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10 Best Custom ROM For Redmi K20 Pro Running On Android Pie

Here are the 10 best custom ROM for Redmi K20 Pro based on Android Pie that is stable and has the latest security updates installed.

Redmi K20 Pro is the latest flagship smartphone by Xiaomi and a portion of the K20 collection. The Redmi K20 Pro and K20 are not any different regarding the camera. Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro is among the ideal budget smartphone readily available on the market.

The images captured through the 48 mp rear camera are crisp and sharp with dynamic variety, it is due to the AI that allows you to auto-set the environment and detect the scenes depending on the lighting conditions. A few images may appear more bright or exposed to the regions where there is more light.

The front camera replaced with a pop-up selfie that you also get on the OnePlus 7 Pro, and there is likewise an in-display fingerprint scanner that allows a complete screen display. A 20MP front camera provides you with support when you would like to capture a selfie with friends and family.

custom rom for redmi k20 pro

But when it comes to stability and performance, you might not like the stock MIUI, which is the native operating system of the Redmi K20 Pro. If you have already unlocked the bootloader and installed a custom recovery on your K20 Pro, then you can select any one of the custom ROM’s mentioned below or test and experience yourself.


1. Pixel Experience

The ROM has good battery life, outstanding RAM management, and the total user experience is quite fluid and is significantly superior to the MIUI 10. If you flash other Custom ROM, check what’s working and what isn’t working. It is a pure ROM based on AOSP depending on the original firmware that’s made by Google Pixel, but it’s been deodexed and de-bloated. Every ROMs have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the Pixel ROM is nearly stable for everyday use. As stated by the developer, the ROM is quite stable and can act as a daily driver. Apart from that, there is nothing new in this ROM.

Pixel Experience ROM For K20 Pro

Download Pixel Experience custom ROM for Redmi K20 Pro (Gapps is already included)


The ROM isn’t entirely stable in line with the developer and can’t be utilized as a daily driver. Clearly, installing a customized ROM means that you do not have to cope with apps bundled in by Xiaomi, but you’ll even have the ability to go a single step further and uninstall things like the Google Play Store from devices running stock versions of Android.

Lineage OS 16 is among the well-known aftermarket firmware, and it’s the ideal custom ROM in the Android world. The Lineage OS you’re attempting to flash might not be suitable for your device due to the bugs present at the moment like the “double-tap to wake” and “OTG support for exFAT storage.” Lineage OS 16 is among the very first custom made ROM to give android Pie to its users.

Download Lineage OS 16 for Redmi K20 Pro (Recommended gapps ARM64 pico/nano GApps)

3. Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix is just one of the popular aftermarket custom ROM for virtually any Android device out there. While Resurrection Remix isn’t loaded with bloatware, it does come with some standard apps which you would find on the majority of the other custom ROM’s. Resurrection Remix is just one of the most famous names in the area of custom ROMs; the ROM developed under the banner is undoubtedly among the most feature-packed ROMs out there. Resurrection Remix has at all times been among the very first choices of users as custom ROM. The newest Resurrection Remix includes support for rootless builds.
ROM appears good, nothing to improve. Now that you are about to flash the ROM, you’ll need to have Google Apps installed on your device as well.
Every ROMs have their advantages in addition to disadvantages. It’s smart to backup your Current ROM.

Download Resurrection Remix 7.0 for Redmi K20 Pro (Recommended gapps ARM64 pico/nano GApps)

4. Havoc OS (Official)

If you would like to install Havoc OS 2 on Redmi K20 Pro, then you’ve landed at the correct place because we will lead you in the very best and the simplest way. The Havoc OS is the newest custom ROM that is developed on the Android Pie platform. It is one of the custom ROM, which contains no or minor bugs with an Android pie in it.
As stated by the developer, the ROM is quite stable and can act as a daily driver. The ROM is known as Havoc OS. This ROM is comparable to the Pixel Experience ROM. That’s the reason you may like this feature-rich custom ROM.

