List Of Best Redmi Note 8 Custom ROMs

Redmi Note 8 is performing very well with its budget-friendly hardware, and it is gaining quite a popularity among the Android users. Here, you will be able to check the list of best Redmi Note 8 Custom ROMs that can be flashed to enhance the performance and stability of the smartphone.

Redmi Note 8 cannot be called the best upgrade for Redmi Note 7 Pro users, but it can get the things done in a quick period. However, you can flash a custom ROM on it and turn it into a powerful smartphone which can get things done beyond the limits of MIUI.

Redmi Note 8 Custom ROM

Flashing a custom ROM on any Xiaomi device requires the bootloader to be unlocked which can be done officially. Furthermore, you also need to install a custom recovery like TWRP or Pitchblack or OrangeFox for Redmi Note 8, which you can follow in the same article mentioned above.

Development of the custom ROMs for Redmi Note 8 has started and can be found on MI forums, XDA-forums, etc. The codename for Redmi Note 8 is “Ginkgo“, and the kernel source code is available on GitHub.

List Of Best Redmi Note 8 Custom ROMs

Once you have unlocked the bootloader and installed TWRP recovery, you can select the best Redmi Note 8 custom ROM from the list below.

1. Pixel Experience for Redmi Note 8

Pixel Experience is based on the Android Open Source Project, which is known to be the king of all custom ROMs these days due to its Pure AOSP features and elegance. The ROM includes the Pixel goodies such as the launcher, icons, wallpapers, boot animation, fonts, etc. which gives a real feel of using a Google Pixel device.

Pixel Experience for Redmi Note 8 is optimised for better battery backup and providing maximum performance that aims to offer the best stability and security along with the useful features that the stock MIUI operating system lacks. In this ROM, you get the gcam installed by default which is a plus point for users who like to enhance their photography experience. Remember, the ROM is based on Android 9.0 Pie and doesn’t require any GApps.

Download Pixel Experience for Redmi Note 8

2. POSP for Redmi Note 8

POSP is the short form for Potato Open Sauce Project which aims at delivering a buttery-smooth operating system for Android smartphones. The developers have handpicked the best features from various other projects and added their mix of wellness in the ROM.

POSP for Redmi Note 8 has many unique features that are not present in MIUI 10 or 11 so far, and it gives you a luxurious experience which brings your productivity to another level by making the device perform better than before. There are many features in the POSP ROM which can be configured from the settings menu.

The various types of modifications available in POSP for Redmi Note 8 are tweaking the status bar styles, changing the navbar layout, changing the battery icons, gesture controls, aggressive battery and much more which you can explore it yourself.

Redmi Note 8 Custom ROM

Download POSP for Redmi Note 8 and GApps (select pico/nano/micro)

3. MiuiMix 2.0 for Redmi Note 8

MiuiMix is a custom ROM based on MIUI based on where the developer’s main motto is to make the custom ROM much more smoother and battery-friendly, unlike the stock MIUI ROM. The stock China vendor has been used, and the boot image is patched with Magisk 19.3 which means you will get a pre-rooted operating system when you flash the MiuiMix 2.0.

All the bloatware are removed from this ROM which makes it one of the best Redmi Note 8 custom ROM based on MIUI where you get a space-saving operating system which limits the background apps from utilising the battery and system resources. Flash this ROM from TWRP by formating the data and then flash the ROM.

Download MiuiMix 2.0 for Redmi Note 8 – Stable 11.3.0 or Weekly 9.11.28

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