List Of Top 15 Custom ROMS For Android In 2024

Android is an open-source program that gives users the flexibility to use its resources. Custom ROMs for Android are among the best features available to date. It allows the users to test and experiment with different operating systems on their Android-based smartphone/tablet.

The evolution of custom ROMs for Android started at the beginning of the Android era, and many developers took the initiative to port custom ROMs for Android smartphones and tablets that used to run slowly or didn’t get further upgrades from the manufacturers.

Custom ROMS for Android Devices

Many custom ROMs for Android have different types of features. Some are specialized for performance, and some are packed with customizations. But, all the custom ROMs serve the same purpose: to provide the device with the latest security patches and updates from Android.

List Of Top 25 Custom ROMS For Android

1. LineageOS

LineageOS is an open-source operating system for Android-based devices that is free. Formerly known as CyanogenMod, it was changed in December 2016. Due to its lightweight design, the custom ROM is the base of various other custom ROMs. LineageOS has minimal applications, making it smoother and faster than any other operating system for Android devices.

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2. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is an Android open-source project (AOSP)- -based ROM that includes all the Pixel goodies such as wallpapers, icons, launcher, boot animation, ringtones, etc. The ROM is close to Stock UI and provides better battery life and performance due to its simplicity and necessary customizations. The Pixel Team aims to offer the maximum security and stability possible with the most valuable features for the perfect functioning of the device.

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3. cRDroid Android

crDroid Android custom ROM is designed to provide better stability, performance, and customization options for stock Android. The ROM is designed to be lightweight and straightforward for any Android device. Over 40+ customization options are under the hood and integrated with top-notch security options.

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4. Resurrection Remix OS

Resurrection Remix, or, in short, RR OS, has been designed to make the Android Experience more elegant. The features of Resurrection Remix OS are hand-picked by the developers and have been beautifully packed into one operating system. You will find many options under personalization, quick advanced settings, custom gesture controls, interface customizations, and more.

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5. HavocOS

HavocOS is based on AOSP and heavily inspired by the Google Pixel smartphone and its features. The developers have integrated many Pixel Experience features and various other features from different projects. You will witness a material design with quick settings customizations, navigation bar options, etc.

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  • Github
  • HavocOS doesn’t have an official website, and you can get the device list on Sourceforge.

6. DerpFest

One of the newest additions in the custom ROM family is where the developers work together to bring a polished custom ROM that includes the best features and supports the community in the long run with its unique contributions and features implemented.

DerpFest was first started as a temporary project based on AOSiP for the Oneplus 5T based on Android Pie 9.0. The developers got motivated and took the initiative in supporting other devices as well. Now, they have a healthy community where the developers and users work together for a better future for the ROM.

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7. AOSiP

As the name suggests, AOSIP is a smooth, good-quality custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project. The ROM is packed with twisted and latest features that blend in with the stability of the firmware. The developers strive for the ROM’s perfections to reflect their work.

This is one of those custom ROMS for Android smartphone users who want a pure Android stock experience but with some modifications and tweaks.

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8. AOSP Extended

Aiming to provide useful customizations with the full stability support, AOSP Extended is a custom ROM based on the Android Open Source Project with many newly added features from various other projects.

AOSP Extended was started after the release of Android 8.0 Oreo and has reached development till Android 10 and has a strong community base of users and developers.

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Android Custom ROMS

9. MSM-Xtended

MSM Xtended custom ROM is built for the new era of Android, where the developers try their best to blend the custom ROM with all the latest features, options, and stability for the best user experience.

Some of the critical features of this ROM include the latest Android source codes and security updates, over-the-air notifications for any new OS version release, battery optimisation, and much more.

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10. Evolution X

If you are a fan of Google Pixel or the Pixel Experience ROM, then this custom ROM will suit and satisfy all your requirements. Evolution X has a Pixel user interface and the latest Android 10 updates and features from the Pixel Experience. It also includes some Pixel goodies, such as notifications, ringtones, boot animation, fonts, wallpapers, etc.

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11. Paranoid Android

AOSPA, currently known as Paranoid Android, is one of the oldest custom ROMS for Android that aims to extend the system, providing the user with the most beautiful Android by enhancing the user interface and following the same design philosophies that are meant for the AOSP-based ROMS by Google.

Some of the newest features that have been implemented in Paranoid Android are On-the-spot controls, Pocket mode, Extended restart, Gestures, Navigation bar customization, Screen stabilization (Gimbal mode), Adaptive playback, Pop-Up camera support and much more.

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12. Pacman

Pac-man custom ROM is based on Cyanogen (Lineage) + AOKP + Paranoid Android that has a dedicated user interface of Pac-man themes, ringtones, boot animation, lock screen wallpapers, etc. The ROM is lightweight and consumes less space. It boots up quickly and uses fewer resources, resulting in more battery backup.

Important Links:

  • Github
  • Pacman doesn’t have an official website; you can get the device list on Sourceforge.

13. Bootleggers ROM

Bootleggers ROM supports more than 15 Android smartphones and is based on AOSP. The developers’ main aim is to keep the ROM as simple as possible. You will find all the up-to-date features and some hand-picked apps and features by the Bootleggers team that will give you the experience of using a Swiss knife.

One of the most community-harvested custom ROMS for Android is Bootleggers ROM, which has a factory of features, switches, and menus that get the work done in a snap of a finger.

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14. Arrow OS

Based on AOSP, the Arrow OS project was started with a vision of keeping the entire operating system clean, neat, and simple for daily use. The developers of Arrow OS focus on the most needed features for everyday usage for a moderate user. A good custom ROM for normal usage that delivers smooth performance with extended battery life.

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15. Bliss ROMS

Bliss ROMS focuses on providing the best quality operating system for Android that can run on most devices. It also aims to save the customizations and the features by cross-synchronizing, among other platforms.

The community of this ROM provides a positive impact on the developers, which leads to better outcomes. The contributions of both the developers and the users make this ROM a perfect ROM for everyday users.

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Wrapping Up

Exploring custom ROMs for Android opens up a world of possibilities for users seeking a personalized and optimized mobile experience. By understanding the benefits and risks and following proper installation procedures, users can unlock the full potential of their Android devices and breathe new life into older models. As with any advanced customization, diligence and adherence to guidelines are critical to a successful and enjoyable experience with custom ROMs.


  • Can flashing ROMs damage the phone?
    • No, it does not. However, flashing the ROM firmware/package may lead to a boot loop.
  • Does flashing a ROM delete everything?
    • In most cases, it does as it requires you to wipe the internal storage. Always take a backup.
  • What does flashing ROM mean?
    • Flashing a custom ROM means removing the stock ROM that the device manufacturer provides.

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