Download WhatsApp Plus v17.60 Latest Version [2024]

WhatsApp Plus APK is the first modified WhatsApp application for Android. It earned its popularity by allowing users to send more than 30 images, download profile photos of others, and much more.

Over the years, WhatsApp Plus has had many sub-variants with rebranded names such as OGWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, etc. But one thing makes WhatsApp Plus its king: it has the first Anti-ban feature implemented. Being lightweight also lets you save space on your Android smartphone.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download

Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2024

Check out the full details of WhatsApp Plus APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name WhatsApp Plus
Last Updated 1 day ago
App version 17.60
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatibility Android 4.0+
App Size 45 MB
Main Task All Whatsapp features have some hidden features.
Developer Fouad

This version of WhatsApp Plus uses the com.whatsapp codename, which means the official WhatsApp will be replaced with this version. We request you take a backup of your chats, images, videos, and documents from WhatsApp to another folder.


WhatsApp Plus APK is available for free from various sources on the internet. Still, many people are stuffing the application with malware, but here at Technolaty, we have scanned and tested it on our smartphones. We have found it to be the smoothest and fastest-modded WhatsApp app until now.

The official WhatsApp available for download on Google Play Store has limited features and hampers our privacy. You cannot broadcast messages to more than 256 people, send more than 30 images at once, or send videos of more than 30MB. The official WhatsApp also limits the graphical interface for using the intuitive chat feature of bold, italics, and strikethrough. However, they are hidden and not available to be used efficiently.

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Features Of WhatsApp Plus Official

WhatsApp Plus APK


WhatsApp Plus features beautiful themes that produce a rich user interface and also make it easier to navigate through the chat window, status, calls, settings, etc. You can modify the styles according to your choice, like hiding the call button or the status window. You may even set a one-click button for DND mode, where you won’t receive any messages or calls until you turn it on.

Privacy and Security

Under this feature, you can modify your WhatsApp Plus APK like Whatsapp Aero by freezing the last seen to others and changing privacy options to contacts, groups, and broadcast messages. Here, you can hide the blue ticks, second ticks, and blue microphones when you play the audio, hide typing, and record just like in Blue WhatsApp. You can set these to individual contacts while in a group.

In the privacy settings, you can even select who can call you on WhatsApp; you can choose from individual to only my contacts or a particular person. WhatsApp Plus also lets you disable forwarded message notifications to others, enables you to read messages that someone deletes, and hides your view status on others’ stories.

With the security settings, you can add an extra layer of protection and privacy where you can lock WhatsApp Plus, similar to Fouads WhatsApp, which is the developer of this modified application with an additional fingerprint, pattern, or PIN. You can set a recovery question, make the pattern invisible, and turn off the vibration.


WhatsApp Plus can add Stickers Packs/Maker, where you can download several packages of Stickers or Emotes and install them as a third-party application. You can check the top 10 WhatsApp stickers and install them. Add-ons even have the option to download wallpapers that can be set for individual chats or in a group.


As we all know, WhatsApp Plus can download and install themes free from various galleries. There are more than 4000 themes available for free for WhatsApp Plus users. Themes are not organized according to Anime, Celebrity, Black, Dark, etc., but you can search with such names and easily install them on your smartphone.

Under the themes section, you can load a theme saved earlier, restore an old theme, keep your current theme with changes, reset the theme preference to default, and much more. You can also use the IOS WhatsApp theme in this version.


This section of WhatsApp Plus settings is impressive because you can select colours for the background, status bar, navigation bar, chat divider, etc. Change the icons of the launcher, notification icon, font style, emoji variant, etc.

The best part of WhatsApp Plus is that you can hide the media from your gallery. To do this, head to Plus Settings > Universal > Hide media from the gallery and select Photos, Videos, and gifs.

WhatsApp Plus has some unique features, such as:

  • Enable/Disable always online
  • Enable/Disable heads-up notification
  • Turn the badge counter on/off
  • Enable/Disable audio playing notification
  • Enable/Disable swipe to exit a conversation
  • Tenor/Giphy GIF provider
  • Clear WhatsApp logs
  • Send images in full-resolution
  • Language menu


How to Install WhatsApp Plus 

Step 1: Download WhatsApp Plus APK from the download section below.

