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Top 15 Android Modded Apps in 2022

Many of us have heard about Android modded apps, and some of us have already downloaded and installed those modded Android Apks and had fun using it rather than using the original versions of these apps that are available to download from the Google Play Store.

The modified apps have helped many of us to use extended and premium features according to our wish and without following the strict guidelines that we had to follow for the original versions of these Apps.

Top Android Modded Apps

Those who still don’t know what Android Modded Apps are, let me give you brief details about Android Mods with some cons and pros. So, first, let me tell you about everything that you should know about the Android Modded Apps.

What Are Android Modded Apps?

Android Modded Apps are the modified versions of some mobile apps like WhatsApp, Netflix, Russo, etc. These Modded Android Apps provide an apk in websites to download the modified versions of some official apps on your device such as WhatsApp Plus, Flashify, Instamod, etc.

Mod Apks are an option that gives the user easy and user-friendly access to the apps of the original versions. The developers or modders design these Mod Apks so that the users can use or run the apps according to their wish instead of following the strict settings or limitations of the official version of these apps.

Benefits Of Using Modded APKs

  • You can use or run the app according to your wish instead of following the strict settings or rules of the official version of those apps.
  • They give you lots of new & exciting features of these official apps free of cost.
  • Saves your money.
  • We get lots of new & exciting features free of charge.
  • If, due to any reason, if your Google Play Store lacks access to any app for installing, you can install that app from app files.
  • Modded Apps are faster compared to their original versions.
  • You can cheat in games, buy new features of the games free of cost. Even you can increase your level without actually playing the match, which is saving your time too.
  • You can download these apps which are banned in your country, such as TikTok banned in India or PUBG Mobile Global banned in Bangladesh.
  • You can shape the app the way you want. As in modded apps, all the restrictions are removed.

Drawbacks Of Using Modded APKs

  • Modded Apps are made by modders/programmers, which is not official.
  • You will get to see tons of advertisements which of course irritate us after a certain period.
  • Sometimes you can also end up downloading the wrong app, which means loss of your precious time and data.
  • If downloaded from untrusty websites then, modded apps can easily insert viruses into your device.
  • Modded Apps can get banned anytime if they go slightly against the terms and conditions of the official apps.
  • You may have to download lots of useless apps to download the one app you want. But, here at Technolaty, we provide direct links.
  • Google will warn you several times not to install any app from an “unknown source,” such as the Antutu Benchmark app.

15 Best Premium Modded Apps in 2021

1. Inshot Mod Unlocked

Nowadays, many people are going viral on social media by creating videos and reels. So creating good, advanced, smooth & flawless videos or reels is highly in demand nowadays.

Inshot Mod is a Mod app that gives you lots of new cool features & tools which help you to edit your videos or reels beautifully and convert them into a stunning smooth high technology video.

2. PicsArt Photo Mod Unlocked

This mod app gives you tons of free exciting & interesting features to edit your photos and make them more beautiful & unique.

3. KineMaster GP + Mod Premium

This is a video editing app that helps people who recorded a video turn that video into perfection with the help of the cool features and tools provided there. It is different from other editing apps said by the original users of this app.

It is different from the other editing apps because it is straightforward to use. Those who are not skilled or professional in editing videos but still want their videos to be edited beautifully with exciting & unique tools and features can go for this app.

4. Adobe Lightroom CC Mod Premium Unlocked

This Mod app is totally for photographers or people who love photography. This app gives you features and tools which can turn your photos like those professional photographers’ photos. It corrects the flaws of your image, adds beautiful features and excellent tools.

5. Canva Mod Pro & Premium Unlocked

This mod app is used for graphic design, photo, and video editing. This app is different from other apps because of its usability, beautiful design, and trustworthiness claimed by real users.

The designs they provide are mind-blowing. They give you 60,000 free templates to edit your pictures, videos, and your assignments.

6. VSCO : Photo & Video Editor Mod

VSCO is a photo and video capturing app. It is effortless to use. It is ranked as the best photo and video capturing app by real users.

It gives you tons of beautiful new filters, which are added continuously. It also gives you free VSCO X membership to enjoy its more cool features and tools.

7. Cam Scanner Mod

This is a scanning app. It is rated as the top 50 best apps you should have on your device. It scans your work professionally, which is only used nowadays by students. It is high in demand.

8. Netflix Mod Apk

At the end of the tiring and stressful day, we all need to relax and chill a bit. Nowadays, we slide into our devices to freshen up our minds by watching different and lots of web series, movies, shows, etc.

Netflix is the most popular app for watching web series, movies, shows, etc. And this modified version of Netflix gives you every single Netflix show, web series, film, etc., to watch free of cost.

