Download 150 Lenovo Vibe UI Themes For Android

Lenovo themes for mobile are available now for download and can be installed quickly, just like any third-party APK on an Android smartphone. The Lenovo Vibe UI Themes can be installed on any Lenovo mobile running on the VIBE UI operating system.

With such excellent news, I hope you will be happy to hear that we have more than 150 VIBE UI themes available for download. To put a cherry on the cake, we would like to let you know that you can preview the thumbnails of the themes individually and download them according to your choice.

lenovo vibe ui themes

Previously, we used to get a lot of queries and emails for creating the themes for Lenovo smartphones, but unfortunately, we sold our device and went on to some other brand. But, after a lot of research, we found that there are scattered themes available on the internet. So, to ease the navigation and remove the pain of searching the themes here and there, we have put them in one place, making it easier for our users to preview and download.

What are VIBE UI Themes?

VIBE UI themes are the themes or customization of the user interface of a Lenovo smartphone running on the native VIBE UI operating system based on Android. By default, Lenovo ships 1-3 themes that are not attractive or eye-appealing. You can download and install the themes on your Lenovo smartphone to make your smartphone vibrant and give it a new feel.

VIBE UI themes are sometimes not free, and a minimal charge has to be paid to the developers. Also, these themes are not readily available because Russians mainly use Lenovo smartphones, and they are found on forums based in Russia, where the language barrier makes it difficult to purchase them.

Although the VIBE UI themes are operational, they have no dedicated system-wide dark themes.

The Collection of 150 Lenovo Vibe UI Themes

1. Nature-Inspired Themes

Explore themes inspired by nature, featuring scenic landscapes, vibrant flowers, and calming elements.

2. Minimalistic Elegance

Discover themes with clean lines, subtle colours, and minimalist designs for a sophisticated look.

3. Futuristic and Techy

For those who love a tech-forward appearance, themes with futuristic elements and high-tech visuals are available.

4. Anime and Cartoon Themes

Express your fandom with themes featuring beloved anime characters and cartoon icons.

5. Abstract Artistry

Immerse yourself in abstract and artistic themes that showcase unique patterns, shapes, and colour combinations.


Does My Lenovo Smartphone Support VIBE UI Themes?

Yes, all the VIBE UI Themes are supported by Lenovo smartphones running on the VIBE UI operating system. If you still doubt the device model, then you can check the models below:

Lenovo A859, enovo A850, Lenovo A800, Lenovo A706, Lenovo A690, Lenovo A680, Lenovo A606, Lenovo A536, Lenovo A526, Lenovo A516, Lenovo A390, Lenovo A369i, Lenovo A328, Lenovo A319, Lenovo A316i, Lenovo Vibe P2, Lenovo Vibe X3, Vibe X3 lite (A7010), Vibe K5 note (A7020), Lenovo Vibe S1, Lenovo S1L, Lenovo Vibe P1, Vibe SHOT, Vibe Z2 Pro (K920), Vibe Z2, Vibe X2, Vibe Z (K910L), Vibe X (S960), Lenovo K6 note (K53), Lenovo K6 (K33) , Lenovo K6 Power, Lenovo C2/ C2 POWER (K10a40), Lenovo K5 Plus, Lenovo K5, Lenovo K3 Note (K50-T5), Lenovo K900, Lenovo K860, Lenovo P90, Lenovo P70, Lenovo P780, Lenovo P770, Lenovo P700i, Lenovo S90, Lenovo S60, Lenovo S930, Lenovo S920, Lenovo S890, Lenovo S880, Lenovo S860, Lenovo S856, Lenovo S850, Lenovo S820, Lenovo S720, Lenovo S660, Lenovo S650, Lenovo S580, Lenovo A7000, Lenovo A6010, Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A5000, Lenovo A2016, Lenovo C (A2020), Lenovo Vibe A Plus (A1010a20), Lenovo A2010, Lenovo A1000m, Lenovo A1000, Lenovo A859, Lenovo А850, Lenovo А800, Lenovo A706, Lenovo А690, Lenovo A680, Lenovo A606, Lenovo A536, Lenovo A526, Lenovo A516, Lenovo A390, Lenovo A369i, Lenovo A328, Lenovo A319, Lenovo A316i, Lenovo A3690, Lenovo K3 lemon music, Vibe X2 Pro, Lenovo S8 A7600/A7600m, Lenovo S939, Lenovo A936, Lenovo A916, Lenovo S898T/S8/S898T+, Lenovo A850+, Lenovo A816, Lenovo A8/A806/A808T/A808T-i, Lenovo S668T, Lenovo A616, Lenovo A399, Lenovo A1000, Lenovo A2016, Lenovo A2020, Lenovo A5000, Lenovo A6000, Lenovo A7000, Lenovo Vibe P1m, Lenovo K5 Note, Lenovo K4 Note, Lenovo K3 Note, Lenovo Vibe P1, Lenovo Vibe S1

