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Download OGYouTube APK For Android – March 2023

OGYouTube is a feature-rich but straightforward modified version of the original YouTube application. If the basic features available in the official YouTube app bother you, it’s time to change. OG YouTube offers many new features like Direct YouTube Downloader, etc., making YouTube more convenient and allowing download videos much more quickly.

If you look at the modified version of WhatsApp, you will find that we have tons of WhatsApp changes like WhatsApp Aero, YOWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, etc. But that is not the case with YouTube-modded applications. We only have a stable YouTube mod, and it’s called OG YouTube. One of the main reasons most people choose to use OGYouTube is simply the YouTube download feature available in the application.

OG YouTube APK

If you are about to follow the old-school method, you must copy the video link, go to third-party sites, paste the link and then download the video. But that is not the case with OGYouTube for Android. You can download almost all videos from the YouTube application, which will be visible in the Gallery.

While you have ample information about ​​the OG YouTube application, let’s move on to something else. Below you will find all the functions available in the application, the download links, the installation procedure, and the procedure to download YouTube videos with OGYouTube. Then, without wasting any more time.

Download OGYouTube APK – 2020 Version


Let us get a piece of detailed information about OG YouTube and its features:

What is OG YouTube?

In simple terms, we can say that OGYouTube is a modified version of the YouTube application with additional features. The main feature everyone loves is the YouTube download mode. We may consider it a tool to download videos from YouTube on an Android device. Many apps and websites are available to download videos from YouTube and save them offline.

The official YouTube application can save videos offline, but the main drawback is that the download videos aren’t saved in the gallery as they are encrypted. If we want to watch recorded YouTube videos, we need to use the YouTube application.

However, we now have a solution with the help of OGYouTube, which has a user-friendly interface with an advanced YouTube video downloader. Simply, search for a video, and you can download it and save it on a smartphone that you can watch using any video player.

Features of OGYouTube 2020

  • The most important feature of the YouTube OG application is the ability to download videos from YouTube in HD quality. It doesn’t matter what video you want to download. OG YouTube has you covered. Download videos of different varieties, from 144p to 4k.
  • Convert YouTube videos to MP3: millions of songs are available in the YouTube library. Sometimes we have to download the song without the video. You can use the MP3 downloader option in OGYT to record the MP3 version of a song.
  • PIP mode: if you want to perform multiple tasks, such as watching a video on YouTube and chatting with friends on WhatsApp. This is where the PIP mode or the Picture in picture mode is useful. Video playback will appear as an overlay in any application on your Android device.
  • Background playback: In the regular YouTube application, if you minimize the application to new apps, the video stops, and for that, you need a premium subscription to YouTube.
  • YouTube without advertising experience: OGYouTube blocks all ads during video playback.

PIP Mode – Picture in Picture Mode

Image mode is a handy feature that will allow you to watch YouTube videos in other applications. Suppose you want to chat on WhatsApp simultaneously and watch a video. Use OGYT, and you are ready to start. PIP mode is this small YouTube playback screen that appears in any other application. You must grant screen overlay permission for this function to work correctly.

Play YouTube Video in the Background

You may already know you cannot play videos in the background when the YouTube application is minimized. This problem is solved with the latest version of OG YouTube. You can easily do a YouTube background reading with the help of OG YouTube modded. For that, all you want to do is open your favourite video and then read it. Once this is done, minimize the YouTube application, and you will be surprised to see that playback will not stop even when the app is minimized, and the videos in the background will still be played. But that is not the case with the official YouTube application.

Download YouTube Videos in HD Quality

The official version of YouTube has an essential download feature that allows you to download videos and save them to your device. But the video will not appear in the file manager, and you will not be able to access it outside the YouTube app. But this is not the case with OGYouTube; the video you downloaded will be saved on your device as a local file and accessible through any File Manager application. Later, you can easily share it with friends using any file-sharing application.

No Ads

It’s annoying to see invincible ads that can not be attached to YouTubers every time we watch a video. OG YouTube has a built-in ad blocker that blocks all ads from the YouTube-modded app. Then you will not see any ads, whether it’s a Bumper ad, a video ad that can not be ignored, or even classified ads that appear at the bottom of the screen. In the official YouTube app, for an ad-free experience, you must pay an amount.


  • You must install the Micro-G app for android to log in and sync with your Google Account.

How to Install OG YouTube APK for Android?

Step 1: Once you have downloaded the OG YouTube APK and MicroG, you need to permit installing the app from the security settings on your Android device. If you are on Android Oreo and above, installing it will ask for permission; however, if you are on Android Nougat or below, go to Settings > Security > enable unknown sources or 3rd party applications.

OgYoutube APK download

Step 2: Install the OG YouTube APK file and do not open it.

Step 3: Now install the MicroG APK file

Step 4: Open OG YouTube from the app drawer and log in with your Google Account (Optional) to sync your subscribed channels and playlist.

Step 5: Enjoy

How To Download YouTube Videos using OGYT App?

  1. Open the OgYouTube App and search for the video.
  2. Select the video and start playing it.
  3. You will see a download button below; tap on it.
  4. A pop-up window will appear; select the quality of the video to download.
  5. The download will start immediately; wait for it to complete.
  6. You can browse the saved videos from the OGYT app or the phone’s gallery.

How to Enable Picture in Picture mode (PIP)

  1. Open the OGYT app and go to the settings menu.
  2. Go to General > Display > enable PIP mode
  3. Search for any video and play.
  4. Click on the PIP icon and tap the home button on your mobile.
  5. You have a small window playing the video.
  6. Now you can multitask on other apps with the YouTube video playing.

How to Play Videos in Background With OGYouTube?

  1. Open the OG YouTube app and search for a video
  2. Play the video and tap on the background button
  3. The video will be minimized to the background while the music will still be played.
  4. Enjoy background playing on OG YouTube.


I hope you enjoyed the OGYouTube application. Download from the link provided above in the download section, and then the link will be updated as soon as the new version is released. So be sure to bookmark this page for future updates. For OGYT to work, you must download and install an application called MicroG for OGYT. OGYT will only work if MicroG is installed on your phone. Therefore, consider downloading and installing both apps.

OG YouTube certainly has an advantage over the official app in many ways, similar to YouTube Vanced, which is popular these days, and the Video Downloader option is one. Be sure to comment below if you encounter a problem.

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