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List of Top Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 Based Custom ROM

Redmi K20 Pro has got an excellent user base, and the same goes for dedicated development. In this article, we will share the list of top Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 based custom ROMs. You might get confused with the list of custom ROMs, but we will make it easier for you to choose the best according to your needs.

Xiaomi released the Kernel source code with the codename Raphael and the official Android 10 update for Redmi K20 Pro last year, and since then, there have been many developments of custom ROMs. Most of the ROMs have some bugs or errors which can be ignored as they are not significant.

Redmi K20 Pro Custom ROM List

As the Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 based custom ROM community is receiving a healthy development, we need to choose the best for our daily usage. There are many AOSP based custom ROMs for the device, which can boost the performance as well as give a rich user experience. Custom ROMs such as the Pixel Experience, LineageOS, etc. have already received the official status, which means you get guaranteed nightly updates.

Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 Based Custom ROM


  1. Unlocked bootloader – Read the guide here.
  2. TWRP custom recovery installed – Read the guide here.
  3. Android 10 firmware – Download and flash the firmware according to your region. (If you have already upgraded to Android 10 then ignore).
  4. Custom ROM of your choice – Select from the list below.
  5. Android 10 GApps – Download Nano/Pico Variant.

1. Lineage OS 17

LineageOS 17 for Redmi K20 Pro is a light-weight, bloatware-free custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The ROM has minimal applications that are needed to run the operating system. You will find fewer customizations by default, but with the help of third-party apps and Magisk modules, you can customize it according to your choice.

Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 ROM

The custom ROM is built through the dedication of the community of LineageOS users and developers. LineageOS aims to deliver an increase in performance and reliability over stock Android ROM.

Download LineageOS 17 for Redmi K20 Pro

2. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is the native operating system of Google’s Pixel smartphone. The ROM is optimized for daily usage and provides a good battery backup and increased performance. Pixel Experience for Redmi K20 Pro is better than other custom ROMs, in my opinion, because you get the chance to explore the Pixel goodies such as the icons, ringtones, Gcam, etc.

Pixel Experience for Redmi K20 Pro

This Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 based custom ROM is one of its kind, and with each update, the developer has fixed many bugs. The ROM has got the official status, which means you get monthly guaranteed updates with monthly security updates and patches.

Download Pixel Experience for Redmi K20 Pro

3. Evolution X 4.1

Evolution X 4.1.69 for the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro/Xiaomi K20 Pro has many customizations and tweaks. The ROM is featured among the top 10 custom ROMs for stability and performance. Evolution X provides a boosted performance while gaming, and it also helps save the battery backup.

Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 custom ROM

The ROM is based on AOSP and has the official status that promises monthly security updates and bug fixes. You get Pixel goodies in Evolution X custom ROM for Redmi K20 Pro where Pixel icons, boot animation, ringtones, dialer, etc. are present.

Download Evolution X 4.1 for Redmi K20 Pro

4. Havoc OS 3.3

Havoc OS 3.3 is similar to Evolution X, where you get the Google Pixel Goodies. The ROM was having the official status for quite some time until the developer got busy, and the development was stopped. Fortunately, another developer has taken over the project but has released the ROM unofficially.

Redmi K20 Pro HavocOS 3.3

The following Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 based custom ROM comes in two variants, one is having the GApps inbuilt, and the other one needs to be flashed separately. Both the ROM’s are having the same features.

Download HavocOS with GApps for Redmi K20 Pro

Download HavocOS without GApps for Redmi K20 Pro

5.BlissROM 12.5

A non-profit organization that has a volunteer-based aiming to maintain various open-source and after-market development projects. The main focus of BlissROM is to provide a good quality of custom ROM for all Android smartphones by preserving customizations and options by synchronizing across various platforms.

Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 ROM

BlissROM 12.5 for Redmi K20 Pro has a side-wide dark mode feature and customized settings. Performance is adequate, and battery backup is what you will love in this ROM. Flash Pico or Nano GApps along with the ROM through TWRP recovery.

Download BlissROM 12.5 for Redmi K20 Pro

6. Syberia Project

Syberia Project is also known as the Syberia OS is a custom ROM based on AOSP from scratch. The ROM is specially ported for Mi 9T Pro that has many features packed. One of the best features of the Syberia Project for Redmi K20 Pro is that it has the AOSP source-code with some CAF improvements and bug fixes.

Android 10 ROM for Redmi K20 Pro

Syberia Project for Redmi K20 Pro has the official status, and it is a smart choice for minimal customization lovers. While there are plenty of customizations, if you keep the settings by default, then also the system runs smoothly. Flash GApps along with Magisk 20.1 or above if you want to have root privileges.

Download Syberia Project 3.3 for Redmi K20 Pro

7. RevengeOS 3.0

RevengeOS is based on AOSP, which is an after-market firmware dedicated to minimal design, stability, and performance. Similar to Syberia Project, this ROM has minimal applications, and the design is all material.

RevengeOS for Redmi K20 Pro

While this Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 based custom ROM has no GApps, you must flash it along with the ROM. The ROM has the official status, which will provide monthly security updates. An excellent choice for custom ROM users who wants to keep their smartphone with minimum applications and basic features.

Download RevengeOS 3.0 for Redmi K20 Pro

8. MSM Xtended 4.0

MSM Xtended or MSM-X was previously known for Cardinal ROM, but they have moved on and started from scratch. The base here used is from GZOSP with features from various latest custom ROMs. The main aim of MSM Xtended is to provide quality features without compromising the performance of the ROM.

