Top 7 Browsers With Inbuilt VPN For Android In 2024

In today’s smartphone era, we rely heavily on the internet to find information. Of course, smartphone users have experience surfing the internet to find information. Sometimes, we find that the site we visit is blocked by our Internet Service Provider (ISP), which isn’t very pleasant.

We can easily overcome this using VPN applications such as Turbo VPN or Psiphon Pro. However, some users think it is a hassle because we have to install and activate the application before browsing.

Access Blocked Websites On Android

So, to be more practical and efficient, several browsers can open sites blocked by the ISP without a VPN. The browsers we have listed below already have their VPN feature, and you can use it immediately.

The following are the Android browsers that can access blocked sites without a VPN.

1. UC Browser Mini

UC Browser Mini is a browser that is quite popular among Android smartphone users. Besides presenting the latest news content, UC Browser Mini has a VPN feature automatically activated when surfing the internet. So, with this browser, you don’t have to worry about your favourite site being blocked by your ISP. As the name “mini” suggests, this browser is relatively tiny and light enough to use.

Additional Features:

  • Built-in ad blocker for a cleaner browsing experience.
  • Data compression to save on bandwidth.
  • Integrated messenger apps for seamless communication.

2. Azka Anti Block Browser

This browser’s name is unique, suggesting an Indonesian developer developed it. But even so, this browser offers an exciting feature: a proxy browser that you can use to surf the internet without being disturbed by sites blocked by the government. Besides, Azka Browser will also protect your privacy when online because it uses a Singapore proxy server, which means that the browser cache will not record your internet traces.

Additional Features:

  • Ad and tracker blocking for faster and more secure browsing.
  • Azka Rewards allows users to earn cryptocurrency while browsing.
  • Chrome extension support for added versatility.

3. Opera Browser With Free VPN

The Opera browser is somewhat legendary; it has been quite popular since the Nokia Java S40 era, and its features have continued to be developed. And now, the Opera Browser for Android already has a built-in VPN feature, which is automatically activated when you start opening this browser. Apart from that, Opera also has an Adblock feature, powerful enough to block annoying adverts when browsing the internet.

4. Unblock VPN Browser

The Unblock VPN Browser is the browser application that can open the following blocked site. This browser offers an anonymous internet browser, which is very safe for protecting your private data. The VPN feature in this browser will automatically activate, so you don’t bother to activate it.

Additional Features:

  • Automatic data backup for added security.
  • PIN or fingerprint access to secure your browsing sessions.
  • DNS over TLS support for enhanced privacy.

5. Aloha Browser Lite

Aloha Browser Lite offers exclusive features such as maximum access speed and security. Aloha also has a free VPN feature that you can activate whenever needed. Of course, this browser’s VPN feature is quite interesting because we can control when we want the VPN to activate. Besides, the Aloha browser also offers a lock feature with a password mode, a handy feature for protecting your browser from being opened by others.

Additional Features:

  • In-built VR player for immersive experiences.
  • Media player for playing videos directly within the browser.
  • Private tabs for confidential browsing.

6. Pico Browser

The browser that can access blocked sites without the next VPN is the Pico Browser. This browser application is a proxy browser that supports all basebands and Wifi networks. This browser also supports all Indonesian and Indian network operators such as Airtel, Jio, VI, Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Axis, 3, and Smartfreen. The VPN in this browser will automatically activate when you start browsing.

7. Puffin Web Browser

The last one is the Puffin Browser; this browser application offers maximum protection where all traffic will be accommodated on a particular Puffin server, which will encrypt your data. With this feature, using the Puffin browser, you can browse the internet freely without being constrained by sites blocked by your ISP. Apart from offering special security features, Puffin also offers maximum access speeds.

Additional Features:

  • Ad-blocker to eliminate intrusive ads.
  • Anti-tracking technology for enhanced privacy.
  • Customizable start page for a personalized experience.

Final Thoughts

Some browser applications can access blocked sites without an Android VPN. You can choose one of the seven browsers above that you think is the most capable of meeting your needs when surfing the internet. Hopefully, this article can help you explore more information through the World Wide Web. You may also consider buying a premium VPN service for your Android, IOS, or Windows device for smooth access to the internet.

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