How To Save Snapchat Videos In iOS Device In 2023

Snapchat is a trendy image and video sharing app after Instagram. Snapchat has a unique feature which is loved by millions of users, and that is whenever a snap is viewed, it gets erased. Similarly, videos also get deleted once the recipient has seen it. In this article, we will help you save Snapchat videos in an iOS-based device.

In Snapchat, one is not a stranger; you need to be added on the other person’s account to be able to see any stories or receive snaps/videos. Some of my friends on my birthday sent some special video clips, and I was unable to save it on my mobile. I realised that I need some special treatment on my iOS device to keep the videos or snaps on my iPhone.

Method to save snapchat videos in ios

There are many popular ways to save videos of Snapchat in our iOS-based device. We need to prepare a few things on our smartphone before we proceed to follow the technique. While there are many apps in the App Store that lets you save the videos sent to your mobile, there is a high chance of getting your account banned in no time. Thus, I have found an easy solution that doesn’t risk your account, and you also save the Snapchat videos legally.

How To Save Snapchat Memories in iOS (iPhone and iPad)

We create many Snapchat memories, and possibly it is our most unique moments captured in our day-to-day life. It could be anything, from sharing food that we are eating with family, shopping with our friends or sharing that first walk of your child. So here is how you can save Snapchat memories in your iOS-based device:

  • Open the Snapchat app.
  • Head to the profile page and then select settings.
  • Select Memories.
  • Save Snapchat memories Videos in Camera Roll
  • Next, choose one of the options between “Memories and Camera Roll, Camera Roll only.”
  • After this, whenever you take your memories, It is going to be saved on your iPhone/iPad. You can access the videos in the gallery.

Save Snapchat Stories in iOS (iPhone and iPad)

In saving stories, you must follow different methods to maintain our own as well as people’s accounts. For saving your personal stories, you may use the non-payment option.

Saving Own Snapchat Stories.

  • Open the Snapchat app on your iOS device.
  • Go to profile and then select settings.
  • Choose stories, then select “My Story Posts.”
  • After you have selected, choose one of the following options: “Memories and Camera Roll, Camera Roll only.”
  • From now onwards whenever you create any stories, It will be stored on your iPhone/iPad. (To access the saved media, go to the gallery).

Save Snapchat Stories Without Notifying Anyone in iOS.

  • Open Snapchat and then select profile settings.
  • Now turn on Flight mode and then open Screen Recorder app.
  • Go to the contact and choose the profile to view the stories.
  • After you have successfully recorded the video, turn off the recorder.
  • Now, Open Snapchat and go to the app settings.
  • Select “Clear Cache” and then select “Clear Stories Cache.” It will delete your temporary saved files in the app but not the one that you have recorded.
  • Now, Turn on the WiFi. You will now notice the stories of your contacts are still unseen by you.

Capture Screenshot Without Notifying in iOS

  • Open Snapchat and then open your profile icon.
  • Now turn off your WiFi on your iPhone/iPad and wait for the message to preload.
  • Next, turn on the WiFi and capture the screenshot of the message/image.
  • Now go to Snapchat App settings and select ‘Clear Cache’ and then select “Clear Browser Cache”.
  • Now Turn your WiFi on again and see the message.

Save Snapchat Stories/Memories to Google Photo Automatically

  • Download and Install Google Photos on your iPhone/iPad
  • Open the app and then open the three-dot menu.
  • Now go to settings > Backup and sync and then tap on enable this option.
  • Open the Google Photos app and select the three-dot menu.
  • Now open Snapchat>Settings> Chats> Save to Camera Roll. Hereafter all your photos and videos will get uploaded to Google Photos automatically.
  • You can also enable the screen recording videos to upload.


Saving Snapchat stories, videos are not illegal. Although, we want to keep our privacy. The above methods will allow you to fulfil your online activity hidden on Snapchat. However, we would advise you to be very cautious at turning the WiFi on and off so that the other person doesn’t get to know about your activity.

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