Download SnapTube APK For 2024 [Android 14 Supported]

SnapTube Video Downloader helps you download your favourite music from famous sites like YouTube, Facebook, and DailyMotion. All your video-downloading stress is going to be wiped out in seconds. Thanks to SnapTube, you no longer have to run around surfing website URLs to get a video downloaded from YouTube.

Gone are the days when you would need to keep a downloading video site bookmarked to save that video later. With SnapTube Video Downloader, you can be sure to end up with many more impressive videos in excellent quality than any other app.

SnapTube APK Latest Version

People primarily use SnapTube as a free YouTube downloader, just like OGYouTube. But the app is pretty handy, if I may say so myself. The app is more appropriately designed than Vidmate, looking at the precise detail SnapTube Video Downloader boasts. Want to know more? Let’s look at some of SnapTube’s fantastic features.

Download SnapTube Video Downloader APK

Check out the full details of SnapTube APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name SnapTube
Last Updated One day ago
App version 6.225
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatibility Android 4.0+
App Size 41MB
Main Task Video Downloader
Developer SnapTube

Before you start downloading, let us tell you that you will have to uninstall any other version of the SnapTube app installed on your Android smartphone.


Below are the features and instructions to install the SnapTube APK on your Android smartphone.

What Is SnapTube Video Downloader

As you can see, SnapTube is a helpful app on your Android phone. You can do great stuff with the app, including fast video download, direct audio file download, Snapchat app download, and much more. Several features are unique and similar to many other apps, including Vidmate and Tubemate, the video-downloading giants.

Unfortunately, the app is unavailable on the official Google Play Store for many of us. It is no surprise that Google’s Play Store doesn’t keep many useful video downloaders. But there are ways to get it on your mobile phone despite this obstacle. Your worries shall pass away, thanks to the apk file available for free, which can be found in this article.

The apk file enables your Android phone to install the application on your mobile phone. So if you have the file downloaded, you can install whichever app you like on your device, no questions asked. A Google search will give you plenty of sites that provide the latest SnapTube apk file for free download. Ensure your file is safe and free of viruses before running it.

Getting the correct link to the download with all the ads popping around can be challenging. Want some break? Click this link to get the download started directly.

Features Of SnapTube

No Pesky Ads

SnapTube comes entirely free. Plus, it does not bother you with unpleasant ads.

Easy Browsing Content

The browsing is blissful. All your favourite content comes arranged in neat categories, which you can access anytime.

Know The File Size Before Downloading

Unlike TubeMate, the app will display the incoming file size so you can manage space on your device.

Filter Content Through Settings

SnapTube boasts the most comprehensive list of settings, so you can manage all the nitty-gritty and get the best experience possible.

With so much on offer and more, who can resist the charms of this app? Am I right? SnapTube apk is not even 20 MBs, so you can rest assured your device won’t be filled with data. SnapTube is the lightest video downloader I have come across. And trust me, I have seen a lot! The amount of features this app offers in this small data size is boggling.

But are you still asking yourself how you can use this app? Well then, we have the uses compiled for you to read. Here are some ways we loved using the app, and I’m sure you’ll love it, too.

SnapTube Exotic Features

Now we all know a Video downloader will be devoted to downloading stuff for you. But there are a lot of suggestions for this simple function. With the added functionalities unique to the app, you can be sure you’re not finding this stuff elsewhere. Here’s what you will be able to do with this fantastic app.

Download Videos as Audio Files Only

The biggest peeve can be downloading an entire music video from YouTube and converting it into MP3. None of that anymore! You can get your favourite music off YouTube with a single click, and the audio gets downloaded with SnapTube. The app offers to download the video as audio-only. It saves you a lot of space, too!

SnapTube APK Download

Get The Fastest Speeds for Video Downloading

SnapTube is the quickest app when it comes to downloading videos. The fantastic speed can be a big bonus when downloading heavy-sized HD videos. The app takes a lot of pride in its fast speeds. You can also customize it on your device by setting an upper limit to the speed, which makes a lot of sense when you have to download more than one thing through the same or different apps.

