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Best Ways To Boost The WiFi Router And Increase The Range

Wi-Fi is an integral part of our daily online activities, which helps us connect through many mediums such as Laptop, Mobile, Television, etc. However, we need to boost the WiFi power all the time and the most crucial part of it is the signal strength, which keeps us connected all the time.

Many times it happens that the signal being weak hampers our day to day online activities, and for that, we curse our Internet Service Providers. However, the reason isn’t our ISP but the Wi-Fi router itself which needs to be boosted to give better speed and signal.

WiFi in Office Table

In this article, we will help you boost the WiFi router signal and straightforwardly increase the range. However, to help you improve your Wi-Fi signal, follow the tips below in which you can improve your Wi-Fi strength.


Place your Router at the center of your house to boost the WiFi strength:
The most common mistake that we do while installing the Wi-Fi router is placing the router at the wrong place which is the main reason for weak signals and poor browsing. If you are using the Wi-Fi for your computer/laptop, then place it near the living room.


You must analyze the height of your ceiling and then place the router:
It is essential to install the router at a height above from the surface of the floor. You should always keep it above the height of your head to improve the potency of the signal. If you place it behind the sofa or any object, then it might hamper with the signal strength.

Boost Wifi Router Signal Mounting on the Wall

Configure Wi-Fi Router Settings

Channel– Many times, it happens that several other devices are working on the same frequency, which thus conflicts and slows down the browsing speed. Recently I faced this issue while I was playing music on my Bluetooth speaker, and the internet speed dropped. After a little research on Google, I found out that we need to change the Channel setting. So previously my router was on channel 10. I changed it to channel 11, which then helped me to boost the wifi internet speed.

TP Link WiFi Router Channel Settings


Often we have found that our computer has slowed down and then we are advised to update our system. Similarly, we need to update our Wi-Fi router as well. You can visit the official website of the router and download any firmware update available.


Make sure that the antenna is not getting hidden, facing down or broken, the antenna must point to the ceiling or towards the computer/television or any product that is using the internet. Many antennas on a Wi-Fi router are fixed and some are not, verify it and see if it has any loose ends.

wifi antenna facing up

Wi-Fi Booster/Repeater/Extender

In case the things mentioned above are not working for you, then you might consider purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater. Nowadays most commonly this comes in normal Wi-Fi routers as an inbuilt feature (make sure you read the description of the product before purchasing).
Wi-Fi extender lets you expand the network signal of your Wi-Fi if you’re living on a two-storied building. It is generally a plug-and-play kind of device which is very easy to configure and costs less.


It happens many times that we are facing speed issues on our mobile or on a laptop, sometimes our smart TV starts to buffer. Even though we have a high-speed internet connection rented from our local ISP. We need to place the WiFi router at places which spreads the signal to the point where we are accessing our gadgets. I hope this article has helped you boost the wifi at your home or office.


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