Download Top 12 Custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro

Realme 5 Pro kernel source codes were released, and TWRP has been ported for the device. Now, we have a custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro under development and ready to use. Once you have unlocked the device’s bootloader and installed the custom recovery, you are all set to flash custom ROMs and Kernels.

With such a quick response on development on XDA for Realme 5 Pro, we can assume that many custom ROMs will be ported for the device in no time. Currently, we have a few custom ROMs available for use, and as they are the initial releases, they might have minor bugs. So please have patience and bear with us and report the bugs to the respective developers for a smooth and stable custom ROM.

Realme 5 Pro custom Rom list

Flashing custom ROMs requires a custom recovery like TWRP, and the bootloader has to be unlocked before it. If you haven’t unlocked the bootloader, follow this guide and apply for a bootloader unlocking request officially, which will take 5-10 minutes only.

Top 12 Custom ROMs for Realme 5 Pro

1. LineageOS 16.0

Lineage OS is the king of all custom ROMs available in the Android market. Most other ROMs take Lineage OS as their base ROM and modify it. This ROM is built with the help of the community, where the firmware distribution of Android Pie 9.0 is designed to increase the performance and stability of the operating system for your device, giving a pure stock experience.

Lineage OS is based on AOSP, where many users and developers are committed to the community and help grow daily, making it one of the best and most reliable custom ROMs. It can be used without the core Google applications or GApps.

This is the initial build where you may find bugs like Selinux being permissive while RIL, fingerprint, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cameras, Audio, Flash, GPS, and VoLTE are working fine.

Custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro

To flash this ROM, download the latest build, reboot to TWRP, wipe Data, Cache, and System and do not wipe the Vendor.

Download LineageOS 16.0 for Realme 5 Pro along with GApps (choose ARM64 pico or nano)

2. Evolution X 2.2

Evolution X is based on AOSP ROM running on Android Pie 9 that follows the footprint of Google Pixel and has the same pixel goodies like the pixel launcher, wallpapers, icons, ringtones, fonts and much more. There are many customizations, such as changing the clock settings (fonts and colours) and playing with the quick settings, where you can change the title and colour of the tiles.

Regarding UI customization, you get an ambient display with a music ticker and visualization options. The wallpapers can change the background colour to dark automatically. All the finger gestures and music controls for buttons are present. GApps is included in this custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro.

Download Evolution X 2.2 for Realme 5 Pro

3. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix ROM is based on AOSP, which aims to make the Android experience more elegant. A handful of features are packed beautifully into one OS with many customization options.

This ROM is a GSI build, meaning you should not wipe the Vendor at any cost and not use any modified vendor. Flashing this ROM is easy; you must reboot to TWRP and wipe Data, Dalvik, Cache and System, not the Vendor. If you had Magisk installed previously, uninstall it using the Magisk uninstaller zip file in TWRP first. Return to Install, sell, etc., the install image, select the ROM you downloaded and flash it. Reboot the system and perform a factory reset for smoother operation.

realme 5 pro custom rom

Download Resurrection Remix 7.0.2 for Realme 5 Pro

4. MSM-Xtended

The base ROM is GZOSP, which is based on AOSP and has features from many custom ROMS, with quality and performance as top priority. The developers have added many elements of different ROMS for a better user experience. The battery backup on MSM-Xtended is good, and installing this ROM will enhance the gaming experience on Realme 5 Pro.

Flashing this ROM is similar to what we have told above for Resurrection Remix. Follow the same procedure and flash it.

Download MSM Xtended for Realme 5 Pro

5. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is based on the Android Open Source Project, which has Google applications pre-installed, such as the Pixel Launcher, Wallpapers, Icons, Fonts, Ringtones, Boot Animation, etc. The main aim of the developers of this ROM is to provide stability and security to the maximum point and include helpful and needed features for the smooth functioning of the device.