If your device model is not listed above, then do not worry; we might have missed it, or, in the rare case, it might not be supported. You can comment below to ask as well.

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Download 150 Lenovo Vibe UI Themes For Lenovo

The themes are organized in one single folder, which can be easily navigated in the Google Drive and Mega folders.


lenovo themes

lenovo themes

themes for lenovo

themes for lenovo

vibe ui themes

vibe ui themes

lenovo mobile themes

How To Install Lenovo VIBE UI Themes

  1. Download the desired theme on your computer, copy it to your smartphone, or directly download it.
  2. Go to the Theme Center from the Settings menu or the App Drawer
  3. Now click the ••• button in the top right corner of the Theme Center
  4. Select import theme
  5. Navigate to the theme folder and choose the desired/downloaded theme
  6. Please wait for it to install
  7. Go back and apply the newly installed theme


The files can be downloaded individually, or you can zip them together and download them on your computer or smartphone. Remember, if you flash it, you will be required to unzip software like Winzip or WinRar on your computer or smartphone.

Lenovo A7000 Themes

The following themes are specially designed for Lenovo A7000. These themes will work on other Lenovo smartphones, such as Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo Vibe P1m, but won’t work on custom ROMS and other smartphones running on VIBE UI.

Theme 1

Lenovo A7000 Theme

Theme 2

Lenovo A7000 Theme

Theme 3

Lenovo A6000 Theme

Theme 4

Lenovo A6000 Theme

Theme 5

Lenovo A5000 Theme

Theme 6

Lenovo A5000 Theme

Theme 7

Lenovo VIBEUI Theme

Theme 8

Lenovo VIBEUI Theme


We will keep adding more themes whenever we find them, but please do not request us to create new themes, as we no longer own any Lenovo smartphones. However, that doesn’t mean we will not contact any developer who will help us develop new VIBE UI themes for Lenovo smartphones. Also, remember that VIBE UI themes are different from ZUI themes and do not try to alter them on your Lenovo mobile because they might not work.

Lenovo doesn’t work on their old devices with updates; you may consider installing custom ROM on your device that will help you upgrade to the latest version of the Android operating system, as well as help you install custom themes like KWGT widgets. You may also consider changing the launcher of your device.

There are many free launchers for Android these days that offer tonnes of free themes and other customizations. Vibe UI launcher is outdated and has become resource-hoggy; the free launchers are up-to-date and come with material designs and many other features like gestures, changing navbar design, status bar, etc.


  1. Are Lenovo Vibe UI themes compatible with all Lenovo devices?
    • Themes may vary, so ensure the selected theme is compatible with your specific Lenovo device model.
  2. Can I create my own Lenovo Vibe UI theme?
    • Creating custom themes may require advanced knowledge. However, there are online communities where users share their creations.
  3. Do Lenovo Vibe UI themes impact device performance?
    • Themes are designed to be lightweight and should not significantly impact device performance.
  4. Can I revert to the default theme after applying a custom one?
    • Yes, you can easily switch to the default theme in the device settings.
  5. Are these themes free to download and use?
    • Yes all the above themes are free.

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