9. Spotify Mod Apk

Nowadays, we don’t like to download songs and block free space on our devices. We go to online music listening platforms to listen to music. Spotify Mod Apk is an online music-playing Mod app. It is a top-rated app. You can find many songs over here according to your taste, favorites, genres, and playlist.

10. Hotstar Mod Premium & VIP Unlocked

This Mod app provides you with tons of web series, movies, cartoons, animations, sports, shows, Tv shows & serials to watch free of cost.

11. Thop TV Mod Premium Apk

This is the most exciting app if you love to watch or if you are a web series, TV shows & serials, movies, sports, etc. addict, this platform will be heaven for you. This Mod App gives you access to watch every web series, film, TV shows & serials, sports, etc., old to new from every paid app to TV just in free of cost.

12. Tik Tok Mod App

We all know about tik tok, it is an app where we can show our creativities and talents to the public by staying at one place.

You can create & also edit different types of videos over here, showing your creativity and talent.

13. Snapchat Mod Apk

This app gives you tons of beautiful filters. With the help of those beautiful & unique filters, you click and share those pictures with your friends, family, colleagues, classmates, followers, and the public too.

You can connect with new people over there by sharing your snaps with them, and also Snapchat gives you an option to chit-chat with them.

This modified version of Snapchat unlocked many new filters, features, and editing tools without any cost and allows you to shape the app features the way you want. For example, you can make changes in your privacy, etc.

14. Truecaller Mod Gold Premium

It is an app where it reveals the identity of the person who is calling you. You can also get any number’s information, like if you want to know whose number it belongs to, where the call has come from, etc., things you can get to know in this app.

This modified version of this app gives you free Premium membership to enjoy many features free of cost.

15. YouTube Vanced Mod

It is an advanced version of YouTube which allows users to fix settings on their Device. It also improves YouTube Boot time, picture quality and gives your YouTube a new mode (dark or light mode); you can change the default playback speed between 0.25x and 2x. Many new, unique & exciting features are also added.

This Mod app is very famous, high in demand, and very much loved by millions of users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Modded Apks illegal to use?

The Modded APKs are not official apps; they are the modified version of some official apps. It is also made without the knowledge of the original creators of the official apps, for which it is considered illegal to use any modded app.

It is easy to track down users of these Modded apps because of the websites which record your every information. But the modded app’s downloading number is vast, for which it is very different/hard to check and track down every user of these Modded Apps. So you can use Modded Apks without worrying about the legal issues.

2. Can we face an issue of account banned by using Android Modded Apps?

Some of the modded Apks, for example, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, which of course, need your account for further proceeding, can be a bit risky for you. The original creators of these official apps can easily track down the user’s info using these Modded Apps, which may lead you to account banned.

So the apps which need an account login can lead you to account banned. But many modded apps need no account login, which will work very smoothly without creating any account-banned trouble for you.

3. How to download Mod APK safely?

Websites will provide you with links to download the Mod Apks of apps. All you have to do is click on that link; next on your screen, a dialogue box will appear, which will warn you not to download any app from unknown sources giving two options written there. The first option will be ” download,” and the second option will be ” cancel,” as it can insert viruses into your device. You have to click on the download option. And also, don’t forget to ” enable unknown sources ” in the privacy settings of your device.

Later as the download gets finished, it will show download. You have to go to the download file of your device and click on that recent download. It will give an option written install, click on it, and the modified app you wanted will get installed on your device. This is how you can safely download Mod APK.

4. Can Mod APK harm your device?

Yes, it can harm your device by inserting a virus into your device as it is an unofficial app which is made by programmers/hackers, which is definitely not worth fully trusting the platform in the first place and secondly, if any Mod APK provides any trustworthy website where the link to download will be available is very difficult to find that reliable website.

If the website from where you downloaded the apk is not the original and trustworthy website, you can meet with fraud. And later, the things which can happen to you are: Your OTPs won’t stay safe anymore, your banking details may not stay safe anymore. These programmers/hackers can get into your photo gallery; they can also click pictures and videos of yours with the help of your device’s front and back camera. Your calls maybe can get recorded or listened by them.

5. Can I delete Mod Apk?

Yes, you can delete Mod Apk anytime you want by uninstalling other apps on your device. Simply click on the uninstall option, which will be there in your device for that app, and also don’t forget to go to your download file section of your device and delete that apk of that app from your download files section.

Final Words

Android Modded Apps are very user-friendly first of all and gives you lots of exciting & new features to have fun within free of cost. And also removes all the app’s restrictions from there, but it is hazardous to use any mod app in my point of view. Because as I told you how it could harm your device, insert a virus into your device, your life can get hacked if the website from where you got the link to download comes out to be a fraud and all its cons. So keeping all these in my mind, I will never give it a try to risk anything.

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