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Top 11 Custom ROMs To Upgrade Poco F1 To Android 10

Android 10 is the latest operating system for Android Smartphones; now you can upgrade Poco F1 to Android 10 by flashing Custom ROM based on AOSP and through the help of a custom recovery. Android 10 is one of the most stable and simplified version of Android over the years.

Poco F1 Android 10 Update

Warning! Unlocking bootloader, flashing custom ROM, rooting etc. might void the warranty of the device. You are solely responsible for any loss or damage to your product. We collect information from the internet and share it.

Android 10 For Poco F1

There are lots of new things that are present in Android 10, which we will discuss in detail in this article. As Android 10 got just released, developers have a hard time to maintain both the Android Pie based custom ROM’s and Android 10 based custom ROM’s. You can check out other ROMS for Poco F1 based on MIUI and AOSP that are much stable running on Android Pie 9.

What’s New?

Live Caption

You can caption media playing on your phone automatically with a tap of a button. Now it is going to be much easier to understand a foreign language that is being played on your Poco F1 through videos, podcasts and audio messages. The live caption will automatically show on the screen when a media is being played, even your own recorded stuff.

Smart Reply

With the AI taking over these days, the smart reply will help you to reply more conveniently to your sender. For example, when a friend or a colleague asks you out for a movie, then your phone will suggest you reply with a “??”. You can even navigate to Google Maps right away and set an event from the heads up bar.

Sound Amplifier

This new application can boost the surround sound and filter the background noise and tune it for your best experience. When you are in a classroom attending a lecture or in a meeting, you can plug in your headphones and listen to the particular object more clearly. You can even download it for non-Android 10 based smartphones as well from Google Play Store.

Upgrade Poco F1 To Android 10

Download ArrowOS and GApps

POSP V3.0 Alpha 2

Potato Open Sauce Project is a butter-smooth Android aftermarket firmware. The best features are cherry-picked by the maintainers of this ROM to make it one of the lightest yet user-friendly. The main aim of the developers of this ROM is to deliver an experience with original ideas and features along with useful things the community is entitled to.

The ROM is in Alpha 1 Beta Phase, and the ROM maintainer is Agent_fabulous where he has mentioned that the encryption is not working at the moment. Few people are complaining about the Fingerprint bug, but it will be fixed soon. Also, SElinux is permissive at the moment.

POSP Custom ROM For Poco F1

Download POSP V3.0 and GApps

Cosmic-OS 5.0

Cosmic-OS is a Custom ROM based on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) with additional features, performance and battery life improvements. This is the latest addition to the Android 10 custom ROM for Poco F1 which can be flashed without the requirement of flashing the vendor-firmware first. As the ROM is just released, the present bugs are SElinux permissive, no Magisk and -Swipe gestures are missing (could be resolved by installing a patched launcher).

Android 10 ROM For Poco F1

Download Cosmic-OS-5.0 and GApps


AOSiP is based on Google’s AOSP sources since Android 6.0 release. The custom ROM is built with lots of latest features, kept simple and stability has been the priority held on the mind by the developers.

As the ROM is new you might be facing a few minor bugs like the battery percentage on the status bar hides other items due to the notch (you can flash the notch fix). GApps are included along with Google dialer and messages.

poco f1 latest update download

Download AOSiP 

CrDroid 6.0

Designed to increase the performance and reliability of Android over the stock version. CrDroid brings the best features and mods an Android device should have. One of my personal favourite ROM for Poco F1 as I get rich gaming experience.

Download CrDroid 6.0 and GApps

Evolution X 3.0

Evolution X is based on the Android Open Source Project, which includes Google apps such as the Pixel Launcher, Icons, Wallpapers, Fonts, Ringtones, etc. I mix of brilliant customisation features, and a handful of modifications are added to make it one of the smoothest custom ROM to Upgrade Poco F1 To Android 10.

Evolution X ROM For Poco F1 Based on Android Q

The current bugs present are CTSprofile being false; you can flash the Magisk module to fix it. Casting on Television or any other screen is not working at the moment. Also Chrome freezes frequently, you can try Chrome Beta for a temporary fix. We hope that the bugs will be fixed in the future as this is just the initial release based on Android 10.

