Top 10 Official Custom ROM for Poco F1 Based On Pie

Poco F1 is the best budget smartphone under the Xiaomi flagship. In a word, the smartphone is a beast that outperforms many smartphones in Xiaomi’s price range. After a few months of usage, I considered installing Custom ROM for Poco F1, but I was skeptical about many things.

After installing many custom ROMs, I decided to stick to one official custom ROM, which is the Pixel Experience ported from the Google Pixel device. The developers push frequent updates with monthly Android security patches and integrate new features.

Custom ROM for Poco F1

However, before sticking to this ROM, I flashed many official and unofficial custom ROMs on my Poco F1 based on Android Pie 9. In this article, I will list the top 10 official custom ROMs for Poco F1, where I will cover most of the things I experienced. But before that, make sure the bootloader of your Poco F1 is unlocked and a custom recovery is installed.

10. Dot OS 3.1

DotOS is a colorful and vibrant custom ROM that changes your smartphone’s user interface. The stability and performance of DotOS are fantastic and have lots of customization. One of the critical features of this ROM is the system-wide neon theme, auto call recording, preinstalled digit preinstalled, advanced power menu, and much more.
The battery backup is not that good on this ROM due to heavy customization, but if you can ignore this fact, then this ROM is mainly for you.

poco f1 custom rom

Download DotOS for Poco F1


Developed by many developers, including Chainfire(SuperSu), OMNI ROM is based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project).
There are many customization, features, and enhancements in the ROM where stability is always considered.
The battery backup on this custom ROM for Poco F1 is mind-blowing; you can game for 2-3 hours and watch 1-2 hours of videos, and still, you will be left with 20% of the battery. Install the ROM using any custom recovery along with nano GApps.

custom rom for poco f1

Download OMNI ROM for Poco F1

8. Reloaded-CAF

Reloaded-CAF is based on CAF (CodeAurora Forum) and runs on Android Pie. The developers aim to bring stock AOSP experience as much as possible while balancing the performance and stability with good battery life.
Code Aurora is AOSP + Qualcomm-specific enhancements and optimization.
In this ROM, you can change the music track using the volume buttons while the screen is locked. Poco F1 has a Snapdragon chipset, which means the ROM is focused on the hardware and gives more stability and performance.

Poco F1 Custom ROM

Download Reloaded-CAF  for Poco F1


AOSiP, or Android Open Source Illusion Project, is a custom ROM with the main motto of serving the user with quality and stability, keeping the customizations in mind.
This custom ROM for Poco F1 has dedicated settings and gives a powerful performance with weekly updates. Flashing GApps with the ROM in the custom recovery menu would be best.

custom for poco f1 Download AOSiP For Poco F1

6. Resurrection Remix v7

Based on LineageOS, SImRoms, OMNI, and Original Remix ROM, Resurrection Remix ROM makes a beautiful package. The combination of performance, customization, and the power that is brought to your Poco F1 makes it one of a kind.
The battery backup is decent, and gaming is smooth; just a little heat-up issue is there, which can be ignored.
Resurrection Remix is known for its vast customization, which needs no explanation. Flash the ROM and the GApps together.

custom rom for poco f1

Download Resurrection Remix For Poco F1

5. Havoc OS v2

If you have used Havoc OS previously, then you will never consider installing it on your phone. It has MD2 UI, a rounded user interface, enhanced QS battery estimation, and seek bars for media notifications. Oxygen OS and the lock screen weather by Google Pixel inspired the QS panel.
Havoc OS supports substratum and micro G, has Signature Spoofing, an inbuilt camera, a gallery app, and much more.
Navigation gestures are available in three variants: SmartBar and the default.
The battery backup is superb, and you can use it for an entire day under moderate usage.

