Download Top 20 Lenovo ZUI Themes For Free

In this article, we bring you the top 20 Lenovo ZUI themes for download, which will make your device look more attractive and give you a luxurious feel.

Lenovo has launched its flagship smartphones Lenovo Zuk Z1, Zuk Z2, Lenovo Z2 Plus, Moto Z and many others. The devices have limited themes, and the default ones are pretty boring, or you might have lost interest in using the same for an extended period.

Zuk Themes

The ZUI themes are decent and colourful; you can choose from a wide variety of them, from dark to light skins; whichever satisfies your needs, you can set them quickly. Setting the ZUI theme on your Lenovo smartphone is as easy as installing an application that doesn’t need rocket science or advanced knowledge, just like installing VIBE UI Themes.

The following ZUI themes are completely free and do not contain any bloatware or similar; they are spotless and have been personally tested by us; we can assure you that the ZUI themes won’t even take up much space on your device.

You must have seen the options for changing the themes under the settings tab, but they have only 4-5 default themes, and here, you will get more than 20 pieces available after you download and install them. Please follow the instructions carefully to have a smooth and easy process.

Top 20 Lenovo ZUI Themes For Download

 Ben ZUI Theme

Experience the serenity of nature with this theme, featuring breathtaking landscapes and soothing colours.

Benshan ZUI Theme

Step into the future with a theme that showcases sleek designs and modern aesthetics, giving your device a cutting-edge look.

zui theme for lenovo

Black Skin ZUI Theme

For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of the past, this theme brings vintage charm to your Lenovo device.

zui theme for lenovo

Boy ZUI Theme

Simplicity at its best – this theme offers a clean and minimalist design for users who prefer a clutter-free interface.

zui theme for lenovo

Chuxin ZUI Theme

Embark on a journey through the cosmos with this theme, featuring mesmerizing space-inspired visuals.

zui theme for lenovo

Easy ZUI Theme

Anime enthusiasts will love this theme, bringing their favourite characters and scenes to life on their Lenovo screens.

zui theme for lenovo

Flyme 6 ZUI Theme

Dive deep into the ocean with a theme showcasing underwater life’s beauty, from vibrant corals to graceful sea creatures.

zui theme for lenovo

Green ZUI Theme

Capture the essence of urban life with a theme highlighting iconic cityscapes and architectural wonders.

zui theme for lenovo

H2OS ZUI Theme

Immerse yourself in gaming with a theme that celebrates the excitement and thrill of your favourite video games.

zui theme for lenovo

flat ZUI Theme

Unleash your artistic side with this doodle-themed Lenovo ZUI, adding a touch of creativity to your device.

zui theme for lenovo

iOS ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Lucency ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Luxury ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Nougat ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Pink Girl ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Silent ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Thin ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Weiwuzhiyi ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Yuedong ZUI Theme

zui theme for lenovo

Download Top 20 Lenovo ZUI Themes For Free

To download the ZUI Themes for free, click the link below and select the theme. Make sure you follow the instructions below to install the theme. If you have any questions, please comment below.

Lenovo ZUI Theme Download Link: Gdrive or Mega

Instructions To Install The ZUI Themes

  1. Download the themes and save it on your smartphone (internal storage/SD Card)
  2. Go to Settings > Security > tick Unknown Sources
  3. Go to File Manager >Apk > select the theme and install
  4. Go to Settings > Themes > you will find your favourite music here > apply to set the newly installed theme

Bonus Theme

If, for some reason, you cannot install the ZUI themes on your Lenovo smartphone, then you may first install the ZUI Theme Manager, which will allow you to apply the themes on your Lenovo smartphone. Please be advised that this is a 3rd party app like KWGT widgets, and you need to sign it first to use it properly. Then, you can also apply the Dark Skin on your Zuk or Lenovo smartphone.


In the vast landscape of Lenovo ZUI themes, customization knows no bounds. From the tranquillity of Nature’s Harmony to the futuristic vibes of tomorrow, there’s a theme for every taste. Download, apply, and let your device become a canvas for creativity.


Q1: Are Lenovo ZUI themes compatible with all Lenovo devices?

Yes, Lenovo ZUI themes are designed to be compatible with a wide range of Lenovo smartphones and tablets.

Q2: Can I create my own Lenovo ZUI theme?

Currently, Lenovo doesn’t offer a feature for users to create their themes. However, the available pieces provide a diverse range of options for personalization.

Q3: Do Lenovo ZUI themes affect device performance?

No, Lenovo ZUI themes are optimized to ensure minimal impact on device performance, providing a seamless user experience.

Q4: Are new themes regularly added to the collection?

Yes, Lenovo periodically releases new themes, expanding the collection and offering users fresh options for customization.

Q5: Can I share downloaded themes with friends?

Certainly! Lenovo encourages users to share their favourite themes with friends, fostering a community of theme enthusiasts.

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