5 Best Android Money Making Apps – Top Apps for Extra Income

In the digital age, your Android device can be more than just a communication tool; it can be a source of income. This guide explores the realm of money making apps for Android, shedding light on apps that offer opportunities to earn a little extra cash or even build a sustainable side hustle.

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Why Consider Money Making Apps?

With the vast array of apps available, it’s no surprise that there are those designed to help you make money. Whether you’re looking for a way to earn during your free time or seeking to diversify your income streams, these apps provide innovative solutions.

Best Money Making Apps for Your Android

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Have you ever wished your thoughts could earn you something exciting? With Google Opinion Rewards, that wish comes true as this is a money making app. This excellent app allows you to earn Google Play credits by sharing your opinions through quick surveys. It’s a win-win – you express your thoughts and get credits to splurge on apps, games, or other fantastic content on the Google Play Store.

Android Money Making App

Here's how Google Opinion Rewards works
  • Take quick and easy surveys on various topics.
  • Earn Google Play credits as a thank-you for your opinions.
  • Use your credits to explore and enjoy the Google Play Store.
  • Access a wide range of apps, games, movies, books, and more.
  • Treat yourself to new apps and games without spending money.
  • Unlock premium features and exclusive content with your credits.
  • Forget about budget worries for digital entertainment.
  • Redeem your credits quickly through a straightforward process.
  • Receive frequent survey opportunities for continuous rewards.
In a nutshell, Google Opinion Rewards turns your opinions into a currency of digital delights. Your insights become a valuable asset; you get the keys to unlock a world of entertainment on the Google Play Store. So, why not share your thoughts and treat yourself to the endless possibilities that await in the realm of digital content

Download Google Opinion Rewards: Share Your Thoughts and Earn Google Play Credit

2. Swagbucks

Are you looking to turn your everyday activities into rewards? Enter Swagbucks, a versatile platform that lets you earn points, aptly named Swagbucks, for a range of activities you probably already do. From taking surveys and watching videos to shopping online, Swagbucks turns your routine into a rewarding experience. The best part? You can accumulate those Swagbucks and cash them in for gift cards or real cash through PayPal.

Android Money Making App

Here's how Swagbucks Rewards works
  • Earn Swagbucks points through diverse activities like surveys, videos, online shopping, and deals.
  • Accumulate more points by engaging in different tasks on Swagbucks.
  • Redeem your points for gift cards from popular retailers or cash out through PayPal.
  • Express your opinions and earn points by taking surveys on Swagbucks.
  • Watch entertaining videos to boost your Swagbucks balance effortlessly.
  • Get rewarded for online shopping with points, exclusive deals, and discounts.
  • Set and achieve daily goals on Swagbucks for bonus points and added excitement.
  • Refer friends to Swagbucks and earn extra points through referral bonuses.
  • Swagbucks offers versatility, catering to survey enthusiasts, video watchers, and online shoppers.

In essence, Swagbucks transforms your everyday routine into a rewarding adventure. Your points open doors to a world of gift cards or real cash, allowing you to choose how to enjoy your earnings. Dive into the world of Swagbucks, where every activity becomes an opportunity to earn and be rewarded.

Download Swagbucks: Earn Rewards for Simple Tasks

3. Foap

Are you passionate about photography? With Foap, your skills behind the lens can now become a source of income. This innovative app allows you to turn your photos into cash effortlessly, making it the best money making app. Upload your captivating images to the platform; when individuals or businesses purchase them, you earn money. It’s a straightforward and creative method to transform your photography hobby into a lucrative endeavour.

Make Money Online

Here's how Foap works
  • Showcase your photography skills and earn money on Foap by uploading your best photos.
  • Share your visual storytelling in Foap’s virtual gallery and reach potential buyers.
  • Foap serves as a marketplace where individuals and businesses look for high-quality visuals, providing opportunities for purchasing your photos.
  • Earn money whenever someone buys one of your photos, turning your passion into a tangible income stream.
  • Foap’s creative and non-intrusive model allows you to monetize your photography uniquely.
  • Your photos on Foap can reach a global audience, increasing the chances of discovery and purchase.
  • Foap welcomes diverse themes and subjects, offering a market for various types of visual content.
  • Monetize your photos on your terms with Foap’s flexible platform, allowing you to manage your portfolio according to your preferences.
  • Join the Foap community to connect with fellow photographers, gain insights, and be part of a supportive network.
  • Foap’s user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience in uploading, managing, and tracking your earnings.

Download Foap: Turn Your Photos Into Cash and also check the Best Photo Editor App

In conclusion, Foap transforms your photography hobby into a dynamic source of income. By combining your passion with a platform that connects photographers with potential buyers, Foap provides a unique and enjoyable way to monetize your visual creativity. It’s time to turn your photos into cash and let your artistic journey flourish with Foap.

