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Top 10 Dark Mode Enabled Android Applications

Google recently released Android 10 publicly, and with it, we have witnessed many new features implemented. The most popular feature which turned up quickly was the system-wide dark mode feature. While many smartphone companies haven’t released Android 10 updates to their respective devices, you can still experience the taste of dark mode on a few applications that we use frequently.

Dark Mode Applications For Android

The dark mode is meant to consume less battery resource and also helps you cause less strain to the eyes, especially in dim environments. The dark mode is limited to Android 10 right now and is only available for Pixel devices. There is hard luck in receiving Android 10 upgrade if your device is still on Android Nougat or below, but do not lose hope there is always a solution for it by installing a custom ROM.

If you still cannot find any custom ROM, then you can check the top 10 Android Apps with native dark mode feature and how to enable them.

Top 10 Android Apps With Native Dark Mode Feature

Many other apps have the dark mode feature but are not easily visible to turn it on. We are mentioning these 10 Android apps, which we use daily or more frequently.

10. Facebook Messenger

One of the most downloaded applications on both iOS and Android Play Store, which is used among all the instant messaging apps. Messenger is mandatory to use if you have Facebook installed on your Android smartphone to check the messages. At first, when the dark mode was being tested, we had to send a dark moon emoji to enable it. But, now you can enable it from the Settings > Dark Mode.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode 9. YouTube

We all wanted the dark feature on YouTube while watching videos at night lying on the bed or resting with the lights dimmed. While we already have this feature on Modded YouTube App where you can even block advertisements, now this dark feature is available for the official YouTube App as well, which looks much better than before. It enhances the watching experience and minimises battery consumption to a lot of extents. For enabling the dark mode on YouTube app, you will have to click on your Profile > Settings > General > Dark Theme

Enable Dark Mode On YouTube

8. Google Chrome

Google Chrome comes pre-installed on most of the Android smartphones these days, and it is quite convenient to use and sync over cross-platform. Google Chrome has not yet released a dark mode feature in the applications settings, but you can enable it by following the steps below:

  • Open Google Chrome and on the address bar type this and enter chrome://flags
  • In the search flags box type “Dark” and enter
  • Next, you will find two options here: ‘Android web contents dark mode‘ and ‘Android Chrome UI dark mode‘. Activating the first option will let Chrome detect if a website has a dark version, and it will select it automatically. However, if there is no dark version available, then the browser will invert to the website’s colour. The second option will change all the sites to dark mode, no matter if it has a dark version or not.
  • Select any mode of your choice and relaunch Google Chrome and browse any website.

Google Chrome Dark Mode

7. Google Calendar

Most of the inbuilt Calendar applications on a smartphone these days are capable of enabling this feature. But, many of them do not have and can download Google Calendar, which provides much more features and is easy to synchronise with your Google account. You can enable the dark mode on Calendar by going to Settings > General > Theme. Under the theme, select ‘Dark’ to change the user interface to the dark mode.

Dark Mode in Google Calendar

6. Android Messages

Android messages is a well-known application that is the best alternative to the native SMS application on your smartphone. Recently, it got the dark mode support, and you can turn it on quite quickly, which gives a luxurious experience while texting and reading messages. To turn the dark mode on Messages clock on the three-dot menu > Enable Dark Mode.

Android Messages Dark Mode

Well, Android Messages is a messaging app that’s well capable of replacing the native SMS app of your Android smartphone. The app got the dark mode support, and you don’t need to dig through the settings to turn it on. Just open the app, tap on the three-dot menu icon and then choose the option ‘Enable Dark Mode’. If you rely on SMS for communication, then you need to try this feature right now.

5. Google Maps

If you travel a lot in your car or on a motor-bike, then you might have faced problems while navigating through Google Maps on your smartphone. It does hurt your eyes and is a great distraction when the bright light is on. You can turn on the night mode navigation automatically by setting it in the app or turning it on permanently to Night mode by going to Settings > Navigation Settings > Change Color Scheme. Set the colour scheme to ‘Night’.

Night Mode on Google Maps

4. Twitter

The microblogging platform is top-rated these days and of course, why will it lack behind. The dark mode is available on both the platforms for Twitter. To enable dark mode on Twitter, go to Settings > Privacy. Under the Privacy options, tap on the ‘Display & Sound’ and there allow the ‘Night Mode’ feature.

Twitter Night Mode

3. Skype

Famous for voice and video calling from all over the world through VoIP services. Skype needed this feature from a long time back, chatting with your friends or doing a video call can strain your eyes at dark. The dark mode in Skype can be enabled by clicking the Profile > Settings > Appearance > Modes (select night).

Dark Mode in Skype Mobile

2. Gboard

Gboard already has this feature from a long time back, but most of the users are not aware of it. You can change the theme of Gboard to many colours, all you have to do is open Gboard Settings > Theme > Select the colour you want.

Gboard Dark Themes

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is used by a majority of Android users as it helps you to verify unknown numbers being spam or from someone whom you know. It also helps you to block specific numbers from calling or messaging you. There are six options of colour scheme to select from Settings > Appearance > Select the colour variant you want.

Truecaller Dark Themes
We all are eagerly waiting for Facebook to release the dark mode feature for the Android platform, which is already being pushed for testing for selective users. You may also install WhatsApp Aero or Insta Xtreme to enable Dark mode.

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