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List Of Xiaomi Devices Getting MIUI 11 Update [Beta]

Xiaomi’s native Android-based operating system MIUI is popular among smartphone lovers. Now MIUI 11 update is on the edge, and many devices have already received the update. You may check if your device is on the list of Xiaomi devices getting MIUI 11 update.

There are lots of improvements and new changes in the latest MIUI 11 update. We will discuss the new features that have been implemented in the latest update. But, before that, we must tell you that the latest MIUI update is Beta based, which may be unstable and have bugs present in it.

MIUI 11 Update List

The new MIUI 11 builds are based from Android 7 (Nougat) till Android 10, which means you can relatively update your device to the polished version with many previous bug fixes and enhanced security updates. All these ROMs are recovery version which means you can flash through a custom recovery like TWRP or through MIUI inbuilt updater which can be found under the settings, which we will talk about it later.

MIUI 11 Beta Downloads

The available updates include:

DeviceAndroid versionDownload link
Xiaomi Mi 9Android 10Download
Xiaomi Mi 6Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi MIX 3Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2SAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Redmi K20 ProAndroid 10Download
Xiaomi Mi 8 SEAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 ProAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi 8 LiteAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi 8Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi 9 SEAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Mi Max 3Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi Note 3Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi 5XAndroid 8.1Download
Xiaomi Redmi 5 PlusAndroid 8.1Download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4XAndroid 7Download
Xiaomi Mi MixAndroid 8Download
Xiaomi Redmi 6AAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Redmi 6Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi 5sAndroid 8Download
Xiaomi Mi Note 2Android 8Download
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2Android 9Download
Xiaomi Mi 8 UDAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Mi Max 2Android 7.1Download
Xiaomi Redmi 5AAndroid 8.1Download
Xiaomi Redmi 5Android 8.1Download
Xiaomi Redmi 6 ProAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Redmi 4/4XAndroid 7.1Download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5AAndroid 7.1Download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A LiteAndroid 7.1Download
Xiaomi Mi 8 EEAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Mi 6XAndroid 9Download
Xiaomi Redmi K20Android 10Download
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8Android 9Download

MIUI 11 Beta Features

The following features come when you update your Xiaomi device to MIUI 11 from MIUI 10.

List Of Xiaomi Devices Getting MIUI 11 Update [Beta] 1

Attention – Empowering the productive

Xiaomi has focused more on optimising the comprehensive design for fullscreen display devices. They have worked on removing the visual clutters, improved the touch controls and refined the usage of colours to create a system where there won’t be any interference between the user and the content.

New Fonts

We have previously noticed that there was a new font introduced by Xiaomi called Milan Pro in the MIUI beta. Finally, they have announced it for the same for all of its supported devices, which makes the texts look beautiful in all languages. Also, the font-weight can be adjusted automatically over the documents. New font Milan in MIUI 11 Update

Ambient display

One of the most awaited features now comes with gorgeous dynamic themes. You won’t miss any notification anymore; the ambient display will lit up the screen whenever you receive a text message or any other information. You can personalise your device with a unique signature and keep the screen alive with amazing special effects and transitions.

Sounds of nature

Gone are those mornings when you wake up with annoying and repeated alarm ringtones. Now you will get to listen to sounds of nature which won’t make you tired. The authentic feature keeps changing the alarm ringtones just like nature does.

Mi Share

Previously we have seen it on Poco and many other Xiaomi devices. Mi share is similar to the additional file transferring app, but this native app is lightweight and moves data very quickly. It works both on phones and computers and vice versa.


You do not have to open the documents anymore. Preview them, stay productive and save your precious time with the new Mi Doc Viewer.


Cast videos, games, documents and other media from your Xiaomi device to your TV directly with the new MIUI 11 update. One of the unique features of Casting is that you can hide your items before casting it to the other screen.


Print spooler services are already there on many Android smartphones. Now you can print photos and documents directly from your phone through your printer without the help of any third-party application.


Get updates on weather at the destination you are going by adding your flight or train tickets information. Check the currency rates and other relevant information while going on a trip.

Ultra battery saver

Xiaomi claims this feature to be unique among them. You can use your device throughout the day with just 5 % battery. While obsoleting the usage of data, GPS and other battery consuming services.

More Features

  • Kid Space: Create a safe digital environment for kids when they are using your device.
  • Tasks: Manage and edit your assignments using the Notes app and also get the notifications on completing and getting them done.
  • Family Guard: Control other connected devices to help your family and other members in your network.
  • Screen Time: This helps you to manage and organise your usage.
  • Emergency SOS: By pressing the power button for five times will let you send an SOS message to the emergency contact on your list.
  • Earthquake Warnings: Get alerts on any information of earthquake nearby.
  • Themes: Xiaomi has brought a lot of free themes.
  • Mi Community: While we access the community through browser currently, we have the app to get the latest news on Xiaomi, participate in events and test new features.
  • Quick Replies: You do not have to go to the messaging app to reply to someone when you receive a text. Reply from any window you are currently on.
  • Autofill Passwords: Store passwords on your smartphone. Remember this feature is already there if you have the Google Core Apps running.
  • Calendar: A new, improved calendar with all the events under one hub.
  • Game Turbo: Already on Poco F1, K2o Pro. Now devices that are getting the MIUI 11 update will get the chance to enjoy the Game Turbo mod. You can enjoy your game without any interruption.

NOTE: Xiaomi has released MIUI 12 Beta for many latest smartphones under its brand. You may check the MIUI 12 Beta Update thread if it is available for your device.


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