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Solution To Fix Actions Blocked On Instagram

In a situation the Authority of Instagram finds out that any particular accounts are considering some spam actions, then Instagram blocks that specific account for a certain period and shows an error message “Action Blocked“. Some tips and techniques are explained below to prevent and solve the issue.

What is Instagram?

Today, Instagram is a widely used, social media app. It is comparable to facebook and twitter and creates a profile of the user and serves some news feed. It’s generally used to share pictures and videos on a users account.

Ones the followers of a particular profile would be able to see the posts they intend to like, share or comment. The features of this app include direct messages, commenting, tagging, and liking.
Instagram is available on all major platforms such as the iOS and Android devices.

Instagram also includes a web version to be utilised on the computer system, but unfortunately, some attributes, including direct messaging, aren’t available for the website users.
If a user doesn’t want everyone to the see the content on their profile, all they need to do is set their account on private mode which lets only the followers of the account see the updates and the posts.

When an account is blocked or disabled by the authority of Instagram for a specific period, it’s known as an action blocked. It is done for the protection of this community. Furthermore, they focus on eliminating out robots and spam for the security of other accounts. In case the user has spammed in any particular way too many times, then the Instagram authority temporarily disables the user account from doing the exact same action since it is contrary to the guidelines of their Instagram policy.Instagram Action Blocked

Tips to prevent action blocking

  • To stop from getting into the snare, the user needs to post frequently.
  • The profile should be completed, including a bio or an introduction with a real profile photo.
  • The user must follow the guidelines of the community.

Reasons to get action blocked

  • When a user is following or unfollowing too many individuals often.
  • The user might use a robot to deal with the practice of liking and commenting.
  • When the user likes too many videos and photos in a short period, then Instagram starts blocking likes.
  • Direct messaging people who are not on their follower’s list.
  • The user might be using a specific third-party app to finish the actions.
  • When a user is commenting with the same text on too many pictures.

The user should identify among the above reasons and prevent doing the same.

If the user hasn’t performed any mischievous activity, then they can contact the Instagram authority to correct the matter.

The best way to fix action blocked on Instagram

There are numerous tactics by which a user’s Instagram accounts may return to normal. A number of them are mentioned below.

Login with another device and data

Action Blocked On Instagram

The IP address of this device also gets blocked. So the criteria are to utilise another smartphone or computer system and utilise Data instead of WiFi.

Do not login to your account for 24 hours

24 hours instagram ban

Instagram blocks such accounts for a maximum of 24 hours temporarily. So that the user should identify the errors and quit doing the same to show genuine behaviour, what’s more, if you get access to your account, do not perform any actions for some time and after that, you will be able to like, comment or guide message, anybody.

Ditch the third-party applications

3rd party instagram app

Some apps, such as”unfollowing non-followers”, are extremely trendy apps these days that aren’t approved by the official app. There are a number of more apps which shower likes on the images in exchange for coins, and there’s also some “fake like generator”. All these applications will need to be deleted immediately by the user which contains malware. The apps which use Instagram API do not restrict the users from abusing the facilities around the app. So, generally, these are the apps that are the main reasons for getting the actions blocked by Instagram.

Link your other social media accounts

Social media apps

To prove that you are not a robot, then you need to link your Instagram accounts with other social media accounts, like facebook. This adds the simple fact that you have other accounts to prove that you are genuine and innocent.

Instantly get in contact with the Instagram authority
When the user thinks that he hasn’t performed any illegal or mischievous action, then he can report and appeal to Instagram. After reporting the case, they may rethink and reinvestigate the actions.


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  1. I think they permanently blocked my account 🙁 Nothing worked for me and it is over 1 week now.

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