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iOS Style Launcher For Xiaomi Devices Based On MIUI 12

MIUI 12 is the latest version of the optimized operating system of Xiaomi devices which is based on Android 10 and Android 12. There are many customizations and tweaks available by default, but they do make us bored with time. A new mod has been released by an Android modder and developer named Sipollo to replace the default launcher with iOS Style.

Today, in this article, we will help you transform your MIUI 12 based device into iOS in terms of the user interface, which will make your device more attractive and easier to navigate through the recently opened apps.

iOS Style Mod For MIUI 12

Xiaomi has recently released the MIUI 12.5 version for many new devices with massive improvements and bug fixes from MIUI 12. A unique feature has also been introduced; the Horizontal Recent View in the MIUI 12.5 is going to like it. If you are a fan of iOS devices and their user interface, you must try installing the iOS Style Launcher and the iOS Style Recent View on your Xiaomi Device based on MIUI 12.

MIUI 12.5 is the more contemporary and more optimized upcoming update by Xiaomi that will have some massive improvements and changes from MIUI 12. The latest update brings some other super wallpapers, performance-oriented apps, contemporary design, notes, privacy features for Indian users and much more.

Xiaomi is working hard just like Samsung to look to iOS in their new MIUI 12.5 version. We can be ascertained because, over the years, we have seen how Xiaomi has tried copying Apple in terms of looks in their operating system. From the control panel to the privacy features, everything looks similar to iOS. Adding to this, Xiaomi has also added some extra features to their gallery app that can edit within the app just like iPhone.

Without making any delay, let us learn how to transform your current app drawer to iOS style launcher with Magisk root. Make sure you follow the steps below carefully, not doing so might brick your device.

How To Install iOS Style Launcher In Xiaomi Devices

To install the iOS style launcher, you must prepare a few things before proceeding. Check out the downloads and required pieces of stuff and get it handy.


  1. Unlocked bootloader – Read the guide to How To Unlock Bootloader On Xiaomi Smartphones.
  2. Enable USB Debugging – Read the guide How To Enable USB Debugging In Xiaomi Devices.
  3. TWRP or OrangeFox Recovery – Read the available device list here.
  4. Battery should be charged above 50%
  5. USB Data Cable provided in the box.
  6. Magisk must be installed through Custom Recovery, and Magisk Manager Apk installed on your device.
  7. iOS Style MOD Zip File By Sipollo – Download from here and copy it to your device’s internal storage.

Instructions To Install iOS Style Launcher In Xiaomi Devices.

Step 1: Make sure you have unlocked the bootloader, installed a custom recovery and rooted your device with Magisk.

Step 2: Next, download the iOS Style MOD Zip file and save it on your Xiaomi smartphone.

iOS Style Mod For MIUI 12

Step 3: Open Magisk Manager from the app drawer.

Step 4: Tap on the fourth button from the bottom.

iOS Style Mod For MIUI 12

Step 5: Tap on the “Install from storage” button from the top.

Xiaomi iOS Style Mod

Step 6: Now, navigate to the download folder where the file is saved.

Step 7: Select the file and wait for the installation to complete.

iOS Style Mod For MIUI 12

Step 8: Tap on the “Reboot” button from the bottom of the screen.

iOS Style Mod For MIUI 12

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the iOS Style Mod on your Xiaomi smartphone based on MIUI 12.

How To Uninstall iOS Style MOD

Step 1: Open Magisk Manager App.

Step 2: Select the fourth button from the bottom.

Step 3: Scroll down or check “alphalaunchermodmiui” and tap on Remove.

Xiaomi iOS Style Mod

Step 4: You need to tap on Remove, and nothing will happen.

Step 5: Reboot your device, and the Mod will be uninstalled.


Final Words

Once you have installed the latest iOS mod on your MIUI based smartphone, you can check out the new features and iOS style recent view. You can also customize your home screen and the app drawer in MIUI 12. If you do not like or find bugs in the Mod, you can also uninstall it easily from the Magisk Manager App.

If you do not have a Xiaomi device or in any case you have trouble rooting your device, you can check the 10 best free launchers for Android and install it without any fuss.

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