Download Pixel Experience for Realme 5 Pro

6. CrDroid

The developers of crDroid have worked over the years and have designed the ROM to increase the performance and reliability of stock ROM. CrDroid ROMs are best known for smooth gaming, which gives the user a luxurious experience. There are lots of modifications and tweaks followed up and implemented to the new crDroid every time it is released with the latest Android version.

Note: Fix status bar padding by going to the CrDroid settings > User Interface > Adjust status bar padding.

Download crDroid 7.7 for Realme 5 Pro.

7. AOSP Extended

One of the best ROMs is based on AOSP, which provides the stock user interface, and the customizations on this ROM offer a smooth experience. The developers have collected used customizations and mods from various other open-source projects and made it a powerful yet straightforward ROM for users.

AOSP Extended developers regularly update their list and aim to provide all the available features to their ROM. Most importantly, they add more tweaks and features that a regular user needs to operate their Android device.

Download AOSP Extended for Realme 5 Pro

8. OxyenOS

Oxegen OS is the native custom ROM of Oneplus devices. This ROM is for users who want lots of customization and performance. Over the years, Oneplus has considerably polished its operating system, which is one of the main reasons users love Oxygen OS.

Oxygen OS gives a pure-stock Android experience with many mods and tweaks implemented. The ROM provides a good battery backup throughout the day over moderate usage. Oxygen OS for Realme 5 Pro will be one of the smoothest ROMs once any developer ports it.

Download Oxygen OS for Realme 5 Pro (coming soon)

9. ArrowOS

ArrowOS is based on the Android Open Source Project, which was started to keep the ROM simple, neat and clean. The developers have added most of the day-to-day features and customizations, keeping in mind security and stability, which is why you won’t find bloatware other than the universal apps required to run a smooth operating system for Android.

Custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro

Download ArrowOS for Realme 5 Pro

10. AOSiP

AOSiP, as the name suggests, is based on AOSP, one of the best custom ROMs for Realme 5 Pro, providing excellent performance and a long battery backup. The ROM is almost perfect and free from any known bugs and can be used as the daily driver for Realme 5 Pro. You can flash it along with GApps and Magisk.

AOSIP ROM For Realme 5 Pro

Download AOSiP for Realme 5 Pro

11. Bootleggers ROM

Bootleggers ROM is based on AOSP, an aftermarket firmware with patches and bug fixes from LineageOS custom ROM and other projects. The custom ROM has many features and customizations which are helpful for a general user who wants to bring out more from their device.

The ROM is almost stable and is packed with custom wallpapers, fonts, ringtones, themes, etc., that can give an elegant look and a new user interface to your Realme 5 Pro. Flash the ROM along with GApps through TWRP recovery.

Download Bootleggers ROM for Realme 5 Pro and Notch Fix

12. HavocOS

One of the smoothest ROMs, inspired by the Google Pixel, is based on AOSPwhic, giving a natural feel of using a Pixel device. Many customization options are not on the Pixel Experience ROM or other AOSP-based custom ROM. You can flash this custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro and GApps of Pico, Nano, or Micro variants.

HavocOS custom ROM for Realme 5 Pro

Download HavocOS for Realme 5 Pro


Embrace the limitless possibilities that custom ROMs offer for your Realme 5 Pro. Unleash the true potential of your device by venturing into the world of Android customization.


1. Are custom ROMs safe for my Realme 5 Pro?

Yes, when sourced from reputable developers and forums. Always follow installation instructions carefully to minimize risks.

2. Can I revert to the stock firmware after installing a custom ROM?

You can revert to the stock firmware by flashing the official Realme firmware using tools like Fastboot.

3. Will install a custom ROM void my warranty?

Yes, typically, installing a custom ROM voids the warranty. Proceed with caution and be aware of the implications.

4. How often should I update my custom ROM?

Checking for updates regularly and following the developer’s recommendations is advisable. Updates may bring security patches and new features.

5. Can I install multiple custom ROMs and switch between them?

In most cases, no. Installing multiple ROMs simultaneously can lead to conflicts and instability. Stick to one ROM at a time for optimal performance.

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