Download Instagram Plus 2024 Latest Version [Bonus Features]

Instagram is the best platform for messaging, sharing photos, and reaching your audience on Social Media. You can do many things on Instagram, but a few are limited. However, with the Instamod application, or you can say Instagram Plus on Android, just like WhatsApp Plus, you can do a lot of things.

Instagram Plus Mod 2024 will let you explore many things not present in the original Instagram available on the Google Play Store. You can hide your messages seen in the DM, change to dark mode, hide typing information, enable double-tap to like, triple-tap to download an image, zoom photos on long tap, turn off the swipe to navigate, etc.

Instagram Plus

Instagram Plus Download

Check out the full details of Instagram Plus APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name Instagram Plus
Last Updated 1 day ago
App version 17.1
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatibility Android 9.0+
App Size 56 MB
Main Task All Whatsapp features have some hidden features.
Developer Team GB

Download Instagram Plus 2023 Edition with extreme mods for free directly. Please follow the instructions and then install them carefully.


Instagram lets you post photos, videos, and stories and connect to other people and page owners through direct messaging. There are a few limitations on the official Instagram app, which you can explore on Instagram Plus. The features include hiding your stories viewed, starting videos with sound, zooming the Instagram model’s photos, and the option to save the original picture shared by someone.

Instagram Plus

A few months back, I was sceptical about using this application as I was scared that my account might get banned as I have 10k followers on Instagram. But I took a chance as I needed to hide my stories viewed on others’ profiles and see who followed me back.

Luckily, Instagram Plus has these features; I often needed to download my Live videos, which I streamed, and Instamod helped me do it.

Instagram Plus Features

Instagram Plus has many handy features, from downloading photos, stories, profile photos, animating photos, etc.

Profile Photos: You can view anyone’s profile photo by pressing on it for 2-3 seconds. You even get the option to save it.

Instagram Plus Log in: You can log in using your Facebook ID, linked to your Instagram Account, or directly with your Instagram Credentials.

Follow Indicator: When you visit someone’s profile, you can see if they are following you.

Hide View Stories: One of my favorite features is that it lets you hide your name when you see someone’s stories. (Go to Plus Settings on the top > Privacy > Hide view stories)

Auto Start: Now, you can watch videos playing automatically with audio without pressing the play button. (Go to Plus settings > Other > Enable autoplay videos)

Video Player: Play videos on an external Video Player (Click on “Plus Options”➡ or” Preview”)

Share: Sharing a link for a video or photo is a must nowadays, and with Instagram Plus, you can do it quickly. ( Go to Plus Settings > Enable Share Image/Video URL)

Copy: You can copy the comments on a post or a friend’s bio by long pressing and copying.

Translate: Press and hold the text, and the writing is translated into your preferred language.

Links: You can click on any link and open it in your browser.

Zoom: You can make a big zoom on any friend photo you want. It would be best to keep the picture pressed for 2-3 seconds, and then you could zoom the image.

Save: Saving a photo on Instagram Plus is relatively easy. You can tap the three dots, which display the option for saving the picture. Alternatively, you can enable an option in the Plus Settings to download the image by double-tapping the photo.

Themes: Just like WhatsApp Plus, OGInsta, GB Whatsapp, etc. You can download more than 500 themes.

Dark Mode: You can turn on dark mode on Instagram Plus and download the dark version.

Instagram Plus Download

Download Instagram Plus 2023

Instagram Plus size is just 54 MB; please check the downloaded size of the file. If your download gets interrupted, then download from the mirror link provided.

Standard Package (clone): It consists of com. Instagram. Android, which Instagram generally uses. This means you cannot run the official Instagram with it.

Version 20 Changelog

– Fixed crash when trying to share a nametag

– Fixed crash when clicking on donation links

– Auto-press the IGTV button аfter one minute to continue watching the video

– Fixed bad URL hash error for direct links to the media Version 17.20 Changelog

– The ability to share a story, even if the user has turned this off in their settings

– Fixed some notification issues. Version 17 Changelog

– Heart emoji in DMs fixed

– Option “Disable stories in feed” is working now – Stories in fullscreen fixed

– Black theme fixes

– Clone fixes(notifications are working now).

– Translations are updated(added Arabic) Version 17 Changelog

– Base update to

– Ability to lock app by pin-code

– Changed downloader; now you can use an SD card

– Changed the method of hooking ads

– Settings backup

– Ability to disable analytics(all statistics and insights won’t be work either)

– Ability to hide liked posts in the feed(can cause ads)

– Ability to play stories always with sound

– Ability to turn off auto-skip stories

– Ability to download posts on receiving notifications

– Ability to download voice messages

– Theming fixes

– Selecting a Person on the story hide menu, DM UI, to name a few

– Ability to turn off download notifications

– Ability to turn off the cropping of stories

– Ability to remove black borders(top and bottom) in stories

– Option to increase the quality of uploading stories(experimental, may not work)

– Ability to watch stories in fullscreen(may not work)

– Black theme is now with white icons + some fixes – Clone fixes

How To Install Instagram Plus

Normal Package:

  1. Download the Instagram Plus APK you choose from above; check your device’s CPU architecture first, then select ARM or X86.
  2. Remove Instagram if it is already installed on your device. Go to Settings > Applications > Instagram > Uninstall it.
  3. Go to Settings > Security > Enable Unknown Sources.
  4. Navigate the downloaded Instagram Plus APK and install it.
  5. Open the newly installed app and log in using your Facebook account or Instagram credentials.

Different Package:

  1. Do everything as you did for the Normal Package, but don’t remove the official Instagram app from Step 2 above.
  2. Once you have installed it, log in with a different Instagram account.
  3. Do not log in with the same account on Official Instagram and Instagram Plus; your account might get flagged.

If you have any doubts or queries, please get in touch with us using the contact page or comment below. We will update the new version once it is available from the source.

Final Words

Instagram Plus is a modified version of Instagram, which is not available publicly on the Google Play Store. The app needs third-party installation permissions enabled under the smartphone’s security options. While you enjoy modded applications, you may also like WhatsApp Plus by Fouad. Instagram Mod APK 2024 lets you operate the application on a different level, like zooming the images, downloading the photos, saving the videos in your gallery, hiding your view stories status, and much more.


Q1: Is Instagram Plus safe to use?

Absolutely! Instagram Plus prioritizes user security, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Q2: Can I use Instagram Plus on iOS devices?

Currently, Instagram Plus is available for Android users only.

Q3: Does Instagram Plus violate Instagram’s terms of service?

No, Instagram Plus operates within the boundaries of Instagram’s policies, offering additional features without breaching terms of service.

Q4: Are there regular updates for Instagram Plus?

The developers frequently release updates to enhance functionality and address potential issues.

Q5: Can I revert to the original Instagram app after using Instagram Plus?

Certainly! Uninstalling Instagram Plus will not affect your ability to use the official Instagram app.

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