SnapTube Latest APK Download

Browse Popular Videos

It can get confusing to keep track of all the fantastic videos that are trending around you. SnapTube takes note of your busy schedule and curates the best videos on its popular page. You needn’t dial extensive menus to find it, either. Just scrolling through the tabs will do.

SnapTube APK Download

Get Downloads Started in Just One Button Press

Ordinarily, with PC or online downloaders, you must copy-paste the URL, choose the resolution, change the destination, and then allow the download to begin. SnapTube only asks you to press the download button; the rest will be at your fingertips. Choose whichever resolution you want without scrolling, and your download will be complete instantly, thanks to the app’s fantastic speeds.

SnapTube APK Download

Download Apps and Games to Find Elsewhere.

We have a lot of apps and games available through the regular route of official app stores. But quite a few of them are not hosted on these app stores. But with this fantastic app, you can download every app you want. Whether it is available in the official stores, you will find the app as an apk on SnapTube. It is a gift for those whose devices won’t download the official store’s apps due to a minor space deficiency.

Download SnapTube APK 2021

How To Install SnapTube APK On Android


SnapTube APK takes no time to Install. The app has a few prior requirements to install, however. Here they are:

  1. The Android Version you’re using must be Android 2.3 or higher. This requirement is usually automatically fulfilled in most Android phones.
  2. Unknown Sources” should be allowed. Your smartphone will not install apps outside the Play Store unless this setting is enabled. Go to Settings, enter “Security,” and then allow “Unknown Sources” on the menu.
  3. The phone should have proper internet connectivity; WiFi drivers should be in order, and the internet connection, WLAN, etc., should be functional. Otherwise, SnapTube for Android APK will not be helpful.


Step 1: Download SnapTube APK 5.11 or higher. It is always advisable to have the latest apk file when installing.

Step 2: Allow Unknown Sources. As mentioned before, SnapTube will not install if you have not allowed Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Run the Apk file. The permissions required will be displayed on the screen. Please go through them. If you click Install, the file will Install the SnapTube App for Android on your smartphone.

That’s it. Snap Tube will be running on your smartphone in no time.

How To Install SnapTube APK

Setup SnapTube Video Downloader

Download Path: The download Path can be changed if you want your downloaded videos to go to a specific folder. This feature saves you time compared to online downloaders, which require you to select a destination each time. You can change this as much as you want.

Download Speed: By default, this is set to Unlimited. But if you’re in a setting where you don’t want to divert your limited internet speed solely to download a video, you can set this accordingly.

WiFi Download Only: This is useful when you have a download on but have to go out for a short while. Pausing the download can take time, or you may forget. This setting will save your precious data from being used up. The downloads will automatically pause as the WiFi signal becomes zero.

Push Notifications: Want to be notified when a download is available or done? Check this.

Fast Download Mode: All of you who don’t want to exhaust your entire data packs on one file or maybe want the file to download without taking much bandwidth can disallow this mode.

How To Use SnapTube

SnapTube is pretty helpful for those who like YouTube downloaders for free. The app can do a lot of things. Here are some SnapTube apk features:

  1. All sorts of resolutions from HD in 720p and 1080p to 3GP are provided, and only audio is provided.
  2. Search for any video you want using Snaptube 6.14 apk or higher.
  3. No Plugins are needed to download videos. The app is among the safest apps.
  4. No need to convert video to MP3. Music can be directly downloaded.

Final Words

SnapTube is such a delight. There is no match for utility, ease of use, and efficiency. I mean, imagine how amazing it is to have a file that has a truckload of features despite being just over 15 MBs! That’s SnapTube’s X Factor. The utility and size are in astounding proportion. Do you think we missed something? Have something more you’d like us to talk about? We’re all ears. Please tell us what you’d like to see in the comments below, and we’ll take it up as soon as possible.

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