Top 5 Tips You Didn’t Know About Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has become a dynamic platform for expressing creativity and engaging with your audience. While many users are familiar with the basics, there are hidden gems and features that can take your Reels to the next level. In this guide, we uncover five tips you might not know about Instagram Reels, helping you maximize your creativity and impact.

Tips For Instagram Reels

What are Reels on Instagram – Is it worth it?

Despite being a blatant competitor to the Chinese social networking app, Reels gained a massive positive response worldwide. Instagram users can now create bite-sized videos to connect and engage with their followers and audiences.

But weren’t the Instagram stories or IGTV serving a similar purpose earlier?

Not really. It is essential to know the essential difference between each. The most obvious is the time-stamp – stories expire after 24 hours, whereas every video uploaded on Reels gets saved to a dedicated section on your profile, like the IGTV videos.

There are also better editing options and speed controls, and you can post your reels to your feed or stories. Moreover, any original audio included will be attributed to you and available for other users to create new reels!

While Reels are an exciting add-on to the overarching Instagram ecosystem, are they worth it? Can Reels help your brands grow in the chaotic noise of social media?

The answer is that big brands like Sephora, Walmart, and Beardbrand have already begun using Reels as an added marketing strategy. Videos remain the primary choice for companies as sales lead magnets, and business owners find Reels a refreshing platform to experiment on while maintaining their presence on TikTok.

Nobody would want all their eggs in one basket, which is why Instagram Reels foresee a bright future ahead.

Where is Instagram Reels Available?

Instagram Reels was launched globally across 50 countries. Some key markets include France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, India, the UK, Mexico, America, and Japan.

Why is Instagram Launching Reels?

As we mentioned at the start, the new feature by Instagram was criticised by many people who termed it a carbon copy of TikTok. However, Instagram’s product director, Robby Stein, says the two are different services while crediting TikTok for pioneering short-form videos.

The primary difference between TikTok and Reels is that the latter allows individuals to send videos to their friends on Instagram. Everything is a part of Instagram. This particular feature is lacking in TikTok.

Furthermore, Stein says that since its inception, Instagram’s primary purpose has been “to create easy-to-use technology for whoever wants to make a video.” Therefore, reel attempts to fulfil its vision, not something created out of nowhere. Moreover, if we look at the history of Instagram, it has consistently successfully executed its competitors’ ideas much better.

A point is when Instagram first released stories in 2016, deemed a Snapchat clone. However, Instagram stories had far more users a year later than Snapchat. The success of stories could be another reason why Instagram launched reels.

How to make your own Instagram Reel?

If you were wondering how to use the Instagram reels, it’s pretty simple. Wrapped up as short steps, here we go:

  1. Tap on the Instagram logo and go to “story.”
  2. Choose “reel” on the bottom-left side.
  3. Choose between two options: recording footage or uploading a video from the camera roll.
  4. To create your first reel, start using tools to prepare your recording. Select Audio to choose anyone from your library.
  5. Tap on Speed to change your clip’s speed and select Effects to choose between special effects. Tap on Timer to choose the length of your reel.
  6. Once prepared, tap and hold the record button. The video will be recorded according to the timer set. You may delete or trim once after recording your clips.
  7. Use stickers, drawings, and texts to customize your reel to your taste

Instagram Reels Tips

That’s it; you’re done. Now, share with your followers!

The above are a few tips on how to use Instagram Reels. Below, we share five secrets we bet you didn’t know.

Apply these tips the next time you use a reel, and you can be sure to send your followers reeling with impact!

5 Tips You Didn’t Know About Instagram Reels

1. Use the Green Screen Effect for Creative Backgrounds

The Green Screen effect on Instagram Reels allows you to change your background dynamically, opening up a realm of creative possibilities. This feature can be a game-changer if you want to transport yourself to different locations or use fun backgrounds.

  • How to Use:
    1. Open the Instagram camera and select Reels.
    2. Tap on the effects icon.
    3. Search for “Green Screen” and choose the effect.
    4. Record your video with the desired background.

2. Adjust Speed for Dynamic Editing

Creating dynamic and engaging content often involves playing with the speed of your video. Instagram Reels allows you to adjust the speed both before recording and during editing, giving you more control over the pacing of your content.

  • How to Adjust Speed:
    1. Open the Instagram camera and select Reels.
    2. Before recording, choose the desired speed from the options below the record button.
    3. Alternatively, you can adjust the speed during editing by tapping the speed icon.

3. Explore AR Effects and Augmented Reality

Instagram offers many Augmented Reality (AR) effects that can add flair to your Reels. From face filters to virtual objects, these effects can enhance the visual appeal of your videos and make them stand out.

  • How to Explore AR Effects:
    1. Open the Instagram camera and select Reels.
    2. Tap on the effects icon.
    3. Browse through the available effects, including those created by other users.

4. Collaborate with Other Users on Reels

Collaborative content is a powerful way to expand your reach and engage with a broader audience. Instagram Reels allows you to collaborate with other users seamlessly, creating shared content that appears on both accounts.

  • How to Collaborate:
    1. Record your part of the Reel and save it as a draft.
    2. Invite another user to collaborate by tapping on the “Collab” option.
    3. Once they’ve added their part, the collaborative Reel will be visible on both profiles.

5. Leverage Interactive Features for Engagement

Boost engagement by incorporating interactive elements into your Reels. Utilize features like polls, questions, and countdowns to encourage audience participation and make your content more interactive.

  • How to Add Interactive Features:
    1. While editing your Reel, tap on the stickers icon.
    2. Choose from various interactive stickers like polls, questions, and countdowns.
    3. Place the sticker on your video and customize it as needed.

How to use Instagram Reels on a PC without downloading it?

You might be wondering what the need for using reels on PC is when one can conveniently make them using mobile phones.

Yes, you can make a reel on your smartphone, but what if you want to edit it before sharing it with your followers?

This is where using it on your PC helps. The big screen will also help you closely watch the reel with a bird’s eye view and determine potential mistakes.

To use Instagram reels on a PC without downloading it, you need the help of a third-party app. While dozens of such applications are available in the market, MirrorGo (iOS) is a good choice due to its user-friendly interface.

Is Instagram Reels worth trying?

Instagram Reels has already made waves in a short span. This quick success might be attributed to Instagram already having a solid user base of over 1 billion before launching Instagram Reels. On the other hand, TikTok, with all its viral videos, has only around 500 billion users.

Whatever the reason for success, Instagram Reel comes with many exciting features worth trying at least once. To add some spice, you may also try installing AeroInsta, a modified Instagram app with many features.

Whether you are an organization looking for creative ways to market your products or services or a celebrity aiming to enhance your fan following, Instagram Reels has something for you.


Mastering Instagram Reels goes beyond the basic recording and editing functions. By exploring features like the Green Screen effect, adjusting speed, leveraging AR effects, collaborating with other users, and adding interactive elements, you can take your Reels content to new heights. Stay creative, experiment with these tips, and watch your engagement soar on this dynamic platform.

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