Android 10 custom ROM for Redmi K20 Pro

Some principle features of MSM-Xtended ROM includes the latest security patches, support for OTA updates, optimizations done for a battery-friendly profile. The ROM is official and, as suggested by the developer, flash the ROM along with Nano GApps.

Download MSM Xtended 4.0 for Redmi K20 Pro

9. Descendant X

Descendant X ROM for Redmi K20 Pro is based on Android AOSP, which aims to revolutionize the best Android experience. The ROM has everyday features required and is light-weight with no bloat wares.

Redmi K20 Android 10 AOSP ROM

Some features of Descendant X includes the call log limit to 5000, aggressive battery saving mode, multiple gesture support, new boot animation, and logo, etc. Flash the ROM along with Magisk if you want root access as well from the TWRP custom recovery menu.

Download Descendant X for Redmi K20 Pro

10. AOSiP (Alpha)

AOSiP is one of the simplest and smoothest ROM for any Android smartphone. This Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 custom ROM is purely based on AOSP and is known for its quality and performance. The ROM is twisted with all the latest features of Android from various other custom ROMs.

AOSIP for Redmi K20 Pro

The ROM has the official status, and the development if pretty good. Customizations are adequate and provide good battery backup. Flash the ROM along with GApps through any custom recovery.

Download Descendant AOSiP for Redmi K20 Pro

11. CrDroid 6.4

CrDroid is based on AOSP whose developers have designed this custom ROM to provide immense stability and performance over the stock Android experience. The main aim is to achieve the best performance with a balance of looks and providing the best features available.

CrDroid for Redmi K20 Pro

Flash CrDroid 6.4 official version for Redmi K20 Pro using a custom recovery along with GApps. To have root privileges, flash Magisk 20 and above while flashing the ROM.

Download crDroid 6.4 for Redmi K20 Pro

12. Paranoid Android (Quartz Alpha)

One of the slimmest and smoothest Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 custom ROM is Paranoid Android where you will find beautiful wallpapers from Hampus Olsson. The new revamp of Paranoid Android has won many Android custom ROM lovers.

Redmi K20 Pro custom ROM

Paranoid Android Quartz Alpha is still on its beta phase that includes the adjustments and improvements over the stock Android CAF base. With every update, the team and the contributors are trying to fix the existing bugs and adding the latest security updates. Flash the ROM along with the GApps.

Download Paranoid Android for Redmi K20 Pro

13. TreskMod

A custom ROM based on OmniROM which is the most stable custom ROM for Android smartphones. The developers of TreskMod have aimed to provide a fresh look at the Pixel ROM with some newly added features.  The stability, customization, performance, and stock Google style is what makes this ROM special.

Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 ROM

TreskMod runs with RedFlare kernel and has built-in GApss support. The ROM is focused on smooth user interface and performance. You will get OTA updates and monthly security builds.

Download TreskMod ROM for Redmi K20 Pro

14. Bootleggers ROM

Bootleggers ROM is based on AOSP with the fixes and patches from the LineageOS ROM and other various projects. The developers have designed this custom ROM to bring some custom features and useful apps for daily usage. The main aim of making Bootleggers ROM is to make the user feel like using Stock Android.

redmi k20 pro update ROM

The latest Redmi K20 pro latest software update has similar performance and stability of Bootleggers ROM but here you get stock Android experience. The ROM is stable and packed with custom wallpapers, fonts, ringtones, themes and much more.

Download Bootleggers 5.0 for Redmi K20 Pro

15. OmniROM

OmniROM is based on AOSP that is enriched by the developers with many custom enhancements and tweaks. The ROM provides a great Android experience to your Redmi K20 Pro with stability as the number one priority.

OmniROM Official for Redmi K20 Pro

To flash OmniROM on Redmi K20 Pro you need to reboot to recovery, wipe the Dalvik, cache, system, and data. Following after you must flash the Android 10 firmware and then the ROM and GApps.

Download OmniROM for Redmi K20 Pro

16. Titanium OS

Titanium OS ROM mainly focuses on the design, user interface and looks of the custom ROM. It also keeps the performance and stability on first priority with many features and customizations. The developers of Titanium OS aims to deliver a smooth experience without compromising the quality of Android experience.

TitaniumOS for Redmi K20 Pro

The ROM is official and needs to be flashed along with GApps. Do not forget to wipe the Dalvik, Cache, System before flashing the ROM. You can flash Magisk 20 and above with this ROM to get root access.

Download TitaniunOS for Redmi K20 Pro

17. Derpfest (AOSiP)

Derpfest for Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 custom ROM is a quality custom ROM that is purely based on Google’s AOSP sources since the beginning of its release. The ROM has the official status and is built with some twisted and latest features and has been blended with stability and performance.

Android 10 for Redmi K20 Pro

There are many customizations present in Derpfest ROM such as status bar modifications, quick settings, lock screen tweaks, ambient display mods, button, and gesture controls, notification tweaks and much more. Flash GApps along with the ROM through custom recovery.

Download Derpfest for Redmi K20 Pro


The Redmi K20 Pro Android 10 ROMS are based on AOSP; we will try to bring more custom ROMS that meets your requirement. If you are fond of Android 9 Pie, then you can check the custom ROMS for Redmi K20 Pro based on Android Pie. Always wipe the System, Cache, Dalvik, Data from the recovery menu before flashing any custom ROM.

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