Download Evolution X 3.0

LineageOS 17

LineageOS is a community built custom ROM with the distribution of Android 10 source codes. The developers have designed the ROM to increase the performance and stability over Stock Android. LineageOS is the simplest and lightweight ROM which many other developers use it as a base for their Custom ROM’s.

This is still an unofficial build of LineageOS 17 by DeHuMaNiZeD on XDA with built-in Illusion Kernel where Live Display and SELinux is permissive. You will require to flash Gapps along with it and if required you can flash Magisk Canary for root privileges.

Download LineageOS 17 and GApps


Nitrogen OS is based on AOSP, which is similar to LineageOS. It is light and known for its simplicity with a house of modifications. You need to flash Gapps along with the ROM for a smooth operation.

The ROM is smooth and fast with a certain battery percentage. It also has status bar customisation options like QS Tile, Network Speed and few other tweaks. The disadvantage of this ROM is the launcher is ugly, where squared icons are put inside a round white circle, this can be fixed with a third-party launcher like Nova or Poco Launcher. On the lock-screen, the status bar items shift down, which should not.

We believe that these are minor bugs which do not hamper the day to day work on your smartphone and will be fixed in the future updates.

Download Nitrogen OS 10 and GApps


A stable and bug-free custom ROM based on Android 10 for Poco F1 that has tonnes of customizations and modifications implemented. The best thing about this ROM is that GApps is pre-installed and you don’t need to struggle to find the perfect one for it.

Atom-OS is based on Android Open Source Project where everything is working except the video recording which will be fixed for sure in the next update, to work around with it, you can install GCam on it and enjoy Android 10 on Poco F1.

AtomOS For Poco F1

Download Atom-OS 2.0

MSM Xtended Beta V2

Based on AOSP and GZOSP the developers of MSM Xtended have built this ROM with perfection and blended it with all the available features, tweaks, mods and stability from various other ROMS for better and rich user experience.

Flashing this ROM is easy and also Magisk V20.0 is working flawlessly. Flash the ROM along with the GApps and then after first boot flash Magisk for the smooth and error-free experience.

Poco F1 Android 10 Update

Download MSM Xtended and GApps(select OMNI GApps)

NOTE: If you are planning to upgrade Poco F1 To Android 10 then you should flash Magisk v20.0 or above and do not flash any custom Kernel until further notice. This might break the custom ROM or might lead to other bugs which the developer will not be able to figure out. You are also advised to send a Logcat to the developer of the ROM if you face any bug.


Once you download the custom ROM and the GApps, please make sure of the following things:

  • Your device must be flashed with the latest Stock MIUI ( is the latest one). No need to flash it again if you have flashed it once.
  • Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, System and Data. Do not Wipe anything else in the TWRP.
  • Flash the Android 10 Custom ROM through TWRP only
  • The first boot might take some time. So please have patience.

Airtel VOLTE Fix

Many Poco F1 users are facing problems with Airtel Volte running on Android 10. Here is a fix to enable Volte on Airtel for such users:

  1. Go to the networks and internet settings.
  2. Open mobile networks and select your AirTel SIM.
  3. Go down and select Access Points Name.
  4. Now open it and select AirTel Live (by default it is Airtel GPRS).
  5. After selecting Airtel Live, choose GPRS airtel again.
  6. Now Go back and toggle your Volte switch.
  7. Restart once or turn on and off Airplane mode.

12 thoughts on “Top 11 Custom ROMs To Upgrade Poco F1 To Android 10”

  1. Waqar Ahmed

    I brought my Poco F1 2 weeks back in Big Billion Days Sale. Shall I upgrade to Android 10 now?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh

      I would suggest you stick to Android 9 as of now because MIUI 11 is going to be released on or after the 22nd of October.

  2. I went to recovery and tried to update with pixel rom. But got error. Please help

          1. Very well. Thanks a lot. I will check later.

    1. Veer Amrit Singh

      You need to unlock the bootloader of your phone first. Please check the link in the article.

  3. Mrityunjay

    I tried crdroid, lineage, pixel and nitrogen. Can say crdroid gives better performance at gaming.

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