deleted” icon

Fixed Bubbles issue

Fixed Statuses remain an unseen problem

Fixed set wallpaper for home crash

Fixed set wallpaper for Lock screen crash

Fixed Status Splitter crash on some phones

Fixed Archive Hidden Chat crash

Fix the ed “Default” word not showing in the colour dialogue

Fixed Stories (Muted, Viewed, Recent) Not working

Fixed Read more, Not working

Fixed Auto Reply receiver options issue

FM WhatsApp 8.80
[Exclusive] Added Voice Changer for voice notes (Chat > 3-dot > Voice Changer). Record voice notes and send.
[Exclusive] Added preview and confirm before sending sticker (FMMods > Conversation)
[Added] Option to delete downloaded emojis packs
[Added] Archived row in home screen now takes theme colour
Fixed: Slow messages sent in groups
Other: WA extends the ed deadline for the new privacy policy to 15 May.
Misc: Many other fixes and improvements
FM WhatsApp 8.70
[Base Update] to
[Enabled] Disappearing messages option
[Added] Mention Mark
[Added] Online/Offline Dot
[Added] Blue Tick on Reply for Groups (It is automatically enabled with the average Blue tick on Reply option)
[Added] Load theme from a ZIP file
[Added] Click on a Status caption to copy
[Added] archive chat
[Re-Added] Option to increase forward limit to 250 ( USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)
[Added] New UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)
[Added] Advanced Search
[Added] New Custom Wallpaper UI
[Re-Added] Hide Recent Chats Option
[Re-Added] Hide Other Contacts Option
[Re-Added] Hide Frequently Contacted Option
[Fixed] New menu now closes automatically
[Misc] Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
[Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself!
FM WhatsApp 8.50
[Base Update]
[Added] New attachment picker.
[Added] Option to turn on/off new attachment UI (FMMods > Conversation).
[Added] Animation to new attachment.
[Added] 5 Entries Style.
[Added] 16 Bubble Style.
[Added] 14 Ticks Style.
[Added] “NEW” word next to new entries/ticks/bubbles.
[Added] Option to Remove “Read More…” and ultimately show a long message.
[Added] Option to change Online Toast Location (FMMods > Home).
[Fixed] One UI rotate issue.
[Fixed] “Room” option in new attachment UI. If FB Messenger is not installed, the icon will switch to Camera.
[Fixed] The Status tab has a number. It was changed to dot only.
[Fixed] Unread counter issue (ex. calls).
[Fixed] Custom Wallpaper.
[Fixed] Location attachment crash.
[Fixed] Some crashes.
[Fixed] Other minor things.
[Removed] “increase forward limit to 250” option.
[Improved] Added a note when downloading themes to check dark/light mode.
[Misc] Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot.
[Misc] Enjoy and discover by yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FMWhatsApp safe to use?

The answer is still unclear, but as far as we have the links to download, it is safe to use. However, if the officials of WhatsApp aren’t reporting, it might be safe.

Will I get banned?

It depends on whether you verify your account or use different types of modified WhatsApp applications.

Can I install this on iOS?

No, this is straightforwardly made for Android-based smartphones. However, you can download Pure iOS WhatsApp for Android.

Does the last seen privacy work?

Yes, it works like a charm. However, you might be unable to see others’ last seen if you have disabled yours in the WhatsApp settings.

Can I freeze my last seen?

Absolutely. Given the option in the WhatsApp settings, you need to disable this and enable freeze, last seen from FM WhatsApp settings.


FM WhatsApp 2024 APK has always been a favourite among users who have used it for a long time. Its rich features and performance enhance the user experience, making it famous and trustworthy over the years. If you are sceptical about using this version, you may also check the Top 15 WhatsApp Mod APK. We suggest you look at IOS WhatsApp if you have recently migrated to Android from a lightly.

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  1. My website is complaining that the app has been reported as a voice phishing app, as such cannot be instored and has been banned, but I love the app and need to download it again how do I download it?


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