Select micro or nano GApps while flashing the ROM.

custom rom for poco f1

Download Havoc OS For Poco F1

4. crDroid Android 5.6

crDroid has been a popular ROM with a lot of customization since its launch. You can consider this custom ROM for Poco F1 if you are willing to rejuvenate your device.
This ROM supports multi-language and has a Launcher similar to Google Launcher.
Testing this custom ROM was fun; the battery backup was smooth with heavy gaming and lasted a day. The bugs I faced were the lock screen used to act weird where the battery icon used to disappear, but then I believe it’s already fixed over time. Don’t forget to flash the GApps when you are flashing the ROM.

custom rom for poco f1

Download crDroid For Poco F1

3. Nitrogen OS

NitrogenOS is based on the Android Open Source Project running on Android Pie 9.0, giving your device superior power.
I faced a bug previously on this ROM with the IR face unlock, but the developers have fixed it lately. Most people like the ROM, and the developers are still maintaining it.
You will need to install the GApps and the Nitrogen OS, but do not worry about the camera, as it comes with the package. The battery backup is pretty good with the kernel provided, and you can customize the user interface.

custom rom for poco f1

Download NitrogenOS for Poco F1

2. Lineage OS 16.0

Lineage OS, formerly known as CyanogenMod, is a free aftermarket firmware distribution built by the community designed for stability and better performance on Android. It is based on AOSP with the contributions of people all around the globe using Android.

LineageOS is quite popular among Android smartphone users because of its simplicity and minimal applications preloaded.
The Custom ROM is very small as it contains no bloatware, and GApps can be installed along with it, which is needed to run the Google Core apps.

This ROM is my favorite as it makes a standard 1 GB RAM phone powerful enough. However, due to a lack of customizations, I intend to use some other custom ROM. On regular usage, the ROM gives you two days of battery usage. No camera is installed, so you must install a 3rd party camera like Gcam.

custom rom for poco f1

Download Official LineageOS for Poco F1

1. Pixel Experience ROM

The name tells many things: Google Pixel experience on Xiaomi Poco F1. The developers have ported the ROM from the Google Pixel device and maintained it well. This official custom ROM for Poco F1 will make daily usage smoother and more fun.
Although the customizations are less in this ROM as it is like AOSP ROM, you can install 3rd party launcher and enjoy the benefits of using different themes and icons.
The battery backup on this ROM is more than that of the Stock MIUI due to the lack of bloatware.
GCam comes preinstalled on Pixel Experience with AR-enabled.

custom rom for poco f1

Download Official Pixel Experience for Poco F1

If you’re fond of MIUI over custom ROM, then you can try selecting one ROM based on MIUI and installing it on your Poco F1. You must check the description of each ROM before deciding.


As we wrap up our exploration of the top 10 official custom ROMs for Poco F1, it’s evident that the possibilities are vast. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, performance, or a harmonious blend of both, a custom ROM is waiting to transform your Poco F1 experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I install custom ROMs without rooting my Poco F1?
    • Yes, many custom ROMs can be installed without rooting. However, it’s essential to follow the installation instructions carefully.
  2. Do custom ROMs void the warranty of my Poco F1?
    • Generally, yes. Installing custom ROMs often involves unlocking the bootloader, which may void the warranty. Check with the manufacturer for specific details.
  3. How frequently should I update my custom ROM?
    • It’s advisable to check for updates regularly. Developers often release new versions with bug fixes, security patches, and additional features.
  4. Can I switch back to the stock ROM after installing a custom one?
    • Yes, it’s possible to revert to the stock ROM. However, the process may vary, so follow the instructions provided by the ROM developer.
  5. Are custom ROMs safe for my Poco F1?
    • When sourced from reputable developers, custom ROMs are generally safe. Always research and choose ROMs with positive reviews and a good track record.

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  1. Pixel rom is far better than any other rom. Run faster on my poco and to be honest i do not like the recent cards at all. Have to navigate all the way around to go to the first application.

  2. Now that is what I call is a detailed review. You must have spent a lot of time using these roms. I am currently using the MIUI stable after using all the custom ROMS. I find the native OS to be smooth and well RAM optimized.


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