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Top AOSP Based Custom ROM for Realme 3 Pro

Android Open Source Project or AOSP is the codebase of Android, just like Google intended it. AOSP based custom ROM for Realme 3 Pro is a boon to utilize every bit of the powerful Snapdragon 710 chipset and its huge amount RAM.

AOSP based custom ROM’s are generally lightweight with fewer modifications, no bloatware and no additional features. It is designed to give the user a rich experience and explore every bit of the operating system. It is highly stable and secure, and you can use third-party applications to modify the system like the Kernel Adiutor, which requires root access.

Realme 3 Pro Custom ROM List

In simple term, AOSP is the unmodified ROM’s or code which is dumped by Google after six months and is made open source to the public. Since these ROM’s still need to be customized, developers fetch them and build it by first prioritizing the stability of the ROM which can be used as a daily driver.

If you do not like the Color OS and want to install Custom ROM for Realme 3 Pro you need to have an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery such as TWRP or PitchBlack installed.

1. Pixel Experience

There are many custom ROM’s available in the Android development community but nothing can beat the Pixel Experience. When it comes to stability and performance then we can always rely on operating system ported from the Google Pixel device which is named as the Pixel Experience.

Installing the Pixel Experience ROM on Realme 3 Pro will enable you to transform it into a Google Pixel device with the features like the Pixel Launcher, icons, fonts, wallpapers, ringtones etc. Also, Google Apps (GApps) like Play Store, Contacts, Dialer are included.

Other features include:

Invert navbar keys
Volume wake
Volume music control
Torchon power menu
Disable power menu on the lock screen
4G/LTE toggle
VoLTE icon toggle
Quick pulldown
Traffic Indicator
Disable quick settings on the lock screen
Swipe with three fingers to take a screenshot
Live display
Switch to dark theme based on time of the day
Pocket detection
Double-tap to sleep on the status bar and lock screen
Ability to force full screen and ignore notch, useful for games and Netflix
Custom accents colour

Download Pixel Experience for Realme 3 Pro

2. AOSP Extended

Aosp Extended ROM provides different features of customization with stock user interface experience. It is smooth and is built with added features from vaious other open source projects while keeping it simple and fast. The main moto of the developers of AOSP Extended is to provide “all the features available on earth”.

The ROM has fewer pre-installed applications and requires GApps to be flashed along with the ROM.


DU Font Engine
OneHanded UI
Live Display
Expanded Desktop
Statusbar Clock/Date Customizations
Dashboard Suggestions/Summaries (Enable/Disable)
Notification Intervals
Increasing Volume in Ringtone
DT2S On Navbar
Long Press Back button  to Kill App
Dashboard Column Configurations
Detailed Location QS Tile!
Statusbar Traffic Indicators
Notification Count
DT2S On Statusbar and Lockscreen
QS Quick Pulldown
QS Brightness Slider (Enable/Disable)
QS Tiles Animations
Force Expand Notifications (Enable/Disable)
Immersive Mode messages (Enable/Disable)
Flashlight Notifications
Oreo/Pie Recents Styles
Toast Icon
Power Menu Customizations
Additional Battery Saver steps
Volume Rocker Tweaks (Wake/Music seek/Keyboard cursor control/Swap in landscape mode)
Fingerprint Gestures Support
QS Haptic Feedback
One Tap Data & Wifi Tile
Auto Brightness Icon Toggle
Breathing Notifications
Long Press Gear Icon in Statusbar Header Launches Extensions
Show 4G instead of LTE switch
Reading Mode QS Tile
Long press Caffeine Tile Action
Customize QS Rows/Columns
Customize small QS Tiles
StatusBar Brightness Control
Lockscreen Shortcut
Quick Unlock for PIN/Password
Battery Styles and Percentage
Flip Button Animation
Unlink Notification Volume
Status bar Clock Seconds
AEXPapers  our wallpaper app
Via/Jelly Browser
Retro Music Player
Pixel's UI, Ringtones, and Wallpapers
Camera Sound Toggle
Advanced Ambient Display Customizations
Smart Pixels
Longpress Power Button on Lockscreen for Torch
Wakelock Blocker
Toggle Lockscreen Media Art
Toggle Lockscreen Music Visualizer
Disable QS on Secured Lockscreen
Toggle Dynamic Notification Card's Color
Low Battery Notification Toggle
Hide Clock/Date/Alarm Text from Lockscreen
Lock screen Clock's Font Customizations
Weather on Lockscreen and Status Bar
Heads up Customizations
DU's HW Button Rebinding
Button Backlight Customizations
Oreo Recents Clear All FAB button and Repositioning
Oreo Recents Free Ram bar
Custom Carrier label
Toggle power menu on Secured Lockscreen
CPU Info Switch
Disable Orange Color in Battery Saver Mode
New Pretty Adaptive Icons for included AOSP apps
Run SysUI tuner from Extensions
Builtin Light/Dark/Black/Chocolate/WallpaperBased and EXTENDED UI Themes

Download AOSP Extended ROM for Realme 3 Pro

3. Lineage OS

Talking about simplicity and stability together then Lineage OS wins the battle among other custom ROMs. One of the simplest and purest custom ROM with basic applications installed. Lineage OS formarly Cyanogenmod is one of the most demanded custom ROM in the Android development community.

The performance is immense on Realme 3 Pro and you will start noticing it from the first boot itself. Gaming on Lineage OS is brilliant and you have the ability to put it on DND mode so your gaming experience doesn’t get spoiled.

Install Pico or Micro GApps along with the ROM for better performance and stability.

Download Lineage OS 16 for Realme 3 Pro

4. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix ROM is a combination of LineageOS, SlimRoms, Omni and the codes of Remix ROM which gives a wonderful experience on using the ROM. The developers have built the ROM keeping the performance as the top priority with customization, power, stability and integrating the newest features up till date. Over the years of development and the contribution of the Resurrection Remix community, the ROM has been polished and all the previous mods which were tweaked are included now.

The ROM has been officially accepted and is being maintained with frequent updates and monthly security patches. You will require GApps to run the Google core applications.

Download Resurrection Remix 7.0 for Realme 3 Pro


The latest addition to the custom ROM for Realme 3 pro-family is the OmniROM which is packed with lots of customizations and features with stability on the number 1 priority list. It is based on the Android Open Source Project and enriched by the developers with many other enhancements and modifications.

Bugs present in this ROM are SElinux being permissive and dt2w. Apart from that everything works smooth as butter on this custom ROM and if you face any error then you must report it to the developers. Flash the ROM and the ARM64 GApps together.

Download OmniROM for Realme 3 Pro

How To Install The ROM

  1. Download any of the above ROM and copy it in the Phone’s internal storage
  2. Boot into Recovery mode
    • Turn off your Realme 3 Pro and then press and hold the Power button + Volume Up button until you get a vibration
  3. Once you enter the Custom Recovery menu go to Wipe
  4. Now select Advanced Wipe and tick Dalvik / ART Cache, Cache, System and Data > Swipe to Wipe
  5. Go back and select Install and then select the ROM which you have selected
    • Select the GApps along with it and Swipe to confirm Flash
  6. Reboot (first boot might take 3-5 minutes)

How To Root Realme 3 Pro

  1. Download the latest Magisk Stable or Beta Version (stable is recommended)
  2. Reboot to Recovery mode
  3. Go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe > Select Dalvik / ART Cache and Cache and Swipe to Wipe
  4. Go back and tap Install and select the Magisk > Swipe to confirm Flash
  5. Reboot and Enjoy!

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