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Download CooCoo WhatsApp APK – (Updated Feb 2023)

Modded WhatsApp applications are the new trend for Android smartphone users; one such application, CooCoo WhatsApp, is available for download and offers tons of premium features and the ability to change the entire application’s theme for free. CooCoo WhatsApp can be downloaded from the downloads section of this article for free.

CooCoo WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messenger applications today. This application made by Facebook offers an excess of features and a fast and secure messaging platform. With WhatsApp, you can chat, send large files, make audio and video calls, and many other features.

Download CooCoo WhatsApp APK

Download CooCoo WhatsApp 2023 Edition

Check out the full details of CooCoo WhatsApp APK developers, the total number of downloads, version information, and application size:

App name CooCoo WhatsApp (com.whatsapp)
Last Updated One day ago
App version 21.0
Downloads 5,000,000+
Compatibility Android 7.0+
App Size 43 MB
Main Task All Whatsapp features with some hidden features.
Developer Technolaty

Note: Download the latest CooCoo WhatsApp 2023 Edition from the link below. CooCoo WhatsApp replaces the original WhatsApp; we suggest you back up your chats and media to an external source.

There are some drawbacks to WhatsApp, namely that it doesn’t have the option to change the interface’s appearance as desired, which we can do with the help of CooCoo WhatsApp, which provide more than 5000 themes for free using the WhatsApp Plus database.


Therefore, not a few users feel bored with the appearance of this messenger application. Well, for those who are currently bored with the appearance of WhatsApp, you can try a MOD called CooCoo WhatsApp.

Features and Benefits of CooCoo WhatsApp

Before discussing its features and advantages, it is better to know first what CooCoo WhatsApp is. CooCoo is a WhatsApp APK modified with various additional features and a cool appearance.

CooCoo WA’s appearance is modified to be more elegant and very different from the official features; of course, this will treat your boredom. Then what are the features? Here’s the review.


  • Can make video status more than 30 duration without crop
  • Hide online status
  • Create a status text of more than 700 characters
  • Status saver
  • Disable message readout status (check blue, grey and tick 1)
  • Anti delete message
  • Anti delete status

CooCoo WhatsApp Download


CooCoo WA has many advantages compared to the official version of the Play Store. Anything? Let’s look at the reviews below.

  • Dual – can install 2 WhatsApp on one cellphone (Package: com.whatsapp)
  • Security – available app lock with PIN, Pattern and Pattern method
  • Theme shop – if you are tired of how they look, you can search for cool themes for free via settings.
  • Theme shop for incoming calls
  • Light and stable
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How to Install CooCoo WhatsApp

No need to worry; even though this APK has many features, it can be installed and run without root access. To avoid being mistaken when installing, pay attention to the methods below.

1. Download the APK

First, please download the CooCoo WhatsApp APK file via the download button available on this page. Mod apps like this are not available on the Play Store.

2. Have Your Second Number Ready

CooCoo WA is a Clone version which can be installed simultaneously with official WhatsApp. But you have to use a different number from your central WA. Then prepare a new number to log into this CooCoo WA.

3. Run the CooCoo WhatsApp APK installation

Then you can install the CooCoo WA APK file you downloaded earlier like a regular application. If the installation doesn’t work, please check your phone’s security settings and allow installing applications outside the Play Store.

4. Log in to CooCoo WhatsApp

After the installation, you can immediately log into CooCoo Wa with the number you prepared earlier. Then verify your cellphone number, and wait for the OTP code sent via SMS. After you receive the code, enter the code into the column provided on CooCoo WA.

Congratulations! Now you can fully use CooCoo WhatsApp to communicate with anyone.

CooCoo WhatsApp Themes Download

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Will I get banned for using CooCoo WhatsApp?

A. CooCoo WhatsApp has an Anti-ban mod. CooCoo WhatsApp doesn’t violate the official WhatsApp policies; it just enables you to re-design the application’s user interface. However, we suggest you not reinstall the app and verify frequently.

Q. Can I use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device?

A. CooCoo WhatsApp uses the codename for its application as com.whatsapp, which means you cannot use official WhatsApp. However, you can use other modded WhatsApp applications side-by-side such as NSWhatsApp, IOS WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero, etc.

Q. Is it Safe to use CooCoo WhatsApp APK?

A. We have scanned the application using an Anti-Virus and have found zero threats. You can scan it before using it for your satisfaction.

Q. Can CooCoo WhatsApp be used on an iOS device?

A. The answer is No. The application used the APK packages for the Android operating system only.

Q. How to update CooCoo WhatsApp?

A. When an update is available, you will receive a popup notification to download the new version. Also, you can bookmark this page to receive any updates in the future.


CooCoo WhatsApp is a complete package for modded Android application lovers who want to customize the application according to their choice. Some other unique features are available, like privacy mods, chat mods, etc. You can also use the official WhatsApp, Fouads WhatsApp, and CooCoo WhatsApp APK on the same device. So, download the new CooCoo WhatsApp APK from the link above for free.

Download and install the best-modded applications for Android and rejuvenate your device with mind-blowing features and regular updates. Subscribe to our social media handles on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, or join our Telegram Channel for the latest updates.

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      Click on the download link and install. Kindly, follow the instructions to install.

  1. My account is not opening it showing inaccurate time and date but these are correct what should now I do

  2. This WhatsApp showing your time and date is inaccurate but the both is correct how will i open the account

    1. Amrit Singh

      Kindly download it again. The links have been updated.

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      I didn’t get your question, please elaborate. If you are talking about the Android version then Android 5.0 and above works.

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    1. Which link can I use for updated coocoo WhatsApp? Install many times still inaccurate date and time. Please help

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        Coocoo WhatsApp developer is not active these days. You may download other WhatsApp mods from above.

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