Connect And Control Your Android From A PC

Airdroid is an Android app that lets you use your phone remotely. Airdroid allows you to control the interface of your phone remotely. You can wirelessly access, copy, share or transfer files between your computer and phone. This app also lets you take screenshots, search for files, and stream games from your device to your PC.

The application runs on both Android and iOS devices flawlessly. You need to install the applications on your computer and smartphone and start using them. Follow the instructions below carefully.

Control Your Android From A PC

Airdroid comes in two variants: one is for personal use, which is free to use, and the other is for business purposes, which comes with an additional cost. However, if you use it to transfer files wirelessly, you can opt for the Personal version.

What is Airdroid

The Airdroid Personal is the best mobile device management suite that helps you transfer files such as documents, apk files, pdf, etc., with the hassle of using any data cable. With the help of this application, you can also use it as a screen mirroring application on your computer screen and manage SMS and other notifications on your smartphone. Android Personal makes things easier and increases your productivity.

Features of Airdroid

Cross-platform support for file transfer

Airdroid For PC

AirDroid Personal allows you to wirelessly transfer documents and files across multiple platforms and devices with no limitations on formats or the requirement for cables. Supports cross-platform and multiple file transfers. Transfer data between Android and iOS devices and vice versa. This support expands beyond Android and iOS to Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. It is all done effortlessly.

Enjoy the speed of file transfers without limits.

  • You can utilize AirDriod Personal to enjoy the incredible data transfer speed 20MB/s under local and remote connections. Get the best experience and productivity, even when switching to Wi-Fi 5G or 4G network. AirDroid Personal’s Nearby feature lets you instantly send photos and video files to your closest acquaintances, even without an account or internet access.
  • * Remote data quotas are consumed if two devices aren’t on one network. Users with a free account are entitled to 200MB of remote data monthly. Upgrade to Premium for unlimited data for sharing files.

Sharing videos and photos in original quality

Remote Camera For Android

  • AirDroid Personal can transmit videos, images, and other multimedia files without sacrificing quality or compressing them. In contrast to other file transfer software, AirDroid Personal can transfer media files losslessly. Any photo or video can be transferred effortlessly to another device without a hitch.

All-in-one file management

Airdroid For PC

  • The desktop or web client at allows you to look through and manage your images, video applications, music storage, and more on your device. It is possible to automatically sync and transfer your videos and photos to your computer, which means you conserve your hold on your device and minimize the chance of your personal information being exposed.
  • * Due to the limitations in iOS devices, iOS devices can only share videos and photos on the same network.

Not just files

  • Apart from sharing files, AirDroid Personal can also allow you to transfer messages across various devices. It is possible to send instant messages to your friends and family directly via AirDroid Personal. You can also share text, links, and clipboards among devices.

Other Ways To Control Your Android

1. TeamViewer

  • Explore the features of TeamViewer, a popular remote desktop application enabling seamless control of your Android device from your PC.

2. AnyDesk

  • Understand how AnyDesk provides remote access to your Android, facilitating file transfers and real-time interaction through your PC.

Final Words

Airdroid Personal is a one-stop solution for managing your phone without physically accessing it once it is connected to your computer. You can transfer files, mirror the screen, remote control, and receive SMS notifications on your desktop screen.

The application is available to a wide range of devices and platforms. Airdroid can be installed on a Windows- or MacOS-based computer and synced with an Android or iOS device, or vice versa.

With its rich features and free-to-use principle, Airdroid has received worldwide praise and recognition from millions of users and media. Airdroid’s current rating is 4.3 on the Google Play Store and 4.5 on Apple App Store.

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