Top 10 Free Audible Alternatives In 2024

Audible is a beautiful website for listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and it comes with a premium subscription. Today, we will share the top 10 Audible alternatives that come free of cost.

Books have been an integral part of our community, and we have followed and read its virtues since ancient times. In the modern era, these have been replaced by ebooks, an electronic medium to read books. While we know that there is nothing called permanent, and this goes with technology, audiobooks are now taking place in the market.

Best Alternative For Audible

Nowadays, it is easier to listen to audiobooks than to read them; book lovers will always love reading, but people like us want to hear it after a stressful day. The best part of audiobooks is that you can listen to them while doing activities such as jogging, running, exercising, and even cooking; this saves you time and lets you multitask.

Audible is a company that deals in such things and is a subsidiary of Amazon Inc. The company has become famous worldwide, providing a wide range of audiobooks for learning, understanding, researching, entertaining, etc.

Audible, one of the largest audiobook producers and retailers, comes with a monthly subscription, and many of us cannot afford it. Hence, we have selected the ten best free audible alternatives for you.

The 5 Best Free Audible Alternatives

We all are familiar with how good Audible is and the services provided by them. However, this doesn’t change the fact that they are charging a nominal amount for their services, and we cannot afford it; moreover, if something is free, then why pay? Let’s check out the best audible alternatives below without wasting our time.

1. Overdrive

Overdrive is one of the closest audible alternatives available in the market. The service comes free; however, you must acquire a local library card. If you already have a library card, you can avail of the services efficiently.

Audible Alternative

Overdrive lets you borrow various books from more than 30,000 libraries on their website. You can rent individual textbooks for a particular amount paid to your local library. The only difference is that you can hear it rather than read it.

There are more than two million audiobooks listed on the Overdrive application. You can use these with an Android smartphone or an iOS-based device. Overdrive is also available for Windows 10.


  • Serialized Audiobooks: Access serialized audiobooks for a unique experience.
  • Independent Authors: Showcases works by independent authors.
  • Free to Use: No subscription fees or costs for audiobook downloads.


  • Limited Selection: Not as extensive as commercial audiobook platforms.

2. Librivox

Another excellent Audible alternative available in the market is Livribox, which provides audiobooks for listeners worldwide. In Livribox, you can volunteer to record audiobooks for the public domain; isn’t it unique?

Librivox comes in different languages and has a massive collection of audiobooks, from regional to technical. Hence, the search for local language audiobooks ends here for you.

Audible Alternative

You can get Librivox without paying for any subscription or rent. The only drawback of this beautiful service is that you won’t get any application for Android or iOS. Librivox can only be streamed online through the website.


  • Extensive Library: A vast collection of public domain audiobooks.
  • Volunteer Narrators: Audiobooks are narrated by volunteers, providing a diverse range of voices.
  • Free to Use: Completely free with no subscription fees.


  • Limited to Public Domain: Only offers books in the public domain.

3. Overdrive (Libby)

Libby is one of the services similar to Overdrive that lets you explore audiobooks in a wide range. Libby has a better user interface and has customization options for better navigation.

Like Overdrive, You can rent books using your local library card. Libby also allows you to download and listen to audiobooks later; it lets you synchronize the audiobook listening position to resume it on another device.


  • Library Integration: Borrow audiobooks from your local library.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and borrowing process.
  • Multi-Device Sync: Seamlessly switch between devices.


  • Library Membership Required: Availability depends on your local library’s participation.

4. Spotify

It is one of the most popular music streaming and downloading services. Spotify has a massive music collection worldwide and supports live podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

Audible Alternative

Spotify comes in both free and paid versions; the paid version lets you download audio files of the highest quality. You can listen to audiobooks for free, but you cannot download them with the free subscription.

The audio quality in the free subscription is non-comparable to any other audio streaming service. Spotify has a transparent navigational system that is well organized and lets you create a playlist and share it with others.

5. Hoopla

Hoopla is free, and most services can be availed without issue. However, we cannot mention it to be a complete Audible alternative. Hoopla is similar to Overdrive; it lets you borrow and rent books from various libraries available.

Audible Alternative

The user interface is similar to Audible and well organized; you should not expect many features from it. Although, you will experience it much better if you haven’t used Audible earlier.


  • Library Integration: Access audiobooks through your local library.
  • Wide Range of Titles: Offers a diverse selection of audiobooks.
  • Mobile App: Convenient app for on-the-go listening.


  • Library Membership Required: Availability depends on your local library’s participation.

Top 4 Affordable Audible Alternatives

The free versions of Audible alternatives might not meet your expectations, but some good and affordable ones might soothe your pocket. Check out the five affordable Audible options below:

1. AudioBooksNow

AudioBooksNow offers more than 120,000 audiobooks, and more are added daily. The user interface in this application is customizable, and features like setting the timer listening speed can be fixed.

The services and offers are top-rated in AudioBooksNow compared to Audible. They offer new books at a 50% discount every month, and the subscription is just $4.99. The app is available on Windows, iOS, and Android.

2. StoryTel

StoryTel is one of the services that best suits Indian users. Many regional languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Marathi, etc. are supported.

It is one of the best Audible alternatives with a clean user interface, and the things are well organized for a better user experience.

Furthermore, StoryTel also lets you recommend the books you listen to with others through social media platforms.

2. Scribd

Scribd is a service that provides both text and audiobooks. One of the better options to choose from over Audible is over a million audiobooks available to explore for free.

Scribd is very similar to Audible and offers a one-month free trial, and the subscription costs $9.99 per month.

3. Estories

Estories is an Android and iOS-based application offering over 120,000 books from various genres, languages, categories, etc.

The subscription for Estories is higher than Audible, but it is worth the penny. There are three types of subscription: basic, plus, and premium, starting at $11.99 per month.

4. DownPour

It is one of the most popular book-reading service providers, with over 80,000 audiobooks available worldwide. DownPour has an application that offers customization options such as adjusting the narration speed, creating a wishlist, etc. You can also make a quick note while listening to an audiobook.

The subscription cost of DownPour is $12.99 per month.

Final Thoughts

Audible is non-comparable to any other alternative services available in the market. You can get Audible for 30 30-day trial and pay $14.95 per month, while it is just ₹199 per month after a 30-day trial for Indian users (you can subscribe to Indian Audible using a VPN). We suggest you check out the free audible alternatives or use Audible’s free trial before subscribing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is the content on these platforms legal and safe?

A: Yes, the audiobooks on these platforms are legal and safe to access. They often consist of works in the public domain or are provided with authors’ consent.

Q2: Can I download audiobooks for offline listening?

A: Many platforms offer the option to download audiobooks for offline listening, allowing you to enjoy your favourite stories without an internet connection.

Q3: Are there limitations on the selection of audiobooks compared to Audible?

A: While the selection may not match Audible’s extensive library, these platforms offer audiobooks, including classics and niche genres.

Q4: Can I contribute to these platforms as a narrator or author?

A: Yes, some platforms, like Librivox and Podiobooks, rely on volunteer narrators and authors. Check the respective platforms for submission guidelines.

Q5: Do these platforms have mobile apps for convenient listening?

A: Many of these platforms offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, ensuring a seamless and portable listening experience.

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