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Official Guide To Unlock Realme X2 Bootloader

Realme X2 was launched this month in India and worldwide, and the smartphone is an upgraded version of Realme XT. Just like all the Realme smartphones, you can unlock Realme X2 Bootloader the same way.

Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G SoC, the Realme X2 is the first smartphone that is priced under Rs. 20,000 or 300$. It can be compared with its successor Realme XT in terms of looks and design, where you can see the similar placement of the buttons and the charging ports. In the front, we can see a dewdrop notch with a Super AMOLED large display, and it also comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Realme X2 Bootloader Unlocking Guide

Connectivity in Realme X2 has been worked on with the latest trend of Bluetooth 5.0, featuring two Nano-SIM card slots and also a dedicated microSD card slot. It comes in three variants starting at Rs. 16,999 or 250$ from 4-8GB and up to 128GB of internal storage. It is packed with the latest ColorOS that offers many customizations and the newest security updates every month.

Talking about the performance as a daily driver, then it is no doubt a powerful smartphone to multi-task. But, if you are planning it for high-end gaming, then I would give it a pass as you won’t be getting 60 fps gaming in games like PUBGM or COD while we can assure you that there aren’t any overheating issues either

Photography on Realme X2 is the USP by the company where you get a 32-megapixel sensor for selfies that can record 1080p video as well. At the rear, four cameras are identical to Realme XT, with the 64-megapixel being the primary sensor that can capture detailed pictures in broad daylight and at night with Nightscape mode for low-light shots. To cherry-top, there are three more cameras that can capture more detailed images through the wide-angle camera, depth camera, and the macro shots camera.

Realme X2 is boosted by a 4,000 mAh battery that can give a battery backup of a day and more on moderate usage. The best part of this smartphone is that it supports Flash charge or the fast charger, which comes with a VOOC Flash Charger 4.0 standard inside the box and can charge the phone within an hour.

While we have talked about the features, we must now focus on how to unlock Realme X2 bootloader officially and in a straightforward method.

It is legal to unlock the bootloader of Realme X2 as the kernel source codes have been released by the company on Github, and you can do many things after unlocking the bootloader, which we will discuss below.

Why Unlock Bootloader?

A bootloader is a key to the root access of a device that is locked by the manufacturer to keep you safe from intruders, hackers, and other vulnerabilities. Also, sometimes the manufacturers keep it closed so that you are bound to use the bloatware that is pre-installed by them, more doubtless to make you stick to their designed operating system for stable use, which has their limitations.

When you unlock Realme X2 bootloader, you will be able to customize it according to your choice by installing custom ROM, custom kernel, or root your device as well.

However, before proceeding with the unlocking procedure, let us get a detailed view of the Pros and Cons of unlocking the bootloader on Realme X2.

Pros Of Unlocking Bootloader

  1. You can install a custom recovery like TWRP or PitchBlack
  2. Install custom ROM of your choice
  3. Take backup and restore your entire ROM
  4. You can root Realme X2
  5. Increase the phone’s performance and stability

Cons Of Unlocking Bootloader

  1. The Warranty is void, but you can always fix the software related issues
  2. Problems are installing the OTA updates of the stock ROM
  3. There is a chance of risk to get stuck in a boot loop if the ROM/Kernel is not installed correctly

How To Unlock Bootloader On Realme X2


  • Keep the smartphone charged above 50%
  • PC or a Laptop is mandatory
  • Download and install ADB and Fastboot tools on the computer
  • Download the DeepTesting APK for Realme X2

DISCLAIMER! Technolaty or its authors are not liable for any damage in the process of unlocking the bootloader. Remember that the warranty will be void, and you solely responsible for any loss.

Instruction to Unlock Realme X2 Bootloader

Follow these on Realme X2

  1. Download and copy the DeepTesting APK on your Realme X2.
  2. Go to Settings on your phone and then Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources
  3. Install the DeepTesting Unlocking Tool on your Realme X2.
  4. Now open the tool and follow the screen. Accept the terms and conditions and tap on Submit Application. Unlock Realme X2 Bootloader
  5. When you get the “Review successful” window, then tap on the “Start the in-depth test” button. Now your phone will be rebooted to the fast boot window.

Follow these on your Computer/PC

  1. Once you get the message, “fast boot_unlock_verify ok” on your Realme X2. Connect your device to the PC using the data cable.
  2. Now go to C:Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot and right-click on cmd-here or type cmd in the address bar and run as administrator. adb command
  3. Now type the following command to check if the device is connected to your PC correctly:
    fastboot devices
  4. If the drivers are automatically installed, and your device is connected, then you will be able to see the phone listed with a serial number in the Fastboot Window.
  5. Now enter the following command to enter bootloader mode:
    adb reboot bootloader
  6. Once the phone comes into bootloader mode, you must type the following command to unlock the bootloader of Realme X
    fastboot flashing unlock
  7. On your smartphone, a warning message will be displayed. Using the Volume up button, select OK and press the Power button. unlock realme x2 bootloader
  8. Once you have selected the “Unlock the bootloader” on your Realme X2, then your phone will reboot and enter the In-Depth Test Mode, and you will have an unlocked bootloader on your Realme X2.

The entire process to unlock Realme X2 bootloader is easy if you have all the pre-requisites ready. After unlocking the bootloader, you will be able to install TWRP recovery and root your device.

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    1. Veer Amrit Singh

      Follow this:
      1. Download and copy the DeepTesting APK on your Realme X2.
      2. Go to Settings on your phone and then Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources
      3. Install the DeepTesting Unlocking Tool on your Realme X2.

      1. Kulvinder Rai

        Aap not install in deep testing it’s always on but APK not install

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          Hello, thanks for pointing it out. We have updated the Deep Testing APK. Please download it and install.

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            Phir v try kiya…app not installed ka msg hi aa rha

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