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8 Tips To Get The Best Deals On Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have made our life easy and become a significant investment. While buying a new smartphone, everyone looks for the best buy mobile deals to get their favorite smartphone at a pocket-friendly price.

If you plan to buy a smartphone but not sure how to get the best deals, this blog is for you. Getting a deal on your favorite smartphone is easy, and you have to follow these tips while purchasing your next mobile device.

Mobile Buying Tips

Go For Last Year’s Flagship Phones

Mobile Phone Buying Tips

If you plan to buy a brand new mid-range phone, you should consider buying the last year’s flagship smartphone. Last year’s flagship smartphone liked to offer better specs and performance at the same price as your mid-range smartphone. When a company launches a new smartphone, the older models are usually available at a discounted price or offers, making them a value for money.

Buy Refurbished Phones

Mobile Phone Buying Tips

Most people get confused, but there is a big difference between used and refurbished phones in reality. Refurbished phones look brand new, have minimal to no physical damage, and even come with a warranty that is not there in a used phone. If you plan to buy a refurbished phone, then first check the model number to make sure it’s the US model and have the LTE band support for your carrier. Always buy a refurbished smartphone from a trustworthy source to ensure that your phone is in good condition and not blacklisted.

Right Timing Is Key

Mobile Phone Buying Tips

The MSRP mentioned by the manufacturer is just a suggestion and not the actual price of the smartphone. The price of mobile phones fluctuates, and to get the best phone deals right now, take your time to monitor prices on several online platforms, and you might be able to score the best deal.

When you find your smartphone at the right price, either on a flash promotion or sales, it’s time to buy and not miss out on the opportunity. You probably have to wait for weeks or months to find a similar deal. 

Negotiate For The Best Deal

Mobile Phone Buying Tips

One of the best tips while searching for the best deal is negotiating for more and keeping your options open. Tell the provider that you are considering switching to them or shopping around and looking for opportunities for getting a little more discount to make the deal more favorable for you. Whenever visiting a mobile phone provider, go armed with comparable deals for other providers and ask them if they could give a better deal or give additional benefit on the same deal. There is no downside in negotiating a deal, as a dealer can only say ‘no’ in the end.

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Buy Unlocked Smartphones

Smartphone Buying Tips

One of the best tips for saving money on your favorite mobile phone is buying the unlocked version. The biggest advantage of unlocked phones is they give you the freedom to move around and switch between mobile carriers for the best data plan deals. If you get these unlocked phones for sale, they are likely to have less preinstalled software than the carrier phone. Less bloatware means more storage space inside the phone and better performance.

Do Holiday Shopping

Smartphone Buying Tips

Most e-commerce like Amazon offers attractive discounts during holidays which means the best deals even on flagship mobile phones and a big win for your wallet. However, you don’t have to wait for the Black Friday sale for your smartphone. Some manufacturers and carriers offer promotions on almost every holiday and even on non-holidays for their subscribers (Amazon Prime Day sale and Apples’ Back to School Promotion)

Find The Best and Cheap Phone Plans

Smartphone Buying Tips

An expensive phone with a bad service provider can be compared to the brick. Some service providers give the best deal and cost-effective rental options that the new smartphone a value for money option. Check out the service providers to get the right plans and find the best price for your smartphone.

Exchange Your Old Phone

Smartphone Buying Tips

For getting the best deals on mobile phones, you can also look for the exchange price of the old phone if a trade-in offer is available. There are dedicated trade-in websites where you can check your old phone’s price before actually trade-in your smartphone. Mobile phone companies and e-commerce websites can even give the best deals for your old smartphone, but make sure to provide an accurate assessment of the phone’s quality. 

Final Words

Hope the eight tips mentioned above come in handy for finding the best deals during your next mobile phone purchase. Do share views with us about the blog or a recommendation that helped you get the best deal for your mobile phone. Share with us down in the comment section, and we will surely add the best suggestions in our blog.

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