Best Android 14 Custom ROM For Mi 8 Lite

The Mi 8 Lite, known for its impressive features, can be further enhanced with custom ROMs. Android 14 brings a range of improvements and features, and with custom ROMs, Mi 8 Lite users can experience a personalized and optimized Android environment. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best Android 14 custom ROMs for Mi 8 Lite, providing users with options to elevate their device’s performance and functionality.

Android 10 ROM For Mi 8 Lite

When Xiaomi released the Kernel source codes for Mi 8 Lite on GitHub, developers started porting custom ROMs for the device. The development of Android 14-based custom ROMs might be slow, but we have already seen them on XDA. With the latest security patches and updates, you can get the best custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite based on Android 14.

We have already noticed many developments of Mi 8 Lite running on Android 13, which is a bit outdated, but they are stable now with the user’s engagement in reporting the bugs and requesting new features. You may check the best Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite ROM based on Android 13.

Best Custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

1. Evolution X 4.0

Android 10 custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

Evolution X is a popular custom ROM based on AOSP, which has an ongoing development team with dedicated users. The ROM has the official tag and has received monthly updates and security patches since the release of Android Pie-based ROM.

We consider this the best Custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite based on Android 14, which outperforms most of the custom ROMs based on Android Pie 9 in terms of performance and battery backup. Many Pis are included in this ROM, such as fonts, ringtones, icons, etc.

The current bugs in the January 10 build are the sound that works only through earphones and Bluetooth speakers and the fingerprint gets erased after every reboot. However, these bugs will be fixed in the next update, as this is the initial release of an Android 14-based custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite.


First-Time Install / Clean Flash

  1. Download the ROM
  2. Reboot to TWRP recovery
  3. Go to wipe and select Data, Cache, System, and Dalvik
  4. Go back and choose Install
  5. Select the ROM and swipe to flash
  6. Reboot to system

Update / Dirty Flash

  1. Download the update/ROM
  2. Reboot to TWRP recovery
  3. Go to install and select the update/ROM
  4. Swipe to flash
  5. Reboot to system


Evolution X 4.0 Platina Custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

2. Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience is a well-known and demanded ROM among custom ROM lovers; it is ported from the Google Pixel devices based on pure AOSP and provides a stock user interface so that you won’t get bloat wares.

The Pixel Experience ROM has an inbuilt Gcam for Mi 8 Lite, so you do not have to enable any Cam2API or install any Gcam separately. You get all the Pixel goodies, such as ringtones, icons, fonts, boot animation, etc. The best thing about this ROM is that you do not have to install any GApps alongside, as it is already included.

Battery backup has always been better on Pixel Experience ROMs on Android smartphones. You get monthly security patches and updates if the ROM is considered official.


Pixel Experience Custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

3. LineageOS

LineageOS is considered the king of all custom ROMs as it is based on AOSP, and most of the other custom ROMs take the LineageOS source codes as the base variant of their development.

It is the only custom ROM with the basic applications necessary to run an Android operating system. LineageOS can be modified and customized according to the user’s choice with the help of specific modules using the Xposed framework or Magisk.


LineageOS Custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite (coming soon)

4. TitaniumOS

TitaniumOS is known to be the king of customization. TitaniumOS is based on Pixel Experience ROM, which has many options to modify the system user interface and many other parts of the operating system.

Mi 8 Lite Android 10 ROM

It is lightweight and provides good battery backup, unlike the MIUI for Mi 8 Lite. It would be best to flash Gapps from the custom recovery menu.


TitaniumOS custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

5. Havoc OS

Like Resurrection Remix, Havoc OS is also considered one of the best in customization. Based on AOSP, there is no bloatware in this ROM. One of the best features of Havoc OS is the gaming mode, which turns on automatically while a gaming application is processed.


Havoc OS custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

6. Superior OS

It was started by a Chinese developer, SuperiorOSis, based on AOSP, where the community is vast and the engagement is pretty active, which lets the developers fix the bugs and patches. It has many options to modify and customize the system and tweak it according to the user’s choice.

Android 10 ROM for Mi 8 Lite

You get nightly builds if it receives Official support from the Team superiors. While there is no development of SuperiorOSROM based on Android 14 for Mi 8 Lite, we can wait until someone brings it up.


Superior OS custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

7. Bliss ROMS

The developers of Bliss ROMS focus on bringing the open-source community an exemplary operating system for Android-based smartphones that can be used as a daily driver, synchronizing the applications, settings, and customizations across all the platforms you run using Bliss ROM.

Android 10 Update for Mi 8 Lite

Bliss ROMS is one of the most customized and feature-oriented custom ROMs for Android that has been developed with sheer dedication and the latest security updates. 


Bliss ROMS custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite

8. Corvus OS

Corvus OS is a custom ROM that focuses on performance and stability. It is one of the best ROMs for mobile gamers; the version while gaming is good. In other words, Corvus OS is the best gaming custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite.

Custom ROM for Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite

You may mix and try with other custom kernels with this ROM for more performance and stability. Flash Gapps if you want Google Applications pre-installed.


Corvus OS custom ROM for Mi 8 Lite


The development of Android 14 custom ROMs for Mi 8 Lite has just begun; we will see more progress in the future. Suppose you are not satisfied with Android 14 performance on your Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. In that case, you can consider flashing Android Pie-based custom ROMS and a custom Kernel, which might boost the production and system stability.


Q1: Will installing a custom ROM void the warranty on my Mi 8 Lite?

Locking the bootloader and installing a custom ROM may void your Mi 8 Lite warranty. It’s essential to understand the implications and proceed with caution.

Q2: Can I revert to the stock ROM after installing a custom ROM?

You can revert to the stock ROM by relocking the bootloader and flashing the official firmware. However, the process may vary, and it’s crucial to follow specific instructions provided by the device manufacturer.

Q3: Are custom ROMs safe to use?

Custom ROMs developed by reputable sources are generally safe to use. However, users should be cautious and download ROMs only from trusted developers or communities to minimize security risks.

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