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How To Get Windows 10 Product Key For Free Legally

How many times have you seen the activate your windows pop-up on your bottom right of the screen? It isn’t charming. Not only that, you won’t be able to use the Microsoft Office tools, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. Your computer will be prone to cyberattacks if your windows are not activated. So basically, your operating system will be of no use. 

Well, worry no more; in this article, we will be discussing how you can activate Windows 10 by entering the product key, which, of course, is free.

Download Windows 10 Pro Keys

Steps To Get Free Windows 10 Product Key

There are many ways to own a product key for the latest Windows 10; however, we have sorted the best working keys for you. This section will discuss the four best ways to activate your windows using the original key. The procedures are sorted so that the first solution is the most effective, and the bottom two are not that much but still work. No. 1 being the most effective and No. 4 being the least effective.

Through Command Prompt:

Activate Windows through Command Prompt

With the help of the command prompt, we will be activating the windows. The TXT file is available for download. Do not worry, and we will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Start by clicking here. This will take to the source code.

Step 2: Once you get the code, copy the code, go to notepad and paste it.

Step 3: Save the file on your Desktop, naming it as “windows.cmd” without the quotes.

Step 4: Right, click on the file, and click on ‘Run as administrator‘ By doing this, you will be activating windows.

Do wait for the process as it takes some time. After this process, the watermark will be gone. In the end, they will show that the product is successfully activated. This is the best process to activate windows for free.

Through The Windows Key Generator:

Activate Windows Using Key Generator

In this process, we will give you some code that should work on your system. You need to head to your settings and paste one of the given codes.

Windows key generators: well, we all have seen these pop up here and there. In this process, you will try and check which code activates the windows. It is a vast process and takes a lot of time. It’s a luck factor. These are the same codes that have been given in giveaways. You might want to try these codes:

Windows 10 Pro Keys

Participating In Giveaways:

Windows 10 Key YouTube Giveaway

These two ways are not a guaranteed fix but are a bandage solution for your problems; you will understand next. Many times YouTubers host giveaways to give out free Windows 10 product keys. Do check this channel out @marquesbrownlee. He does a lot of giveaways, including Windows 10 keys. Even on Facebook, many groups host giveaways. The main disadvantage of giveaways is the low probability of you getting the product. However, feel free to try out your luck and subscribe to our YouTube channel for similar giveaways.


Windows 10 Keys On Reddit

Many subreddits help people get free Windows keys, or the moderators randomly donate them. Do keep an eye out for these drops. This is one of the most tedious tasks as the SubReddit might get deleted or the moderator might ignore your comment. Like the above solution, make sure to try your luck and wait for the apple to fall in your basket.


So this was our short post where we have provided the permanent solutions at the beginning of this post to ensure that you get a free Windows 10 key. Remember that these work on the latest Windows and not the older version of Windows 10. If none of the above methods work or you cannot wait to activate your Windows, then you can purchase Windows 10 key online from Amazon or Flipkart.

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