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Top 5 OnePlus 6T Custom ROMS Based On Android 10

Android 10 released a few months back, and most of the OnePlus devices have received the update officially, where OnePlus 6T is on the list as well. But, if you are fond of custom ROMS and want to change the Oxygen OS on your OnePlus 6T, then you have landed in the correct place. In this article, we have prepared a list of the top 5 OnePlus 6T Custom ROMS Based On Android 10, because who wants to stay on Android Pie anymore.

The custom ROMs are based on AOSP, or you can call it Android Open Source Projects, which intends to share the Android community with the best outcome for no cost. Also, these ROMs can be used as a daily driver because most of the major bugs have been fixed already.

oneplus 6t custom roms

While OnePlus 6T already has a stable operating system known as the Oxygen OS, which provides excellent performance and a  stock Android user interface experience. Users still want more features and extra customizations by installing custom ROMs of their choice.

We have selected the top 5 custom ROMs that are best for OnePlus 6T, which can boost your device with more performance, stability, features, and battery backup.

List of Custom ROMS for OnePlus 6T Running On Android 10

The following custom ROMs need to be flashed using a custom recovery such as TWRP or OrangeFox. Make sure you have an unlocked bootloader and the custom recovery installed before flashing the custom ROM on your OnePlus 6T.


As the name suggests, AOSiP is based on the Android Open Source Project that delivers close to Stock UI user experience. AOSiP is a quality custom ROM that features few Google Pixel goodies. The main aim of this custom ROM for Oneplus 6T is to provide the latest features with a mix of stability and performance.

Download AOSiP for OnePlus 6T from Official Website and check the official thread on XDA


LineageOS is one of the best custom ROM for Android smartphones, which is also the favorite among the Android community that provides a pure stock Android user interface with basic features. It is one of the most demanded custom ROM among the Android users that receives frequent security updates and Android patches.

Most of the custom ROMs that are running on AOSP are based on LineageOS because of its simplicity and no bloatware at all. Developers can modify and reuse the ROM according to their choice. Few ROMs that are based on LineageOS are CrDroid, AOSP Extended, Resurrection Remix, etc.

While having not much of the applications, it makes this ROM the lightest one among all other, and also compared to different ROMs, the customizations are even less. However, you can install Magisk and install a few modules to customize the OS according to your demands.

Lineage OS 17 is one of the best OnePlus 6T Custom ROMS Based On Android 10, which has AudioFX that generates brilliant sound while listening through earphones. The default launcher is Trebuchet, which is very light weighted and provides close to stock user experience with some added features. LineageOS would be a better choice for you if you are an advanced user and can customize your OnePlus 6T with different Magisk Modules or Xposed Framework Modules.

LineageOS 17 For OnePlus 6T

Download LineageOS 17 for OnePlus 6T from Sourceforge and check the official thread on XDA


CrDroid is packed with many features, and you can customize the entire user interface according to your choice. The ROM is based on LineageOS, which we have already talked about earlier. The community of crDroid is robust, and the users have made it an outstanding custom ROM over the years through their contribution of reporting bugs and asking for the implementation of premium features.

You will find some useful applications pre-installed, such as crDroid Music, crDroid Home, File Manager, crDroid settings, and much more.

Download CrDroid 6.2 for OnePlus 6T from Official Website and check the official thread on XDA

Evolution X

Evolution X is the second-best OnePlus 6T Custom ROMS Based On Android 10 after LineageOS in terms of performance and stability. The developer of this ROM continues to provide the latest security updates and patches. The ROM is official and is based on AOSP, which has some Pixel goodies such as fonts, wallpapers, boot animations, icons, etc.

GApps are included in this ROM, and there are tonnes of customizations available in this ROM. This is my personal favorite ROM, which I use on my Poco F1. Once you flash this ROM, you will love how fast your Oneplus 6T performs and gives you a boost at gaming.

Custom ROM For OnePlus 6T

Download Evolution X 4.0 for OnePlus 6T from Sourceforge and check the official thread on XDA


OmniROM is based on AOSP, which is rich in features and has many useful features that aim at the performance and stability of the device. OmniROM once featured as one of the best custom ROM for previous models of OnePlus smartphones, which makes the community stronger and trustable among the OnePlus smartphone users.

OmniROM allows you to modify many parts of the user interface and the operating system, which can provide you brilliant user interface and satisfaction to your use. One of the unique features of this ROM is “OmniGears” that can be found under the settings menu where you can customize the style, buttons, bars, lock screen, weather, dialer, etc.

Download OMNI ROM for OnePlus 6T from Official Website and check the official thread on XDA

How To Flash Custom ROM


  • Your Oneplus 6T must be on the latest Oxygen OS Firmware.
  • TWRP must be installed.
  • Take a backup of your data/files/contacts.
  • Download the required GApps and patches.


  1. Once you have downloaded the custom ROM of your choice for your Oneplus 6T reboot it to TWRP recovery mode
  2. Wipe Dalvik/Cache, System/Data
  3. Go back to the homepage of TWRP and select install
  4. Select the custom ROM and the GApps and swipe to flash
  5. Reboot to System
  6. Follow the instructions to set up the newly installed custom ROM
  7. Enjoy and report if you face any issue

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  1. Richard Andrews

    I think the procedure written on flashing custom rom for OnePlus 6T is wrong here as this device has two slots A&B and these type of devices have a different method of flashing custom roms.

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