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Top 8 Most Popular Mobile Games For Android And iOS

Although we may not be children nowadays, who doesn’t enjoy an easy game to pass the time, relax and spend the time playing online with your friends, or have an enjoyable time playing games on the phone?

Today, smartphones can help people connect with the world to succeed in business, take online classes, or stream our favourite shows, but we must not forget that it is a top entertainment source! We’ve put together an inventory of the never timeless games that are not just enjoyable but also addictive.

Are you aware that a recent study suggests that those who play games on their phones are more likely to be loving husbands, and women who play apps on phones can be seen as fun and fun-loving companions? Yes, even adults can enjoy the best most fun of their lives by using their screens!

To dive into endless adrenaline, all you have to do is have a reliable internet connection to ensure that your games download fast and games that require an internet connection can load without interruptions. Suppose you’re searching for a fast internet connection. Let’s get to it, and let’s talk about the most played games you should download on your mobile device.

Best Mobile Games For Android and iOS

1. Angry Birds 2

The world-renowned game has broken records to be among the highest-rated games to date. Angry Birds is truly an amazing app for your smartphone from the style, visuals, gameplay, and experience of playing the game. The game’s levels become tougher when the game progresses, but this makes for more enjoyment! It comes with merchandise and even a film series that everyone loves to watch.

Download from Play Store or App Store

2. Cut The Rope 2

This is our most loved. It is based on the story of a cute alien who must feed with care and cutting the correct ropes to ensure that the candy is placed in the mouth of the cute creature. It requires a lot of thought and making, which sharpens the player’s mental abilities while simultaneously getting through the challenges in the game provides an experience of satisfaction and accomplishment.

The Rope: Cut The Rope also has a light version, which means it is possible to download the game for free before upgrading to the real version that includes all levels. Additionally, the fan-favourite game has a Christmas version too. We’re ready this weekend!

Download from Play Store or App Store

3. Temple Run

Like Subway Surfer, the game is designed to force you to run around in a temple from the chimps who are following you, and every time your make the monkeys will get closer. This game features better graphics and keeps you on edge, and comes with super cool abilities which you can accumulate and utilize in the entire game.

The coins you collect help improve your abilities. The game is so well-known that it even has a second version known as Temple Run 2 with different graphics and similar gameplay, but much more enjoyable. In the real world, we cannot escape our troubles, but when we are on the phone, we have the option to!

Download from Play Store or App Store

4. Monopoly

On Saturday evenings, when the entire family gathered, we played games on the board for fun, and Monopoly is the most popular option for children and parents alike. From learning to manage money to investing in real estate, The game provides an unforgettable experience. It is also a great way to bring family and friends together.

The ideal Saturday night can be spent relaxing in bed and still in touch with family and friends via taps on your mobile. Original Monopoly can now be purchased for purchase via the Apple Store and Play Store!

Download from Play Store or App Store

5. Subway Surfer

The 3D animated game follows simple rules that are equally fun for both adults and kids. The goal for the game is to assist the athlete remains on the right track, accumulate coins, and not harm his own body, which is the reason for the game’s conclusion.

The game became famous worldwide for its simple to play and does not require any additional thought. Subway Surfer is a fantastic method to relax and calm the mind after a long and tiring day.

Download from Play Store or App Store

6. Action Potato

This is among the many games played for no motive. It would be best if you found white potato balls, and also, it is not possible to catch blue-coloured ones to keep the fun moving. When you miss the right balls, they can see you’re catching them in, and by revealing a heart of pink which often appears, you could take back the can.

The game lets you compete online against opponents from all over the world.

Download from Play Store or App Store

7. Double-A (AA)

Just a few lines and some moving circles. What’s the hardest thing you can do? Don’t think so! It’s a fast-paced decision-making game with simple graphics that make the player glued to the screen for long periods. The levels become more difficult, and the challenge becomes more challenging and more challenging.

All you have to do is connect the line to the circle moving, but it’s not as simple as it appears!

Download from Play Store or App Store

8. Color Switch

Color Switch is an addictive game that will pass your time eventually. The game has over 200 million downloads and still counting. One of the fastest-growing games in the app’s history has reached over 50 million downloads and has been the number 1 game in over 150 countries.

The developers have implemented some new features such as mini-games, music, and other exciting in-game features.

Download from Play Store or App Store


Mobile games are one of the smartphone’s best features that keep you entertained and helps you pass a boring time. The games, as mentioned earlier, are the hand-picked games that are most popular among adults and kids these days. The best thing about these Android mobile and iOS games is that they are free to download and play.

However, you may face in-game purchases for coins and other entertaining kinds of stuff that you can ignore. You can also check some RPG games like PUBG Mobile which is quite popular among all age groups these days.

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