How To Download HD Tamil Mobile Movies In 2024

In the digital age, the convenience of watching movies on mobile devices has become increasingly popular. For Tamil movie enthusiasts, accessing HD content on mobile devices is a sought-after experience. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of downloading Tamil mobile movies in HD, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

You can search for the name of the movie you want to watch on the search bar and get the relevant result. But the real challenge begins when you want to download the movies. You will be redirected to many other websites with no download link. You will get trapped in the continuous loop of redirects, and at least you will give up and find other Tamil mobile movie download websites.

Download Tamil HD Mobile Movies

Technolaty is not encouraging piracy or pirated content in any form. All the information given here is just for informative and educational purposes. We request the user to stop watching and downloading content from the illegal platform. Copying is an act of crime and is considered a severe offence under the Copyright Act of 1957.

Tamil Mobile Movies Download in HD Free Sites List

The list of the websites given here is sorted according to the user interface, responsive design, several popup ads, redirects ads and time taken to reach the download link. All these factors are essential because our main motive is downloading Tamil mobile movies. You will find movies yearly and Tamil dubbed movies on this website list.

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  • Tamil 2023 Dubbed Movies

Sony Liv Tamil

Tamil Hindi HD Movies Download On SonyLiv

If you love watching live TV on mobile, then Sony Liv is the best choice. There are many channels of different languages like Tamil, Hindi, English, Marathi, and Punjabi. Etc. Like Amazon Prime videos, you must select the video preference here as soon as you sign up for the account. Watching Tamil mobile movies on this platform is legal and safe. Like other free websites, you don’t have to worry about frustrating redirects and popup ads.

One crucial factor that is only available on premium platforms is suggestion. Whenever you watch an online movie, series, or live TV channel, the next time you open the forum, you will see suggested films and series as per your previous choices. This suggestion helps us when we have no idea about the content which we will live to watch.


9xmovies is a viral pirated website where you can download or watch online movies in all languages, like Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, and many more. The user interface of this website is spotless and easy to navigate. You can select any language category from the number of categories to get a movie list of that particular language.

They have different categories for regional films, like Tamil-dubbed and English-dubbed. These categories make it easy to access movies from their vast collection of films and series. The server speed and loading speed of 9xmovies are excellent. Due to this, this site loads quickly on mobile.

As soon as you visit this website, you can see the search bar, which you can use to find your favourite movie. The number of ads on this website is relatively less than that of other movie-downloading websites like DownloadHub and Skymovieshd. The average time you will get the download or online streaming link is 30 seconds, depending on how well you know this website.

Suppose you have any queries or requests regarding any film or series. Then, you can directly contact the admin panel if you are new to this website. Then I recommend watching how to download movies from 9xmovies video first and then surfing the website.


Another great website which you can use to download movies on your smartphone illegally is hdmoviesflix. Apart from Tamil films and series, you can also watch films from around the world. This website is famous worldwide and has an audience from all countries. All the categories are navigated on the menu bar at the top. You can access any categories you want. You will find subcategories in a dropdown menu when you hover your cursor on any category.

On the mobile phone, If you want Tamil mobile movies to download, then you have to click on the categories, which you can find on the right side of the menu bar. You will get all the categories you need when you click on the hamburger icon or the three small line icons. Some of them are Marathi Movies, Punjabi Movies, South Movies, Tamil Movies, and many more.

Hdmoviesflix requires no registration or signups. You can directly access this website and can stream your favourite film. It has a vast database of movies uploaded on many servers. So, if any servers delete the film due to copyright infringement, they can use another server’s link to replace it. This way, you will get all the working links on hdmoviesflix.


Hindilinks4u has one of the most extensive collections of Indian movies and series compared to other Indian film streaming and downloading websites. Name any Indian film in any language; you will find it on this site. This website is focused on the Indian audience. It brings all the latest movies and shows within a few hours of release day.

The official domain of this website changes regularly because the government occasionally ban its URL or domain name. You can easily find the recent domain name on Google. Search Hindilinks4u, skip all the news channels, and click on the domain name with a different extension, such as .xyz or .liv.

As soon as you visit this website, you will see its well-organised user interface and easy-to-navigate categories. You can find movies using an actor or actress’s name. If you love to watch Tamil dubbed movies, bookmark this website. You can join its official telegram channel to request any particular films and get the latest movie news.

