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Download Fau-G APK For Android/IOS (Fearless and United Guards)

FauG is a mobile-oriented game that best suits the alternative to PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS users. After the government’s ban on the Pubg Mobile game in India over security risks and other issues, movie celebrity Akshay Kumar announced a new multiplayer game named FauG developed in India. The FauG APK download link has been updated for Android and IOS.

The mobile gaming community and the gamers were very much excited after the game’s announcement was made by Akshay Kumar. The information brought hope to all gamers after the ban of the PUBG Mobile game. Apparently, the FauG APK 1.0 beta version will soon be released, and all Android users can officially download and install the game.

Download FauG Game APK

FauG APK Download

Check out the full details of FauG APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards
Last Updated One day ago
App version 1.0.10
Downloads 50,000,000+
Compatibility Android 8.0+
App Size 47.8 MB
Main Task Action game
Developer Studio nCore Pvt. Ltd.

Download Fau-G APK for Android and IOS directly. Please follow the instructions and then install them carefully. You can also download PUBG Mobile and Freefire similarly.


Check the instructions on installing the Fau-G APK file on your Android smartphone in this article below. You must enable a third-party app installation on your device.

Full-Form of FauG Mobile Game:

Fearless and United Guards is the complete form of the Mobile game FauG. It refers to the Hindi term “Fauji,” which means “Soldier.

After the game’s announcement, users have started looking for the FauG download link and are ending up with fake articles; let us assure you that the game has not yet been released, and no official announcement has been made either. We expect the game to be launched soon, and once it is found, we will update this article with the download link of the FauG game.

FauG is currently being developed by the leading mobile game company nCor Games. The company has committed to donating 20 per cent of the total revenue to BharatKeVeer’s trust.

Fau-G APK Download Link

What Is FauG Game?

FauG is a mobile game for Android and iOS users that is a close alternative to the famous PUBG Mobile, banned by the Indian Government in September 2020.

From the official trailer of the FauG game APK 1.0.10 beta version, we expect many modern guns, grenades, swords, bombs, tanks, missiles, etc. The game graphics are somewhat low, but we hope the final release will have more crisps, sharpness, and modernity.

FauG Game APK Download

We have witnessed some strong words and goosebumps giving quotes in the trailer of the FauG Game:

We dare because we are fearless. We win because we are united. We guard because we love our duty. Together we secure Bharat (India).

FauG Game Release Date

The developers or the company nCor have not given a tentative date for releasing the game. Although we can presume that the FauG game download will be available at the end of November this year. The APK download link for FauG will soon be available on Google Play Store and direct download.

According to sources and media, the release date of the FauG game was expected to be in November 2020, but we haven’t seen any news lately. The FauG game event’s launch will most likely be streamed on YouTube, and then we will get the assured release date.

Faug game download APK

FauG APK Download

This column will be updated soon once the game is officially released. The beta version will be first available to the public, and you can install it on your Android smartphone/tablet. The first release’s name is expected to be “FauG Beta 1.0,” and it might have bugs.

How To Install FAUG Game On Android?

The app is not available on the Play Store or AppStore, but soon it will be. FauG Game Download Apk can be downloaded by following the steps:

  1. Go to Play Store. (Make sure the Internet is on)
  2. Search for the FauG games in the search box.
  3. Tap on the FauG game by ncore. (You may see some ake apps also but avoid them)
  4. Now click on the install button to download Faug game. 
  5. The game is installed on your mobile, and you can play and enjoy the game.

Install FAUG APK in Android

How To Download FAUG Game On iOS?

  1. Go to the App Store on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).
  2. Now in the search bar, search for the Faug Game.
  3. Tap on the Faug Game by nCore to download the game.
  4. After a successful download, the game will be installed on your iOS device.
  5. Now you can easily play and enjoy the FauG Game.

Fau-G Game Description

  1. The File size of the FauG will be approximately 1.5 GB to 1.8 GB as per the high graphics.
  2. It can run on both android devices and iOS devices.
  3. The game is about the launch at the end of November.
  4. Till now, there has been no FauG game trailer release.
  5. The only thing shared is the FauG Game Poster poster by Akshay Kumar on his Twitter account with the announcement of the Game.
  6. The game’s poster is similar to the sign of the Collision of Innocence.

Owner Of Fau-G Game

Vishal Gondal takes Ownership of the FauG or Fauji game, but the games come under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar, a Bollywood actor. Although the Faug game download apk release date is yet to be announced, we will probably have the game before the end of November.

Indian companies are booming in every field, which will help us build the “Atma Nirbhar Bharat.” As mentioned above, about 20% of the total revenue made will go to the “Bharat Ke Veer Trust” for Indian Soldiers.

Information About FauG Game

  1. Name of the Game- FauG (Fearless and United Guards)
  2. Developer- Mr Vishal Gondal
  3. Developer Company Name- nCore Game.
  4. The platform of the Game- is Android/iOS.
  5. Game Type- Online Multiplayer Game.

How To Download Fau-G Game On Computer

We hope the developer will provide a desktop version of the FauG game. And if they do so, then you can download the Faug Game download apk on a laptop by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the FauG game.
  2. Click on the Download Button.
  3. Now, the Faug game apk will be downloaded automatically.
  4. If no, then click on the redownload button.
  5. Once the game is downloaded, download and install it on your laptop.

Alternatively, you can run Fau-G using an Emulator for Android on PC. I suggest you check out Emulator for PUBGM, because the game resembles it a lot to it, and it will be best for a smooth gaming experience.

Basic Requirement For FauG Game For Computer

  1. CPU- Core i3 2.GHz
  2. RAM- 4 GB (Minimum)
  3. OS- Window 7,8,10 with 64 Bits
  4. HDD Space- 4 GB
  5. GPU- DirectX11 HD Graphics

Fau-G Gameplay On Android

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is Fau-G a Battle Royal Game?

The developer of the game has not clearly said this till now. Mr Vishal Gondal says that the FauG Game will be a story mode and online multiplayer game, but there is no clarity about the game being a Royal Battle game like Pubg.

Q. Is there any map revealed for the Fau-G game?

There has been no official map launched till now. Although now there are so many different and fake FauG maps. The FauG map of the first season will be based in the Fallen Valley, where the players will be Indian Armed Forces Soldiers.

Q. What is Fau-G?

Fau-G is the Indian multiplayer Game developed by nCore under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar.

Q. What is the Fau-G game download apk release date?

The fauG game Download apk release date will be before the end of November.

Q. Who can download the FauG game?

Anyone with an android phone or iOS device with the minimum requirement can download the FauG game.

Q. Who is the developer of the FauG Game?

The developer of the game is Mr Vishal Gondal.

Q. Who launched the FauG game?

FauG game is launched under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar.

Q. What is the size of the FauG game?

The size of the FauG game will be approximately 1.5 GB to 1.8 GB.

Q. How to download the FauG game?

You can download the Faug game from the Google Play Store once it is launched.

Q. Can we play the FauG game on a PC or laptop?

Yes, You can play the FauG game on a computer if the developers provide a computer version of the game. Otherwise, you can use an emulator to play the game on a laptop and computer.

Final Words

Fau-G game for Android and iOS users is available for download from 26th January and will be only accessible to those who have pre-registered for the game. Make sure you have registered for the game, or do it as soon as possible. Fau-G game is releasing on Republic day in India, and you can download it from Google Play Store or App Store. The FauG APK download link will also be available on the official website.

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