Step 2: Next, click on the Install button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Install WhatsApp Plus

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, click on Open.

WhatsApp Plus Installation

Step 4: Now, you will be asked to verify your number; once done, click Next and follow the instructions on the screen.

Step 5: Enter your name and tap Next after successfully verifying your number.

WhatsApp Plus APK

Congratulations! You have installed and verified WhatsApp Plus on your smartphone.


Version 17.60

  • Exclusive Added Call Rejection type options
  • Exclusive Double Tap to Like a msg!
  • Enable Privacy “my contacts except…” feature
  • Enable Send any emoji as reactions. Click “+” icon
  • Enable Listen to voice note after chat exit in the background
  • Added “No internet (stays “Calling”)” option for Call rejection type
  • Added “Direct Contact Link” option for chats (Chat > 3-dots).
    — Allows you to share any WhatsApp contact quickly without sending your saved details
  • Added Confirm before sending Status (image/video) option (FMMods > Home Screen)
  • Added “Chat Backup” option to crash the page
  • Added more in-chat translation languages: “Vietnamese”, “Tamil”, “Urdu”, “Gujarati”, “Punjabi”, and “Bengali.”
  • Added Ability to set “Search Web” or use Emoji for Profile Photo
  • Misc FMThemes and Backup/Restore settings page now show folder location
  • Misc FMThemes folder moved to /Download/FMThemes
  • Misc Now can be installed on top of other mods directly.
  • Improved Start moving to WA new folder location
  • Improved FMMods settings Translation
  • Misc Improved Anti-ban
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

Version 16.90

  • Added Save Profile Picture
  • Fixed Hide View Status not working
  • Fixed Hide Blue Mic not working
  • Fixed Hidden Chats random crash when going back
  • Fixed “Set My Name” not working in Stock UI
  • Fixed Copy Select crash
  • Fixed Hidden Chat Notifications causing crashes
  • Fixed new Archived Chats icon and text not taking colour
  • Return the old “deleted” icon
  • Fixed Bubbles issue
  • Fixed Statuses remain an unseen problem
  • Fixed set wallpaper for home crash
  • Fixed set wallpaper for Lock screen crash
  • Fixed Status Splitter crash on some phones
  • Fixed Archive Hidden Chat crash
  • Fixed the “Default” word not showing in the colour dialogue
  • Fixed Stories (Muted, Viewed, Recent) Not working
  • Fixed Read more, Not working
  • Fixed Auto Reply receiver options issue

Version 16.80


  • Base Update Updated to
  • Added Message Scheduler (One UI design)
  • Added Auto Reply (One UI design)
  • Added All dialogues now take the colour of dark/light mode
  • RedesignPINn lock Screen
  • Redesign Pattern lock screen
  • Fixed Arabic alignment issue (المحاذاة)
  • Fixed random crash on Message a num
  • Fixed random crash when saving a status
  • Fixed Delay messages on some phones
  • Fixed Media not downloading & connection issues in packages
  • Fixed Message/Caption text box colour when sending image/video in night mode
  • Fixed Calls crash in some Android 11 devices
  • Misc Many other fixes and improvements that we forgot :p
  • Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

Version 16.70


  • Re-Added Ability to save Profile Picture
  • Fixed Contacts list not showing on some phones
  • Fixed Status Splitter crash on some phones
  • Misc Other fixes and improvements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I download it from the app store?

WhatsApp Plus is a modded version of WhatsApp developed by Fouad and is not available to download from the Google Play Store.

Is WhatsApp Plus similar to IOS WhatsApp?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is similar to WhatsApp Plus and other modded WhatsApp applications with some added features.

Can I send messages to blocked contacts?

No, this feature has not yet been implemented in Whatsapp Plus. However, we will look into it in future.

Is it safe to download WhatsApp Plus APK?

The file was scanned online and with antivirus software before sharing it with the public.


WhatsApp Plus 2024 Edition is the oldest modded WhatsApp application with the default features. Download and install it if you want only one WhatsApp account on your device. However, if you wish to have more than one WhatsApp account on your device, we advise you to install FMWhatsApp 2 or GBWhatsApp along with it.

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