Amazon Prime Videos

Tamil Mobile Movies on Hotstar

This list of Tamil mobile movie websites is incomplete without Amazon Prime Videos. The first name which comes to everyone’s mind when finding any movie is this website. You can see movies and series in all languages apart from Hindi. When you first visit their platform, let it be its app or website. You will first ask to put the video preference so your video dashboard is customised just for you.

You can access Amazon Prime videos on all platforms using the account. You can add up to five accounts in one account. So you can watch Tamil videos and series on all platforms. Get many popular movies and web series for free. Some films


When you visit any website, the first thing which can attract you is its user-friendly design. Moviesghar is one of those Tamil mobile movie download websites. As its name suggests, this website also focuses on Indian content like Hindilinks4u. You can find all series from premium online streaming platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar and Ullu to download or watch for free.

Moviesghar is one of the best websites for watching movies randomly. If you don’t know the film’s name or want to watch movies according to your mood, this website will show the latest movies and series on its homepage. This website has a massive collection of new films and shows. You will not find any old and classic movies here on this platform. If you want to watch old films, you can go to premium streaming sites or YouTube because you will find those movies for free.


Filmyanju is an illegal website which provides movies and series for free. This website is new compared to other big online streaming sites like Fmovies, Cmovies, etc. You will find all the latest uploads on this site. The admin tries to upload as many movies and shows as possible on this platform.

This website has an extensive collection of databases, and all the films are beautifully categorised into different sections. The other categories are present on the top-side bar of the website. Some categories are Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Punjabi, Tamil, etc.

You don’t need an account on this website to watch Tamil mobile movies. You can search for your favourite film on the search bar, and if you don’t find the relevant results, you can contact the admin using the contact form. He will upload your requested movie as soon as possible and share the link with you via email.


Tamil Mobile Movies on Hotstar

Hotstar didn’t need any introduction, and you probably have this app installed on your phone. But still, we have to include Hotstar on our Tamil mobile movies download list. Hotstar is the complete package of entertainment, sports and news. There are many movies and shows that you can watch online for free without any registration or signups.

The premium ones are marked with a premium tag on the top right corner of the thumbnail. We can’t ignore the massive collection of films and shows for free. You will not find any problems regarding the website user interface. As it is a premium subscription app, the developers have invested considerable money in making the platform as smooth as possible.


The most straightforward and easy-to-navigate Tamil mobile movie download website. This website admin didn’t include any animation or sliders to make it attractive. If you want to download any Tamil movies from this website, you can do it using just four clicks. This website has no harmful redirects and only a limited number of pop ads, which are easy to block using any adblocker browser.

You will see folders and nothing else as soon as you visit this website. Click on any folder like Tamil Movies to find all the Tamil films in that folder. Search your movie using the search bar and click on the folder. Inside that, you will find movies of different sizes. Click on the film, and the download will start automatically.


Moviesda is among the oldest and most popular Tamil mobile movie download websites. This website is so prevalent that the government banned its domain name and URL due to providing illegal content just like Putlocker. But still, this website emerges with a new domain and URL as soon as the previous site is banned.

Apart from many popup ads and redirects, I recommend visiting this website because it has the largest database of Tamil movies online. You will find all the latest and classic films on this website. Don’t worry about the redirect and other ads. Many browsers on the Google Play Store block any harmful popups and redirects. Some of the browsers are the CM browser and the adblocker app.

You can find various movie qualities like Blu-Ray DVDs, with high resolutions like 1080p and 720p and low resolutions like 420p and 320p. You can download or watch online movies as per your internet speed and data limit. Suppose you want a direct link to the recently uploaded movies. In that case, you can join the official telegram group of the website, which is free to join.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

1. Respect Copyright Laws:

  • Download Tamil movies from legal and authorized sources to respect copyright laws and support the creators of the content.

2. Avoid Piracy:

  • Refrain from accessing movies through unauthorized or pirated channels. Piracy not only violates the law but also undermines filmmakers’ hard work.

3. Stay Informed:

  • Stay informed about the legal aspects of downloading movies. Familiarize yourself with the terms of service of streaming platforms to ensure compliance.


I hope that using this article will give you a list of websites from which you can download or watch online Tamil mobile movies for free HD, just like Showbox. I have listed premium and open alternatives in this list because most people still can’t afford premium streaming websites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. But I always recommend watching your favourite film on legal sites to avoid any legal action by the government.

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