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[Top 8 Apps] How to Choose Screen Mirroring App for Android?

You will agree that screen mirroring technology has made life easier for many people as it allows mobile or tablet’s screen to be displayed on another screen. This process could be performed by connecting your device, i.e., smartphone, to a TV or laptop.

Nowadays, screen mirroring technology is frequently being used in meetings, lectures, and presentations to share content with others. You can enjoy your mobile games, photos, and videos on a big screen via this technology. For screen mirroring to be successful, both devices must be connected to the same network.

Android Screen Mirroring App

What Is Screen Mirroring In Android

A screen mirroring app basically broadcasts mobile, tablet, or any other device’s screen and audio to another wirelessly.
For example, if someone requires mirroring their android phone screen to be displayed on another LCD screen, they must have this app in both the devices to perform the function.

Now you know what screen mirroring is and its importance, the next question is how to take advantage of it? Fortunately, there are lots of screen mirroring apps for android that you can take advantage of.

Use Of Screen Mirroring Apps For Android

These apps are used widely nowadays for various purposes in offices, colleges, universities, and houses, among other places. For example, someone at home watching a movie on their mobile. If the person wishes to watch that movie on his TV screen, a screen mirror app will do the job. All he needs to do is install the app on both his android phone. These apps are completely secure, i.e., your data, applications, and files are protected.

Advantages Of Screen Mirroring Apps:

In most companies, people carry their own devices, I.e., laptops and tablets. This is primarily called BYOD (Bring your own device). This causes difficulties in meetings. Each person has to connect his laptop to the projector for the meeting, which consumes a lot of time.

In some cases, you must have a special cable to connect the laptop to the LCD. In other words, your meeting room should be fully equipped to use any operating system. Instead of investing heavily in different types of cables, you can use a screen mirror app that would mirror an individual’s screen of any operating system to the meeting room’s screen/projector. And that too wirelessly.

Let’s agree that conventional systems are irritating and time-consuming. Each attendee connects his device through a cable, which consumes a lot of time. The worst happens when the cable malfunctions, and then you have to spend a lot of time figuring out the solution.

The biggest advantage of using a screen mirroring app is that you have control over the mirrored screen. You can stall, pause, or disconnect mirroring whenever you want.

You can also mirror specific videos or files to the screen.

In a conventional system, you can only mirror the screen of one device at a time. Using screen mirroring apps, you can not only mirror more than one device at a time, but also different devices can be displayed on the screen.
The best part is that you can share the audio too.

How To Choose Screen Mirroring Apps For Android?

When it comes to choosing, it should be kept in mind that your choice depends on the functionality you want to access, and to some extent, the type of devices you are connecting.

For example:

  • Apple TV connects to iPads, iPhones, or MacBook only.
  • Samsung’s AllShare Cast links to galaxy phones.
  • Microsoft phones connect to windows, or window phones, natively.

If you are using a smart TV and have a smartphone, you can connect them over Wi-Fi. However, if you don’t have a smart TV, you may require a device like Chromecast.

Additionally, you can also use some of the apps we will discuss later in the article in detail. Click on the screen mirror option and mirror your android phone to TV. You are not required to use HDMI or any cable. It would just connect to the phone wirelessly. Even better, if you want to mirror your phone to a personal computer or vice versa, you can select an app to install on both devices. ApowerMirror, allows you to do so.

Again, don’t worry if you have no idea what this app is all about. We will discuss the functionalities and the pricing of these screen mirroring apps for androids later in the article. For functionalities like reading notifications, checking call logs and messages on PC, apps like TeamViewer can be used. You can also mirror your phone’s screen on Linux. In the case of AirDroid, the approach is limited. You cannot run applications or play games, but you can access other certain functionalities. It also allows for taking screenshots.

If you are a gamer, Vysor can be the best screen mirror app. Using this app, you can play games and use other applications too.
All of the above-mentioned applications are used to mirror one device screen and audio to another device. You can choose one according to your requirement.

You can also access your PC through a smartphone using these screen mirroring app for android. All you have to do is to select any of the applications mentioned below according to your requirements.

Some Popular Screen Mirroring Apps:


A dysfunctional screen of your android phone due to some reason? MirrorGo is perfect for you to keep using your phone on a bigger screen.


  • Enables screen recording
  • Enhanced gaming
  • Enables syncing files between android devices and PC


  • Does not work for android below 4.0


Install this app and use Wi-Fi or USB cables to share your android phone’s screen over your TV.


  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone
  • Enables gaming without emulators
  • Allows use of controls of PC keyboard and mouse


  • Crashing of Wi-Fi mirroring functions


Specially designed for wireless working, the LetsView app is used for screen mirroring purposes. Devices connected to the same network can share content and display screens effectively.


  • Has whiteboard feature to enable writing
  • Works across all platforms
  • Supports mirroring iOS 14 to TV


  • Doesn’t allow screen slipping

Reflector 3

This screen mirroring receiver software enables digital signage. Your device can be of any type for this software to be used.


  • Works with Airplay, Google Cast, Miracast, and Smart View.
  • Compatibility across devices
  • Enables recording


  • Doesn’t work with additional software


Vysor puts your Android device’s services on your desktop. You can use android apps and control your Android. It is a desktop or Chrome app.


  • Facilitates remote assistance
  • High quality mirroring
  • Full-screen mode


  • Crashes and bugs

Your Phone Companion App

App advertising and file transfer are made easy using this app. A partial list of Microsoft apps available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile is facilitated.


  • You can make and transfer calls between your devices.
  • You can view 2000 recent photos of your android phone.
  • Enhanced transferring of files from your phone to your PC


  • Works only with Windows 10.


Team Viewer is one of the best screen mirroring app for android. It is specially designed for people who require sharing their devices online. It could be an educational system or an organization. TeamViewer allows multiple people to work on a single device while being miles apart.


  • Sharing your device with other people online
  • File sharing made easy
  • Allows connecting to multiple workstations


  • A lot of privacy concerns have been raised about this app

Chrome Remote Desktop

Unlike other screen mirroring apps, this app has improved and additional security features. Stolen or lost devices can be disabled. This app adapts encrypted data communication.


  • Secure sharing of devices and data
  • Allows managing devices remotely
  • Provides cloud-based apps


  • Time-consuming updates


This was all about the best screen mirroring apps for android available in the market. As you saw, each one comes with its own pros and cons. It is all up to you which screen mirror app to go for. It would help if you closely analyze your needs and then select the best one. Alternately, you may try more than one app to make a decision and if you are having an Apple device then you can check the Screen Mirroring Apps for iOS. These apps are not very expensive, so they won’t break your budget if you invest in more than one of them.

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