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PUBG New State APK – Download, Features And Release Date

We all know about PUBG Mobile. A game almost every youngster to adults has given a try at least once in their life. We know how so many people are so addicted to this game. Well, nothing to be surprised of as it’s obvious the game is quite addictive and exciting.

Today we will tell you about the new release of the Battle Royal game, which is PUBG New State. We will discuss a lot of things with you today about the PUBG New State. So let’s take a quick look into it:

PUBG New State Download Link

What is PUBG New State?

People assume that PUBG New State should be primarily similar to PUBG Mobile, like PUBG Mobile, but not. There’s a piece of good news for you that PUBG New State is slightly different from PUBG Mobile.

It’s a new Battle Royale game coming exclusively to iOS and Android. And for the surprise, we got to know that the game is being developed by PUBG studio and not Tencent.

Quite shocking right?

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PUBG New State Launch Date

It has already been launched at the end of March 2021. Users can pre-register on the Google Play Store. Our sources got to know that, just in a week, over five million players have already pre-registered the game.

This new release of PUBG is going to take to another level. Let us know about the unique features of PUBG New State.

PUBG New State Features

The new PUBG New State features new maps, drones, futuristic weapons, cross-platform compatibility, and new vehicles. Similar to PUBG Mobile Korean version, PUBG New State brings some advanced level weapons and a brand new map.

New Maps

PUBG New Estate Maps

It has added a lot of new places and a new map for players to explore. A place name tori is added in the new map where players can see a large area town with a bit addition of natural areas and suburban heritage/living.

The map size is 8×8 km. Players can explore a restaurant, a shopping mall, and a town hall as much as we know.


PUBG New Estate Drones

The most exciting surprise from PUBG to their fans is this new state is giving us the feature of using drones, which is something very unique to get experience.

Futuristic Weapons

PUBG New State Guns

We love PUBG primarily because of its exciting weapons collection. This new version is going to provide us futuristic weapons and gadgets set in 2051. It includes drones and deployable bunkers, which will be part of the main gameplay.

Cross-platform Compatibility

This means that a player can play against a PlayStation/Xbox or a PC player.

PUBG New State Vehicles

New Vehicle

PUBG New Estate APK Download

New vehicles will also be added to the PUBG New State.

PUBG New State Gameplay Details

There will be 100 players to land on the map. The blue zone will expand faster than before, forcing players to keep on moving with the help of vehicles or without it and keep on collecting weapons and other require equipment’s from buildings and also, in this, the player has to kill his/her enemies.

The last survivor can win the game. There will be only one winner in every match out of 100 players. The last survivor will get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. “

PUBG New State Release In India

PUBG New State is not going to be available in India before PUBG Mobile is not getting approval from the Indian government, which was announced last year.

Download PUBG New State APK

PUBG New State Trailer

PUBG New State trailer has already been officially released; check out the video below:

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How To Register For PUBG New State?

Step 1: The user has to open the pre-register page of PUBG New State in the Google Play Store.

Step 2: The user has to click on the pre-register option.

Step 3: After clicking on the button, a dialogue box will appear that will ask you to confirm registration.

Step 4: Then, you have to click the OK button.

Step 5: An extra option will appear there; they will ask you whether you want to install the game when it is available. If you ok with it, click on the option written ” install when available,” Otherwise, you will be notified when it is available.

NOTE: If you pre-register before 5th April, 2021 then you get a Limited Vehicle Skin (Permanent).

How Much Is PUBG New State Going To Cost?

PUBG New State is entirely free of cost will be available in Play Store soon.

How To Pre-order PUBG New State On iOS?

Sadly, the pre-order for PUBG New State currently not live for iOS users.

What Are The Minimum Requirements To Play PUBG New State?

As much as we know, the Android version of PUBG New State’s minimum requirement should have a minimum of 2.5 GB ram and OS Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).


As far as I got to know about PUBG New State, which I shared with you people, I am really excited about it and eagerly waiting for its release this year. But the sad part and truth are that the ban on PUBG Mobile in India hasn’t been removed yet by India’s government, for which we Indian users can’t experience the PUBG New State. Hoping the ban gets removed as soon as possible, so we Indian users can also enjoy the new launch of PUBG, that is PUBG New State.

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