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Unlock Bootloader On Redmi 8/8A, Install TWRP And Root It

Xiaomi launched Redmi 8 and 8A last year, and most of us have used the stock ROM for a long time. It is time to unlock the bootloader and install custom ROMs to explore the device’s real power. From this guide, you can unlock bootloader on Redmi 8 and 8A using the official method.

Unlocking the bootloader in an Android device is the first step towards the modification and customizing of the system. If you like to install various kinds of mods such as GCAM, Magisk modules, Xposed framework, etc., then this is the first door for you. In this article, we have mentioned a detailed guide to unlock the bootloader of Redmi 8/8A, followed by how to install TWRP and root it.

Unlock Bootloader on Redmi 8

What Is A Bootloader And Why Unlock It?

A bootloader is a program that keeps the device operating until it is unlocked. Usually, the manufacturer of the device will put in a set of commands to keep the lock intact into the device, but this means that the device cannot be unlocked without that command. In some cases, permission can be requested, and the bootloader lock can be removed. However, even then, some companies can unlock the bootloader themselves. A bootloader is an essential feature of the mobile phone, and we should always pay attention to what is happening on our phones.

When a bootloader is locked down, it becomes almost impossible to unlock. This has two effects. Firstly, if you want to be able to open the bootloader, you need to find a chip that can unlock the bootloader for your device. It is not likely that the chip is available as part of the original package, as a lot of manufacturers want to keep it locked down. Secondly, and even more importantly, when you unlock the bootloader, you are allowing software that was developed before the bootloader was locked down to run on the device. You should always check the manual that came with the phone or contact the manufacturer if you do not know how to unlock the bootloader. Doing so, you will be able to make sure that your phone is safe and protected.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unlocking Bootloader On Redmi 8/8A

There are many advantages and a few disadvantages of unlocking bootloader in an Android smartphone. Android lovers and advanced users love to explore and gain full control over their device, some do it out of enthusiasm, and some do to experiment with new things.

Some of the advantages of unlocking bootloader on Redmi 8/8A are:

  • Custom ROM: You can flash some cool AOSP based custom ROM on your device.
  • Custom Recovery: You can install a custom recovery such as TWRP, OrangeFox, or PitchBlack recovery.
  • Rooting: You can root Redmi 8/8A using Magisk or SuperSu once you install a custom recovery.

Some of the disadvantages of unlocking bootloader on Redmi 8/8A are:

  • OTA: Over The Air, Updates do not work if custom recovery is installed.
  • Bootloop: You might end up bricking your device if something goes wrong.

Unlocking any Xiaomi device requires permission from the company that can be availed using the Mi Unlock tool and an account associated with the device. Before proceeding, kindly check the prerequisites below and make everything ready for completing the unlocking process.

DISCLAIMER: Unlocking or rooting an Android device breaks the warranty of the device. Technolaty and its authors are not liable for any damage. You are solely responsible for the actions.

How To Unlock Bootloader On Redmi 8/8A


Unlocking the bootloader on Redmi8/8A will erase everything from your device. You will have to start up everything from the beginning when you first got your device out of the box. Please take a backup of your files, photos, videos, etc. to an external source.

Once you have taken a backup, proceed to unlock bootloader on Redmi 8/8A using the following:

  • Charge your Redmi8/8A above 50%.
  • USB Type-C cable required
  • Enable the developer’s mode
    • Open the Settings menu on your phone and then click About
    • Now search for Build Number and tap on it for 5-10 times until you get a message, “Developers mode turned on.”
  • Enable OEM Unlock, and USB Debugging
    • Open the Settings menu on your phone and then go to Additional Settings
    • Enable the OEM to unlock and USB Debugging over here


You need to download two files on your computer to unlock Redmi 8/8A Bootloader. Download the two files from the link below.


Step 1: Open the Mi Flash Tool folder and run miflashtool.exe as an administrator.

Step 2: Click on Agree and sign in with your MI Account that is associated with your Redmi 8/8A.

Step 3: Turn off your smartphone and then press Power Button + Volume Down for 5-10 seconds until you see the Fastboot mode.

Step 4: Now connect your mobile to the computer using the Type-C Cable.

Step 5: On your computer, click on Unlock on the Mi Flash Tool window and wait for the process to initiate.

Your smartphone will automatically restart, and a message will pop up on your computer screen Unlocked Successfully.

How To Install TWRP On Redmi 8/8A


  • Unlocked bootloader.
  • Battery charged above 70%
  • Take a backup of your data.
  • USB Type-C cable required
  • Enable the developer’s mode
    • Open the Settings menu on your phone and then click About
    • Now search for Build Number and tap on it for 5-10 times until you get a message, “Developers mode turned on.”
  • Enable the USB Debugging over here
    • Open the Settings menu on your phone and then go to Additional Settings > Developers mode > Enable USB debugging.


Step 1: Turn off your Redmi 8. Press and hold the Volume Down + Power button until you see the Green Bunny Logo.

Step 2: Connect your smartphone to your computer using the USB data cable.

Step 3: Open the TWRP for Redmi 8 folder and right-click on TWRP_Installer.bat  and run as administrator.

Install TWRP on Redmi 8 and 8A

Step 4: Press “Enter” to continue.

Redmi 8A TWRP

Step 5: Press any key to install TWRP.

Step 6: Once done, it will ask you to reboot. Press enter, and now you can disconnect your Redmi 8 from the computer.

How To Root Redmi 8/8A

  1. Download the latest Magisk Manager zip file.
  2. Reboot to the custom recovery menu, here we are taking TWRP as our custom recovery.
  3. Go to Install and select the file you download and swipe to flash.
  4. That’s it. You have successfully rooted Redmi 8/8A


Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked the bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi 8/8A and also installed TWRP custom recovery. Now you can install custom ROMS based on AOSP with latest Android 10 update on Redmi 8/8A. If you have any problem with the guide, then comment us below, and we will help you solve your problem.

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