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(Working) Download BOMBitUP APK – SMS Bomber App

Do you want to prank someone from your contact lists? Be it your friends or your family member? If yes, then you might need an SMS Bomber APK application that would fulfil your naughty behaviour. You will have to download the BOMBitUp APK latest version from the download section below.

Spam any phone number with hundreds of messages for minutes or hours using your Android device. Make sure you have an active and strong internet connection.  Additionally, many SMS bombers apps do not have the best of options and features. This is the reason I’m going to detail everything about BombitUP, a wonderful SMS bombing app, which lets you accomplish your mission precisely.

SMS Bomber App

In this post in this article, you’ll learn how to download BombitUP APK (SMS Bomber app) and run the application with any Android device. In addition, I will also walk you through the amazing features of this app. And, most important, you’ll find the most recent version of the BombitUP app in this post for Android devices.

Download BOMBitUP APK

Check out the full details of BOMBitUP APK, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name BOMBitUP
Last Updated One day ago
App version 4.2
Downloads 5,00,000+
Compatibility Varies with device
App Size 12MB
Main Task SMS Bomb
Developer RomReviewer

Before you start downloading, let us tell you that you will have to uninstall any BOMBitUP version installed on your Android smartphone.


What is BOMBitUP APK

BombitUP is a highly user-friendly SMS Bomber app available for Android devices. This app allows you to text bomb any number of your choice effortlessly. It is necessary to enter any number you would like to be targeted to begin the blasting process.

Once you’ve completed this, your phone number or the victim’s number will be receiving an increasing number of SMS messages. One of the advantages of this application is that it is cost-free to download. Not only that, you won’t even see any advertisements within this SMS bombing application.

BombitUP Apk employs a similar method of bombing phone numbers, similar to different SMS Bomber apps. This app, however, will use the phone number and forward the number to numerous websites creating OTPs with no registration.

Since these SMS bombers use bots in their bombing methods, many OTP SMSes are bombed to the target’s phone number within the shortest amount duration. Because BombitUP was released recently as an SMS Bomber app, it runs flawlessly with no issues. In addition, it offers many advantages to its users, as you will see later in the next section.

BombitUP (Sms Bomber) Exotic Features

Although BombitUP APK is simply an SMS Bomber app, it is packed with beneficial features. This makes this SMS bomber app superior to similar apps available.

Unfortunately, as this app comes with tonnes of available features, going through them, all isn’t feasible. Instead, we’re going to focus on the main features of the BombitUP application to Android devices.

If you’re planning to install this application on your phone, be sure you go through the below features in order:

  • Multi-Country Support: Most SMS Bombers are available that will only let you text bomb the numbers of a particular country. We hope that’s not the case for BombitUP. BombitUP (SMS Bomber). The app allows users to use the phone numbers of all the most important countries. Many users will love this feature. The countries include – India, UK, Nepal, the Philippines, Pakistan, the USA, and Bangladesh.
  • Email Bombing: Besides being able to text bomb phone numbers with SMSes and even using this app to perform Email bombing. You can also bombard any Email Address similar to a text bomb. This works in the same way as SMS bombing. To use this option, you need to enter your email address as your intended target.
  • Call Bombing: Like Bombing SMS and Email bombing, it is possible to blast phone numbers using calls. It’s one of the most effective ways to destroy or spam any number you want to. Because people can disable the notifications from their SMS application, SMS bombing might not work in all situations. However, If you’re initiating Call Bombing, you will not have any problems.
  • Protect List: If you’re being targeted for bombing via the BombitUP app, you can be added to the”Protect” List. This list of protected numbers will add your phone number to the whitelist of numbers. The phone numbers on this list can’t be targeted using BombitUP. This list is updated each week. Due to this, you’ll still be able to attack people who did not include their phone numbers on the Protect List.

How To Install BOMBitUP APK

Once you’ve installed your BombitUP APK file on your Android device, you can move ahead to install it. As you download the APK file for this application, this means you can install it to any Android device without any issue.

However, if you’re brand new to Android and are not familiar with it, you may not be able to complete the process. By default, it is not possible to install APK files turned off on all Android phones that are running below Android 8.0 Oreo. This feature is intended to protect your device. So, first, you need to allow installing APK file on your phone.

After you’ve completed this, you can follow the instructions given one at a time to Install BombitUP SMS Bomber on your Android device.

Step 1: First, you have to grant access to “3rd party app” installation under the Settings on your device. SMS BOMBitUP APK Download

Step 2: Search for it under the Settings > Unknown Sources option in the Security menu or use the Google search. SMS BOMBitUP APK Download

Step 3: Then, turn on this option to ensure you can install an APK file on your phone without issue. SMS BOMBitUP APK Download

Step 4: Once you have completed this, Open any file viewer such as any ES File Explorer on your device.

Step 5: In this directory, navigate to the folder that contains the BombitUP apk file that you earlier downloaded. SMS BOMBitUP APK Download

Step 6: Once you have done this, open the APK file and grant all the necessary permissions. After that, you can start the installation of the apk on your device. SMS BOMBitUP APK Download

Step 7: Once the installation process is finished, then you can begin using this application. After that, you can start the SMS bombing process and harass any number you want to with SMS messages. SMS BOMBitUP APK Download

How To Use BOMBitUP App

Once you have installed the SMS bomber application on your phone, you can begin using it. Unfortunately, the majority of SMS bombers applications available uses different user interfaces.

If you’ve never tried BombitUP and you are not familiar with it, you may encounter problems with it. However, it does have an interface for users primarily because it is easy to learn the basics of using it effortlessly.

You must follow the instructions given, step by step to use BombitUP to text bomb phone numbers with SMS successfully:

Step 1: Open the BombitUP application on your Android device. In this, you have to agree to all terms and conditions of the app. SMS BOMBitUP APK Download

Step 2: You will then be presented with an initial home page of the BombitUP application. You can find many valuable options here.

Step 3: Select which country is the desired number using the drop-down menu beside the “Click Country” Choose a Country option. Download SMS BOMBitUP APK

Step 4: Once you have that done, type in your desired number into the Phone Number field. Be sure to enter the number in place without the country code. You can also select the number you want to call from the contact list on your phone. Download SMS BOMBitUP APK

Step 5: Once you have completed that, add the number of messages you would like to send out to the targeted number once you’re finished in the number option. You can also add delays or gaps between messages by using the delay option. Download SMS BOMBitUP APK

Step 6: Then, you can click BOMBIT, following which the phone number is bombarded with the number you want to send SMS messages immediately. Download SMS BOMBitUP APK

Parting Words

Well, I hope you have enjoyed using the BombitUP application for the Android smartphone. If you’ve not installed it yet, you can do it using the latest BombitUP APK (SMS Bomber) link in this article.

If you’d like to share your experience with your family and friends, please share the app by sending the article’s link. If you’re experiencing difficulties with the app, send us an email below, or contact us using the Telegram group, I’ll respond to you promptly.

Download BombitUp APK Latest Version

Unfortunately, this BombitUP SMS Bomber apk is not accessible on the Google Play Store. In this case that, if you’re looking to download this application, it is necessary to install it using the APK file.

As with every other Android application, BombitUP can also be installed using its APK file. However, this is a highly well-known SMS Bomber apps available out there. This is why there are a variety of versions for this application. Therefore, BombitUP may not work on all devices. BombitUP will work adequately for the Android device.

A few of these versions may be infected with malware and viruses. This is why I’m here to provide the secure download URL for the BombitUP APK. Follow the link below to download the most recent version of BombitUP SMS Bomber on your Android phone.


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