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Samsung Galaxy A9 Text Messages Problem Fix

A smartphone with really impressive hardware specifications, like the Samsung Galaxy A9, should not be a problem when running the most basic function. Mobile phones are designed for text messages. However, it seems that some users have encountered problems sending and receiving text messages or SMS.

Therefore, in this article, I will guide you in troubleshooting your Galaxy A9, which has a problem in performing this straightforward task. This is a very annoying problem and Samsung is facing such problems as of lately because it often happens when you have an urgent need to receive a message but do not worry, because it is usually a tiny problem that does not necessarily cause a hardware problem. If you are one of the owners of this phone and currently have a similar problem, read on, as this article can help you.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Text Messages Problem

This is what you will do if your Samsung Galaxy A9 cannot send or receive SMS.

  • Force the restart of your phone first.
  • Make sure your phone receives a decent signal.
  • Make sure there is enough storage space.
  • Verify the phone number to which you are sending a text message.
  • Call technical support.

If you are experiencing this problem for the first time, be sure to restart your phone first. Or even better, perform the forced restart procedure by pressing and holding the button to lower the volume and the power button for 10 seconds or more. After that, try to send an SMS to your number to see if it is transmitted.

Check the signal indicator above the screen to see if your phone is receiving a good signal in the area. There are areas in which the message is lost intermittently and, if you are in this area, this problem can also occur intermittently, which means that sometimes you can send or receive text messages and other times you do not receive it. You can not, or the messages are received late. Apart from this, make sure that the flight mode is not activated. You will know it is enabled because you can see an aeroplane icon next to the signal indicator.

Assuming it is not the signal, make sure your phone still has enough memory. You may need to free up space by moving some files to your SD card or internal memory. After that, restart your phone and try to send an SMS to your number. You may also need to verify the phone number of the person to whom you are sending a message. Text messages are not sent if a number is missing from the telephone number.

Finally, you should call the technical support of your provider if the problem persists after all these actions. This is because they can help you better to check if your account is still in good condition or if you even have enough balance to use the service. You will also be informed in case of breakdown or problem with the tower.

I hope we have been able to help you solve the problem with your device. We would appreciate if you could help spread the word, thank you for sharing this message if you found it useful. Thanks so much for reading!


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