K20 Pro Custom ROM

Download Havoc OS 2.8 for Redmi K20 Pro (Recommended gapps ARM64 pico/nano GApps)

5. Evolution X

Evolution X is a minimalist designed custom ROM based on AOSP with a touch of optimization for best performance. Many users prefer this ROM after Pixel Experience as it is based on it with Google apps pre-loaded, such as the pixel launcher, icons, fonts, wallpapers, boot animation, etc.

This is the latest build of the official Evolution X custom ROM for the Redmi K20 Pro (codename: Raphael).

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Custom ROM Evolution X

Download Evolution X 2.0 for Redmi K20 Pro

6. AOSiP

AOSiP project is quite small, easy, and straightforward to understand. Various cherry-picking commits have made it from multiple other projects. Currently, it has been available for most of the Android devices officially. It is quite big and is very active in development. Android Open Source Illusion Project is comparatively a new customized ROM which has been in existence for a lengthy moment.

The team aims in first prioritizing Quality and stability as they dedicatedly bring the best Android that has to offer. AOSiP features multiple customization options, so your phone can look the way you want it.

Download AOSiP 9.0 for Redmi K20 Pro (Recommended gapps ARM64 pico/nano GApps)

7. MIUI Mix

MIUI Mix is based on Xiaomi EU, and it is the newest custom ROM for Redmi K20 Pro, were the developers aim to deliver a smoother ROM with better battery life. The stock China vendor is used along with the boot, which has been patched with Magisk. You need to format the data from the TWRP menu in order to flash the ROM if you have come from another custom ROM. Do not flash GApps as it is included in the ROM.

Download Miui MiX 2.0 for Redmi K20 Pro (Select the latest ROM with the name Raphael in it)

8. Bootleggers ROM

The ROM is still in development, and many features are not yet been polished. It is among the ROMs that have the most sum of customization alternatives. Bootleggers ROM delivers a vast quantity of customization, and it is extremely near a pure AOSP ROM.

With an almost stable source, Bootleggers custom ROM for Redmi K20 Pro is packed with beautiful custom wallpapers, ringtones, fonts, and themes that give a fresh look and enriches your user experience.

Download Bootleggers ROM 5.8 for Redmi K20 Pro (Recommended gapps ARM64 pico/nano GApps)

9. Mi Room

This ROM is based on MIUI Chinese version and has many features that lack in the Stock ROM of Redmi K20 Pro. There is digital wellbeing, third party themes support, skip the tracks using the volume rockers while the screen is off, transparent wallpapers, and much more.
Users have given positive feedback to this ROM with having 9.5 hours of screen on time on the battery with average usage and no games being played. It has a massive database of languages available.

redmi k20 pro custom rom

Download MIUI 9.8.1 Mi Room for Redmi K20 Pro (Gapps included)


MIUI MS is a ROM ported from Xiaomi Mi8 with MIUI 11 features. The ROM can be used as a daily driver if you are fond of the MIUI user interface. Third-party themes can be installed without the authorization of the MI account. Google apps are preloaded, and also Magisk is pre-installed. Battery life is decent compared to the Stock MIUI, and gaming is smooth as well with stable FPS.

Download MIUI MS for Redmi K20 Pro (Select the Redmi K20 Pro Variant)


Most of the custom ROM for Redmi K20 Pro mentioned above requires GApps for running the Google core applications such as Play Store, Play Services, etc. It is recommended to select the Pico version under the ARM64 variant for better stability and performance. You can download the rest of the Google Applications such as Gmail, Photos, Maps, Contacts, etc. from the Google Play Store.


Always flash the GApps when you are flashing the ROM. Also, wipe the Dalvik, Cache, System, and Data before installing the ROM. You may even want to try some Android 10 based custom ROMs for Redmi K20 Pro. If you haven’t already upgraded to Android 10 then follow this guide.

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  1. Zuzumon Deka

    Evolution X is best among these…contains very minor bugs or no all. Offers huge load of customisations. Very fast UI and comes with the essential gapps only.

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