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20 iPhone Secret Codes You Didn’t Know

Many users use Apple’s iPhone throughout the world, and without any doubt, we all know how wonderful a smartphone it is. But are we are about the iPhone secret codes that are useful to us in our daily life. Well, in this article, we are going to list the top 20 iPhone secret codes that you didn’t know till now.

iPhone secret codes in 2019

The codes mentioned below will help you unlock several new features and information on your iPhone (any model). Remember that these codes are tested in India by me and a few codes, and it will work on all the iPhones around the world.

20 iPhone Secret Codes You Didn’t Know

Please read the description of the codes first and then try them because few of them might activate or de-activate services that are vital to run your iPhone.

*#06# It will display the IMEI number of your iPhone which is a unique number given to every mobile phone.

*3001#12345#* It will open a field mode that will display all the personal settings, cell information and the newest network.

*#67# This helps you to check the number that is set for call forwarding when your iPhone is busy on another call.

*646# (Postpaid only) This code lets you check the available minutes in your postpaid plan.

*225# (Postpaid only) Lets you check the bill amount.

*777# (Prepaid only) To check the account balance

*#33# You can see whether the call barring is enabled or disabled for any outgoing call you can for fax, SMS, voice etc. You can also check the call control bars by using this iPhone secret code.

*#76# You can check the connected line presentation is active or deactivated.

*#21# This secret code for iPhone will let you inquire about call forwards and also find the settings for it. You will get the detailed information if you have set it to fax, SMS, voice, sync, async, paid access and packet access call forwarding is activated or deactivated.

*3282# The use of information info is displayed with this code.

*#61# One of the useful features that let you segregate the number of missed calls.

#62# Check the number for forwarding calls if there are no services available currently.

*3370# Enhanced Full Rate or the EFR mode that helps you improve the voice quality of your iPhone. The only drawback is that it consumes battery to some extent.

*#5005*7672# Check the SMS centre number.

*331* This lets you check the Barring code like outgoing calls abroad to block. You can inquire about your network operator.

*#43# You may find this under the settings menu of your iPhone, but this code quickly reveals the call waiting status is on or off. Similarly, you can type *43# for activating the call waiting and #43# for deactivating the call waiting for services.

*#31# It allows you to hide your number. Remember it doesn’t hide your phone number if you call someone.

#31# Phone-number + call. This lets you check the anonymity of your current outgoing call.

##002# -> Tap call. This will disable any active call forwarding services.

The above iPhone secret codes work in 2019 very well and if you have more secret codes with you then feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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