4. Survey Junkie

Are you looking for a straightforward way to turn your opinions into rewards? Enter Survey Junkie, a simple yet effective platform that values your thoughts. You can accumulate points and redeem them for cash or e-gift cards by participating in surveys. It’s an easy and rewarding way to maximize your downtime.

Mobile Money Making Guide

Here's how Survey Junkie works
  • Share your opinions on various topics with Survey Junkie and contribute to surveys about products, services, and more.
  • Accumulate points for every survey completed, with more participation leading to more points – a simple system that values your time and insights.
  • Redeem your earned points for real cash or choose from a selection of e-gift cards once you’ve collected enough and the rewards are tangible.
  • Survey Junkie covers a wide range of topics, ensuring there’s a survey for everyone, whether it’s about shopping preferences or opinions on current trends.
  • Easily navigate Survey Junkie with its user-friendly interface, making it simple to find and participate in surveys for streamlined reward earning.
  • Take advantage of flexible earning opportunities by participating in surveys during your downtime, turning those moments into productive and rewarding activities.
  • The point system is transparent and easy to understand, with each survey displaying the points you’ll earn upfront, providing clarity on your rewards.
  • Choose cash payouts through PayPal if you prefer a direct and convenient way to receive your earnings from Survey Junkie.
  • Enjoy variety by opting for e-gift cards from popular retailers and brands as part of Survey Junkie’s reward options.
  • Fit Survey Junkie into your schedule, engaging in surveys during your downtime, whether you have a few minutes to spare or a more extended break.

In summary, Survey Junkie turns sharing your opinions into a rewarding experience. With a user-friendly platform, varied survey topics, and flexible earning opportunities, it’s a go-to option for those looking to earn a little extra during their free moments. Your opinions matter, and Survey Junkie ensures you’re rewarded for expressing them.

Download Survey Junkie: Share Your Opinions, Earn Rewards

5. LifePoints

Ready to turn your opinions into real rewards? Introducing the LifePoints Paid Surveys App, where your insights are valued, and you get paid for sharing them. With LifePoints, completing paid surveys becomes an activity and a way to earn cash rewards and catch gift cards from top retailers like Amazon, Target, and Lowe’s. Plus, the flexibility to earn PayPal cash by participating in surveys from your smartphone or device makes it even more convenient. LifePoints has rewarded over $20 million to our members worldwide in the past year alone.

Make Money Using Mobile

Here's how LifePoints works
  • Get rewarded for sharing your opinions with LifePoints by participating in paid surveys.
  • Earn cash rewards or choose gift cards from major retailers like Amazon, Target, and Lowe’s.
  • Access PayPal cash on the go by completing surveys directly from your smartphone or device.
  • Enjoy a variety of gift card options catering to your preferences, from online retail giants to popular stores.
  • Navigate the user-friendly LifePoints Paid Surveys App easily, ensuring a seamless experience in finding and completing surveys.
  • Contribute to the global conversation and earn rewards as LifePoints rewards members worldwide.
  • In the past year alone, LifePoints has rewarded over $20 million to its members, showing appreciation for valuable opinions.
  • Take surveys anytime, anywhere, adapting to your lifestyle, whether at home, commuting, or waiting in line.
  • Experience a transparent and trusted platform with LifePoints, ensuring a clear understanding of the rewards earned and a trustworthy environment for sharing opinions.
  • Join a global community with LifePoints, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to a worldwide dialogue through shared opinions.

In essence, LifePoints turns taking surveys into a rewarding experience. Whether you prefer cash rewards, gift cards, or PayPal cash, LifePoints allows you to choose. Join a community that values your voice and has already rewarded millions to its members worldwide. Your opinions matter, and with LifePoints, they come with real, tangible rewards.

Download LifePoints: Paid Surveys App


As we navigate the world of money making apps for Android, remember that these platforms offer diverse opportunities to supplement your income. Whether you prefer answering surveys, completing tasks, or leveraging your skills, there’s an app that aligns with your interests and goals. So, explore the possibilities, unlock the treasure trove of opportunities, and start earning with your Android device.


Q: Can I trust money making apps with my personal information?

A: Reputable apps, like the ones mentioned here, prioritize user privacy and security. Always check reviews and permissions before using any app.

Q: How much can I realistically earn with these apps?

A: Earnings vary based on the app and your effort. While some offer small rewards, others can provide a more substantial income, mainly if used consistently.

Q: Are these apps available globally?

A: Many apps are available, but checking the app store for your specific region is essential.

Q: Can I use multiple money making apps simultaneously?

A: You can use multiple apps to diversify your income streams. Just ensure they don’t violate any app’s terms of service.

Q: Do I need to pay to use these money making apps?

A: Most of the apps mentioned are free, but some may offer premium features or subscriptions. Always check the app details before downloading.

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