Best Custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi is a well-known company for its pocket-friendly smartphones and releasing the kernel source-codes quickly. Now you can download the best custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro and install it using a custom recovery.

The development of Redmi Note 9 Pro has started on many Android aftermarkets, and we have got our hands on the best custom ROMs released so far. You will be able to increase the power and performance of your device by flashing the ROMs by following the instructions in this article.

Redmi Note 9 Pro Custom ROM List

The custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro is based on Android Open Source Project, or in short, we call it AOSP ROMs. The device runs on Android 10 out of the box, and the Custom ROMs are based on Android 10 as well, and we hope to see further healthy developments in the future.

Best Custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro

To flash the custom ROM on Redmi Note 9 Pro, you need to keep few things handy. Please follow the instructions carefully to have a successful boot to the custom ROM on Redmi Note 9 Pro.

1. LineageOS 17.1

LineageOS is a custom ROM that is built by the community of developers and the contributions of the users. It is an aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 10 that is meant to increase the stability and performance over stock Android for your device.

The custom ROM is the king of all other custom ROMs as it is built from scratch and uses the AOSP codes and a mix of their codes. Many other custom ROMs use LineageOS as their base ROM and then modify them with extra features.

LineageOS is lightweight due to no presence of bloatware. You will find the basic applications present in the ROM that is required for daily productive activities such as the dialer, calculator, camera, browser, launcher, etc.

Although, Redmi Note 9 Pro has not got the official tag of the ROM, but, we believe once the development is stable and the developer of this ROM applies then it will start getting the official support.

The ROM is at its initial stage and has the following bugs:

  • Audio Bluetooth is broken
  • Offline charging doesn’t show battery
  • SELinux is Permissive

Download LineageOS custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro

2. Evolution X 4.3

Evolution X is a custom ROM that is inspired by the Google Pixel device and has many features of it. You will get a real feel of using a Pixel device in your hand. There are many additional configurations in this custom ROM that would make you use it as your daily driver.

custom rom for redmi note 9 pro

The developers of this ROM strive to build this ROM perfect by pushing the most stable security patches from the latest AOSP sources every month. Evolution X has the Pixel goodies such as the Pixel launcher, ringtones, boot animation, fonts, gestures, etc. The ROM is official, and you do not need to flash Gapps separately.

Download LineageOS custom ROM for Redmi Note 9 Pro

How To Install a Custom ROM


  • An unlocked bootloader – Read the guide and unlock it first.
  • A custom recovery installed – Read the guide and install it.
  • Android 10 Gapps – Select Nano or Pico
  • Battery charged above 50%
  • Take a backup of your files from your device to an external source.
  • Custom ROM of your choice – Download it from below.

Instructions to Flash

  1. Boot to custom recovery mode. Turn off your device and press Power + Volume Up button together until you see the custom recovery screen.
  2. Go to Clean > Advance Clean > select Data, Cache, Dalvik, System, and wipe it.
  3. Go back and select Install and navigate to the folder where you have stored the custom ROM.
  4. Now select the custom ROM along with the Gapps and flash them.
  5. Reboot to the system and set up the newly installed custom ROM on your Redmi Note 9 Pro.

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