Top 10 WhatsApp Stickers Apps For Android

WhatsApp Stickers Apps are now available for your Android Smartphone, which can be used officially. In this post, we will guide you on how to get the top 10 WhatsApp sticker apps for Android for free.

The launch of the stickers for WhatsApp gave many people the freedom to create their exclusive stuff for the application. While emojis are limited, and we cannot express our emotions much, the stickers speak a lot without using words.

whatsapp stickers download

The stickers come in various emotions and moods. If we take the example of the Tom and Jerry WhatsApp Stickers app, which can be installed easily just like a normal APK or merely installed from the Google Play Store, then you will be able to get the Tom and Jerry stickers on the WhatsApp Stickers section.

During our search on Play Store for WhatsApp sticker downloads, we got many inquiries for WhatsApp sticker packs, but there is always confusion about which one to select and download. To lessen this confusion, we have chosen the best ones you can use on Android phones or tablets. Remember that these are our personal choices and the most downloaded ones on the Google Play Store worldwide. The list includes many WhatsApp sticker packs, such as movie stickers, cartoon stickers, anime stickers, meme stickers, etc.

However, if you install the WhatsApp stickers app for the first time, do not worry; we have a complete guide at the bottom of this post. Also, these WhatsApp Stickers Pack can be installed and used if you use any modded WhatsApp app.

Best WhatsApp Sticker Apps for Android

Cartoon Stickers for WhatsApp

Some people love cute cartoon stickers in their chats. There are hundreds of thousands of cartoon characters to date. Therefore, it is impossible to point out the best of these.

Moreover, some creative people make their characters, and the stickers are different variations of their thoughts. Check out the best sticker apps for WhatsApp based on Cartoon characters. Also, do leave feedback if you liked it.

Marshmallow Stickers

Like a sticker, brighten your chat with one of the most adorable cartoon characters, Marshmallow. Please be advised that this is not the cartoon sticker character of a music producer we know and love. It is a copy of a cartoon figure from the Allo app by Google. This app contains the complete marshmallow stock of stickers.

whatsapp stickers apps

10 Sticker Packs for WhatsApp

The best of the cartoon stickers from Telegram is free over here. This includes adorable cartoon personalities of cats, whales, doggies, and cubs. Each persona is personally customized and available in different moods and emotions.

whatsapp stickers app

ZeroHart Stickers

ZeroHart is a unique animation character, a collection of its possible emotions and feelings. Relish WhatsApp chats with the ZeroHart WhatsApp sticker App. It is one of the more diverse collections accessible. You get a suitable sticker for pretty much any style.

whatsapp stickers pack

Animal-Stickers for WhatsApp

Talking of adorable stickers, how can we forget the lovable animal stickers off of the list? Some apps provide the cutest Animal WhatsApp stickers for Android. Note that these are the original images but cartoon re-creations of certain animals. These adorable stickers combine the likes of monkeys, koalas, cats, dogs, and many more.

New Santa December & Animal Stickers

Chat with stickers of Koalas, monkeys, raccoons, dogs, cats, pandas, and many more. Every update adds a new set of stickers for more than one set. The latest edition of the stickers set was the fox stickers, which users liked a lot. The new Animal stickers have been redesigned and made into flat patterns. Therefore, they look both charming and precise. It does not make the chat uncomfortable or ominous looking.

whatsapp animal stickers app

Earthy WhatsApp Stickers

Love the planet? Then, feel free to use the adorable Earth character as the WhatsApp sticker for your chats. Here is a total reimagination and complete set of emotions represented by Earth herself. How can someone not want it? Feel free to download it and install it on your mobile. We would love to know your opinions on it.

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Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

Go back a few years; the meme was not a word. How did it evolve to be? And how did this form get so famous? Nobody remembers. But we love them. Good memes can make a variation in developing ideas or knowledge.

Well, over time, we have observed a lot of famous memes. Some may think old memes expired. However, a meme is gone if you ignore it. Below are several classic and modern meme WhatsApp sticker apps for Android.

Meme Stickers for WhatsApp

Fan of the old and traditional? You’ll find some of the most popular, dankest memes on this WhatsApp stickers memes app. Well, Pepe, or you can call it the sad frog or the rage memes, will be available under one hood.

pepe stickers for whatsapp

Dump Trump Stickers

The ginger ball that the Americans describe their president is one of the popular memes. Varying from his funny tweets and some dishonest actions, Donald Trump has succeeded in becoming a laughing stock. If you like this character, you may download this WhatsApp sticker pack.

donald trump stickers


Some more meme stickers for the followers of doggy memes? This pack includes some of the various exciting and hilarious memes from the doggy memes era.

famous memes stickers

Games-Stickers for WhatsApp

Everyone loves animals and their stickers in this big world, but some people love games more than anything. For such people, there is a dedicated Gaming stickers app for WhatsApp.

Counter Sticker WAStickerApps

CS: GO is one of the most popular First-Person shooters on a Computer. It is up there as one of the most skilful games. CS created gems like Shroud, whose intention is more trustworthy than any aimbot. Moreover, organizations like Dreamhack hold many contests during the year to help pro players make a living and make names for themselves. Counter Sticker app provides team stickers and CS: GO-related memes in the set of stickers. Feel free to download the CS: GO stickers for WhatsApp with this app.

csgo whatsapp stickers


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Stickify: 5000+ Stickers for WhatsApp

Key Features:

  • Design and create custom stickers.
  • Use a variety of editing tools to enhance your stickers.
  • Extensive library of pre-made stickers.
  • Integration with WhatsApp for easy sharing.

Why Choose Stickify: Stickify combines a powerful sticker creation tool with a diverse library of pre-made stickers. Its user-friendly interface caters to both beginners and those looking for advanced customization.

5000 stickers for whatsapp


WhatsApp sticker apps for Android offer an exciting way to enhance your messaging experience. Whether you prefer pre-made packs or want to create custom stickers, the options are diverse and cater to various preferences. Explore these apps to bring a new level of creativity to your WhatsApp chats.


Q1: Can I use multiple sticker apps on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use multiple sticker apps on WhatsApp. Each app typically allows you to download and add its sticker packs to WhatsApp independently.

Q2: Are these sticker apps free to use?

Most sticker apps offer a combination of free and premium sticker packs. You can download and use many stickers for free, but some apps may provide additional packs as in-app purchases.

Q3: Can I create my custom stickers with these apps?

Many apps, such as, Personal Stickers for WhatsApp, and Stickify, allow you to create custom stickers using your photos or designs.

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