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How To Install TWRP On Realme X and Root With Magisk

Realme X is an excellent smartphone in its price segment and is getting the limelight with performance and stability, but there is more that you can do with this powerful device. You can install TWRP on Realme X in just 2 minutes with the required tools and drivers installed on your computer. After installing TWRP on Realme X, you will be able to take NANDROID backups and restore them from your computer later on. TWRP can help you format the partitions into F2FS or exFAT etc.

You can even root Realme X after installing TWRP with Magisk in less than 1 minute. Rooting will help you explore more in your device and install applications that require root access. Once you install Magisk on Realme X, you will be able to run applications such as Xposed Framework, Ad-blocker, Greenify, Youtube Vanced, etc. You can even uninstall the native applications or the pre-installed applications from your device using any System App Remover app that requires root permissions.

It is mandatory to unlock the bootloader of Realme X before you install any custom recovery. Follow the official guide from Realme that we have written in a step by step method to unlock the bootloader.

Install TWRP on Realme X

Nowadays, smartphones have become a style statement for people, and if they do not change in a span of a few months, then they are outcasted by their friends and colleagues. So to stay updated, we have to purchase powerful and good looking smartphones like the Realme X, which has no notch at all and comes with a motorized selfie camera which is the latest trend these days.

The display consists of an AMOLED 6.53 inches featuring Corning Gorilla Glass that protects from small distance drops and scratches and has a density of 395 dpi which produces vibrant and sharp content with dazzling viewing angles.

The rear camera comes with a 48 Megapixel primary sensor along with a 5 Megapixel in-depth sensor which produces sharp images. To boost the performance of the camera application and processing, Realme has built this smartphone on Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC chipset with a huge 8 Gigabyte of RAM installed and also a 4 Gigabyte variant that gives immense power to run this machine.

How to Install TWRP On Realme X

Installing a custom recovery on an Android device like TWRP will enable the opportunity to explore different types of custom ROM’s, modified Kernels, mods, and patches.


  1. Keep your Realme  charged above 75%
  2. ADB and Fastboot (follow the instructions and install it)
  3. USB Type C Cable (provided in the box)
  4. Custom Recovery TWRP. This is an unofficial TWRP developed by mauronofrio


    1. Turn off your smartphone and press Volume Down Button + Power Button for few seconds until you get a vibration
    2. Now connect your smartphone to the computer
    3. Go to C:Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot and right-click on cmd-here and run as administrator
    4. Type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and hit enter. You will see the “write successful” message on successfully flashing the custom recovery.
    5. Now press and hold Volume Up and Power button for 10-12 seconds until you see the  Realme boot logo to enter the custom recovery mode.

How To Root Realme X With Magisk

Please make sure while you root Realme X you must have the latest TWRP installed from above always so check the developers tab for any new TWRP update. After that, download the latest Magisk version, do not download the BETA version unless you are sure about the bugs present in it.

Root Realme X

To root Realme X, you will have to wait for a 1-minute maximum if you have all the required resources available with you.


  1. Download and copy the Magisk stable or beta version on your device’s internal storage (I would recommend the stable version).
  2. Reboot to Custom Recovery (turn off your device and then press the Power Button + Volume Up button together until you get a vibration).
  3. Tap the install button on the recovery interface
  4. Locate the downloaded Magisk zip file and slide to install
  5. Reboot to the system and find the Magisk App (if it is not there then install the Magisk Manager APK from the downloaded folder)


Congratulations! You have successfully installed TWRP and rooted your device. You may also try some of the best Custom ROMS for Realme X that would give you a new user interface and bring more performance.

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